May 25, 2013

Yaya Woes: On College and Interview-Phobia

Hey, there! Sorry for the lack of real posts lately. I have been quite busy taking care of Y because the yaya just took a leave of absence for a couple of days. She's still here at home, but she had to go to school for her exams, interview, and enrollment, and she had to buy school supplies as well.

Oh, she's starting college tomorrow. She's now officially enrolled in Assumption College of Davao (where we all graduated elementary and high school). They have kasi Sunday school program for students who need to work in the weekdays. Isn't that nice?

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My parents didn't have this opportunity back then, and they, especially my mom, had to work in the morning and go to school in the evening (or vice versa).

That was why she (my mom) was so mad when Honey (the yaya) told her the other night she does not to go to school anymore.

It all began last Wednesday night. My mom just got home because she made appointments for Honey's exam and interview for the next day. See, my mom is a busy woman, but she made time for this. After knowing that she's going to be interviewed, she started acting fidgety. I dismissed it, thinking that she's nervous for the exams.

The next afternoon, she went to school for her appointments. She left at 1pm. At around 4pm, I discovered she was online on FB. I thought, "Baka tapos na exam and interviews." Finally, at 5pm, she got home. However, she said that she only took the exam but not the interview. "Bakit?!"
Honey: Bukas na lang daw sabi ni ma'am. 
Mama: Pano mangyayari yun eh ako mismo nag-setup ng appointment mo for interview? 
Honey: Hindi ko po alam. Yun po sinabi sa akin kanina.
I thought, Oh no! I have to miss work again tomorrow? I cannot afford to miss work anymore. But we couldn't do anything, so I did not say anything.

Later that night, she talked to my mom:
Honey: Ate, hindi na lang po muna ako mag-aaral.  
Mama: Ha? Last sem ka pa dapat enrolled diba? Tapos sabi mo, this year na lang. Ngayon ayaw mo na naman? Kailan ka pa mag-aaral nyan? 
Honey: Nahihiya na po kasi ako sa inyo. 
Mama: Ngayon ka pa nahiya? Nangitim na ako kakaasikaso ng papers mo? Pati NSO birth certificate mo ako nag-asikaso kasi iniwan mo sa inyo? Gumastos na rin ako? Tapos ngayon sasabihin mo ayaw mo na? Umayos ka ha!
Trust me, my mom is a good woman, but you won't like her when she's mad.

And you know why Honey suddenly decided she doesn't want to go to school anymore? Kasi takot sa interview.

Huwat???!!! Ka-stress, diba???

Hija, chismisan-level lang ang interview with the guidance counsellor. Takot ka na sa enrollment interview, pano ka mag-apply ng trabaho in the future? Hello???

Good thing natauhan naman sya. My mom really "knocked" her into place (figuratively lang ha, not literally, baka naman ma-chismis kami). I'm glad to say she's already done with two exams and an interview, complete na school supplies nya, and I think she's prepared for college na tomorrow. :-)

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