October 8, 2014

Hearty Finds at Got Heart Community Shop

When someone says "organic," what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Ako, it's "clean and good." As a mom, I'm tasked to raise Yuri by making sure his environment is "clean and good." Aside from that, I should also make sure that what goes inside his body is also "clean and good." Unfortunately, this is harder than making sure he doesn't sit on a dirty surface.

I often think that people who live in provinces are blessed because the easy fresh and almost always organic produce. Job, for example, had been staying full-time in their province for quite some time now and I'm jealous of all the organic fruits, veggies, even meats that he gets to eat!

Fortunately for those who live in the city, Davao City in particular, we can now get our share of organic, locally-made goodies in a store called Got Heart Community Shop.
Last Monday, I mentioned that I love this store because it has three things I believe in: health (through organic food), art, and recognition of local resources. That's right; it prides itself on offering organic products made by local communities in the Philippines and mostly in Mindanao! Since I didn't bring a decent camera last Sunday, here are some photos of the shop from their Facebook page:
And here are the things I picked up last Sunday:

1. Kablon Farms Honey
Yuri has a cough which I'm treating with calamansi and honey. I barely trust honey sold in the supermarkets but I don't really have a choice as honey is not commonly sold. So when I got the chance to finally visit Got Heart Community Shop, I made a beeline to the honey! *pun not intended hee hee*

I have yet to try the honey since we still have some of the old kind left.

Price: A jar, if I remember it correctly, is P110

2. Healthy Sweets Coco Sugar
There are three types of sweetener available at home: brown sugar for my sister and the yaya, honey for me and Yuri, and stevia (as in the plant) for the elders.

However, we want to eliminate processed sugar completely so my mom asked me to buy coco sugar. We haven't tried this yet but I will try to review it once we try it!

Price: I think it was P95 for a 250-gram pouch

3. Nutri-Veggies Spinach Chips
The French may say it's a no-no, but my 2-year old is a big snacker. I don't want to take away snacking from him because I think he's like his dad who has a fast metabolism.

But I don't want him to snack on "empty" foods, which happens more than I care to admit. So I bought this pack of spinach chips. I tried it and it's okay naman, a lot different from the usual potato chips of course. Yuri's not crazy about them but he does eat them in fairness.

Price: P55

4. Kablon Farms Chocolate
I first saw the "spicy" variant which caught my attention! I didn't buy that though and choose the regular dark chocolate kind hehe. I had been buying products from Kablon Farms, but this is the first time I bought a chocolate from them. What's unique is that the bars are either made with cane sugar or coconut sugar.

It's still unopened, though, so I don't really know how it tastes like! But the packaging is good, don't you think?

Price: P50

5. Real Laundry Bar
I swear by Real Laundry Detergent. I only discovered it in a trade fair in Abreeza Mall earlier this year, and the rest is history ika nga. I love how all the ingredients are natural and safe (read: baby friendly) and how it leaves Yuri's clothes so soft!

The detergent powder, I know, is also sold in Got Heart. However, I get mine directly from the supplier because the price is cheaper and they offer free delivery. San ka pa?

But I didn't know they also have laundry bars, which are made of the same ingredients as the powder. Perfect! I immediately got a bar, but we still haven't tried it!

Price: I'm not sure but this is within the P35-P40 range.

Aside from food, they also sell art and furniture made by local artists (photos from shop's Facebook page):
Made by Stella Estremera, whom I used to work for during my stint at SunStar Davao

Many products in Got Heart Community Shop caught my eye but only bought a few because I didn't want to spend a lot haha. However, I made a mental note to return to buy organic perfume (amaze balls), cocoa butter, and maybe VCO as well as to take better photos (my camera wasn't with me). Haha!

Disclaimer: I bought everything using my own money and even though I know the manager, I went to the store of my own accord.

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