November 21, 2012

SM Lanang Premier Breastfeeding Room

Last week, I wrote a post on SM Cebu's breastfeeding room. Breastfeeding there was a good experience: there was no hassle of having to wait for an empty cubicle (unlike Abreeza), there's the convenience of a nurse just outside the door, and the entire facility is clean and sterile. Everything was really thought about. It is no wonder why Henry Sy is the country's richest man.

Back home, we are frequenters of another of Sy's malls, SM Lanang Premier. It was a new mall, so I was excited to try the breastfeeding room out. I was actually able to breastfeed there a number of times already, but I only had the common sense to take photos the other week.

I don't know what the stencils are for, but they provided a nice touch to the room.
The door and the stenciled wall
Like the breastfeeding room in SM Cebu, the one in Lanang Premier also had a clean sink. However, unlike the former, I noticed the latter doesn't have a diaper-changing table and mirror. Also, I noticed both have log-in sheets. What are those for?

Are we secretly monitored? #praning
The sink and the log-sheet (Not in photo: wheelchairs)
The chairs are exactly the same as what they have in SM Cebu, but there are only individual chairs; there was no "couch." It's a small room so a bigger couch would not fit.
Some armchairs and my overflowing bag
It's actually a small version of the breastfeeding room in Cebu. The entire facility is a clinic (with a nurse) and there's just a room devoted for nursing mothers. It's also very clean, but not very conducive for sleeping since construction noises can be heard from the other room. It's a new mall after all. But overall, it's still a good breastfeeding room. :-)

*Blurry photos courtesy of my 2-year old, non-Android phone and a wiggling little boy
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