October 6, 2014

New Shopping Finds, Birthday Parties, and Other Stories

Yesterday was a hectic but fun Sunday! And though I didn't even expect it to be, it was a welcome change in the monotony of a WAHM's life hehe. Anyway, let's begin with the story-telling, shall we?

1. Organic Finds at Got Heart Community Shop

I barely venture out to the central part of the city now (I'm always in my comfort zone: the north), but yesterday, I really needed to go to Gaisano Mall for banking and buying stuff. I also made it a point to go inside Got Heart Community Shop.I'm going to dedicate an entire blog post for the shop, but here's a photo of my finds:

Yes, I'm going to take a better photo using an actual camera; nagmamadali lang hehe.

Anyway, I've always been curious about this shop not only because I'm friends with the lovely manager (hihi) but also because it stands for many things I believe in: natural materials, health, art (real art), and local resources. If you noticed, I often feature some local finds like Kablon Farms jam,  Cacao de Davao, and Real Laundry Detergent. So imagine my delight to see these brands - and more - in the shop!
Photo: http://www.gotheartfoundation.org/

2. Dencio's Kamayan

Another reason why I wanted to go to Gaisano Mall that Sunday was because my dad and I wanted to eat at the newly opened Dencio's Kamayan (right beside Manang's Chicken). Filipino food is always our go-too comfort food, and it doesn't get any better than inihaw and barbecue (at least for us hehe). We got a "mini boodle fight," my own term because I forgot the name haha, which had grilled pork, chicken, chicken liver, baked mussels, and crunchy kangkong. It costs around 780 yata without rice and drinks. Sulit because there's so many food!

Sorry, I only had my phone with me, and I couldn't take a decent photo because Yuri was being malikot.
As for me, I ate a lot even if I was supposed to be on a diet because I haven't eaten pork for so long! Yuri also ate a lot! The best part here is the service: everyone in the staff is warm and bibo and courteous, and they almost always ask us if we need something even before we call them. Kudos to whoever trained the team!

3. I want to do the whole OOTD thing again.

But I'm fat and have no new clothes!

Hehehe. If you started reading my blog a year or two before, you might know that I used to post OOTDs all the time. But that was the time when I bought new clothes almost every week because I was so amazed at all the clothes that could fit me!

Sadly, that was 5 kilos ago. Just look at this photo for example:
Dress from a bazaar 3 years ago | Department store leggings | Trusty Crocs shoes | Coach patent leather tote
Carter's shirt | Busha pants | Elle/Chicco shoes

Wow, look at that arm! And I have a double-chin na naman! Okay, I now have a new motivation to lose weight and be fit: OOTD! #angbabaw #bow

4. Impromptu Invitation for a Birthday Party

Finally, yesterday morning, mere minutes before we left the house, a neighbor of ours and his son, who is months older than Yuri, came by to give us an invitation to a Jollibee party. Turns out his son was turning 3. Despite the late invite, we couldn't say no because they went to our house pa to invite Yuri. Buti na lang we were still about to leave, and buti nalang we were about to go to the mall.

Party was to start at 6, and we arrived home from the mall at almost 4. Yuri didn't have a nap at all, but it was too late to get him to sleep because we had to be ready by 5:30. Also, he didn't want to sleep at all so he didn't sleep nalang.

We went to the venue and arrived on time, but Yuri was crying because he didn't sleep and too much noise bothers him (I think he has a sensory issue). He only stopped crying when he and the other kids were given balloons. Everything went up from that point. Whew!
When Jollibee entered the scene, Yuri was super delighted (of course), but when it was time to go near the mascot for a picture, crayola na naman!
Yup, di na ako nagbihis. Nope, I'm not pregnant.

Later, during the ride home, nagkwento sya and told me this:
Kinina, takot Baby Yuri kay Jayibi kasi *closes both his eyes tightly* nakyows eyes nya. Scurd ako!
(Moms, I know you can interpret this sentence easily!)

So now we know why Yuri is afraid of the mascot. Mascots, don't blink kasi! Haha!

By the way, on a completely unrelated note, Yuri has a new smiley face:

That's the gist of my Sunday, folks. What about you? How did your Sunday/weekend go? 

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