July 19, 2014

The Daily Quesadilla

People who know me know I don't cook. I can cook to save a life, but I prefer not to. It's not like I don't like being in the kitchen - I do! But why don't I like cooking?

You see, our stove used to be broken. It's very usable, but one needs to use matches to light it up. MATCHES! I'm pyrophobic (it's still a wonder how I managed to chain-smoke for 2 years in college) and I don't like being so close to fire. That's it, my only reason. #sissy

Until one day, it was finally repaired! Finally!
But I still didn't cook. I did grab a bag of tortillas in the mall a month ago. Just in case. But I still didn't cook. Until I saw my old classmate post a photo of her quesadillas. Ooh yummy! Ooh I have tortillas din pala!

And that's the back story of these quesadillas. When I started cooking one, I couldn't stop. I've been making them almost every day since then. My toddler loves them and it's a good way to get him stuffed with complex carbs, meat or fish, and veggies. And gooey cheese. On top of that, it only takes minutes to cook that I feel it's unfair to say I really cooked. What's not to love?

I've done these quesadilla variations:
  • Plain cheese quesadillas (redundant)
  • Spinach quesadillas
  • Raw papaya quesadillas (think okoy)
  • Shrimp burger quesadillas
  • Leftover-ulam quesadillas (I've tried menudo)
  • And my favorite, tuna-spinach quesadillas

Basically, all you need are tortillas and cheese. I find that mozarella is best, but you can use just any kind of cheese. The rest are all add-ons. Almost all recipes I've read use butter, but I also read that oil is better because the tortillas are crispier. So I used canola oil.
(Sorry, photos taken at night)

First, heat the pan. Then add a very little amount of oil; the littler the better to avoid making the quesadilla soggy. Then place the tortilla inside the pan.

Grate cheese on one side of the tortilla. I don't believe in overfiling a quesadilla. Messy lang ang result; baby pa talaga kakain. Instead, I use just enough cheese.
Add the add-ons.

Then grate another layer of cheese to act as "glue" to bind the tortilla together.
Fold the tortilla. I like to press the folded tortilla, too, to flatten the filling and spread the cheese. Think grilled-cheese sandwich.

Then once the bottom side is crispy, flip the tortilla to cook the other side. The quesadilla is done once that side is cooked!
Isn't that totally easy? And it's fun, too! My favorite part is flipping the tortilla. Hee hee.

Anyway, serve it on a plate and while it's still hot, cut it into wedges. My toddler calls my quesadillas "pizza." I don't dare correct him!
Thin but filling - just the way we like it!

Have you tried making quesadillas? What kind have you made?

PS: My quesadilla "flavors" are limited because we no longer eat pork and beef.

PPS: If you notice, the photos are inconsistent. I took some of the photos when I made tuna-spinach quesadillas while some I took when I made menudo-quesadillas. :D

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