October 9, 2014

Cheesy Sweet Potato (Camote) Balls

I'm always up for a healthy, easy-to-make recipe for my picky toddler. I'm not sure how he had become picky, but since I'm sure he would outgrow it anyway, I just focus on letting him try new foods all the time.

I first learned about this recipe from the Facebook page for BLW or Baby-Led Weaning Philippines. Actually, the recipe called for potatoes, but since we also have sweet potatoes (camote), and they're much healthier anyway, I decided to use them. Here are the ingredients:

1. Boiled sweet potatoes
2. Cheese 
3. Add-ons like chicken and spinach (optional) 
4. Egg
5. Breadcrumbs (you can also use flour or cornstarch) 
6. Oil for frying (I used canola and olive - not at the same time of course)

If you noticed, there are no measurements. That's because I only estimated everything. For example, the amount of cheese I used is just enough to flavor the potatoes but not too much to overpower them.

It's very easy; trust me because I barely know my way around in the kitchen haha. Here are the things you need to do:

1. Mash the boiled sweet potato. 
2. Grate cheese over the mashed potatoes. 
3. If you bought dry sweet potatoes and/or find the mixture too dry, add a little bit of water. 
4. Roll them into cute little balls. 
5. Dip each ball in egg and roll them in breadcrumbs. 
6. Fry, plate, and serve!
I only tried making these with only cheese in the mixture, but next time, I plan to make more filing balls by adding chicken or tuna and greens like spinach and peas.

What about you? Have you tried making this recipe? 

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