July 1, 2014

The Steady Weekend That Was

The past weekend was, you guessed it, a steady one. The days were smoother for me mainly because bati na kami ni Job. Actually, we didn't fight (ako lang nagtampo) so it's more accurate to say because I already forgave him.

Not forgiving someone is like letting him (or her?) steal our joy, no? And our peace, too. If you don't forgive, you're the loser!
This is my current favorite photo of Yuri. Doesn't it look very peaceful? And really cute? #fishing

So again, the past weekend was a smooth-sailing one for me. I'll let the photos do the talking na. Hee hee.

Friday means sugar indulgence!

Our tita (a neighbor who's very close to our family) recently came back from a trip to the States. She got back bearing pasalubong of course. Ano pa nga ba. I didn't care for the cosmetics and bags. I made a beeline for this:

Oh my nonexistent waistline is so gonna regret this.

But Yuri couldn't eat these hard candies and peppermint, so he opted for grapes:

Friday means kids!

I love how many kids in the neighborhood go to our house in the afternoon. The visits got fewer, of course, since the weather's become rainy and since school began. But last Friday was a beautiful afternoon, and I, once again, found myself in a full house.
Only the girls (except for Yuri) are in this photo. They locked the bigger boys out haha.
We made a new friend, too. Pauline who's just a few months younger than Yuri. Isn't she pretty?
And speaking of the weather getting wetter, guess what remains wet, too? Don't you just hate that? I don't use the dryer kasi for Yuri's clothes. They need to be sun-dried. Yes, parang tomatoes.

Saturday means playtime with Yuri

I tend to begin work later on Saturdays. Yes, I work on Saturdays. No, don't give me that look. Okay so I start work later on Saturdays so I can, at least, play with Yuri for a while.

I think he really doesn't care. He just does his own thing and interacts when he remembers you're there! Of course there are also a lot of days when he's sooo talkative.
Learning to ride the bike. I keep Honey from forcing him to use the pedals. I'm sure he'll understand it in his own time.
And reading a book. I love photos like this!

And Sunday means we finally get out of the house!

I used to point this out all the time, but being a full-time SAHM or WAHM "forces" you to look forward to the days when you finally step outside the house (and not just within the neighborhood). When you finally have a reason to look nicer than usual! Hehehe.

Anyway, here's what Yuri wore:
Shirt: Grizzly | Jeans: Baby Mossimo | Shoes: Children's Place

I wonder when I would get the go-signal to buy Yuri new shoes... I just bought him a Safe Sporter bottle kasi. Which we used last Sunday. Very convenient to use and no leaks! I really love it.
Terrorizing a worm outside

And here's a photo of us:
Sorry for Yuri's face. He's a smiley-faced little boy but in front of the camera, his smile lasts for less than a second so it's really hard to capture it!

At home, I stripped him off his clothes so that he can enjoy ice cream. More cone than ice cream because he likes the cone more!
By the way, at the the grocery, while I picked up the usual breakfast suspects - oats, bananas, yogurt, peanut butter - I also bought a pack of tortillas for the first time. I made banana-peanut butter wedges, but Yuri wants something more savory. Any recipes you can share with me?
So that's how my weekend went. I hope yours was as steady and smooth-sailing!

PS: I have a not-so-good experience pala with Pizza Hut SM Lanang. We were actually on our way to eat at Bistro Selero, but we spotted an empty booth in Pizza Hut, so we just slid into it na. We were super hungry by that time. The waitress cleaned the table for us but never returned to get our order. We understand that they were short-staffed: only two waitresses were serving.

Pero another family entered and they were served rather immediately. We kept our cool. We were still ignored. But another customer entered, and he was served immediately, too? We were in their plain sight but we were ignored. So we stood up and went to another restaurant. Hay naku, di naman kami mahilig sa Pizza Hut. Gutom lang kami. Grrssk.

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