August 31, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Work-at-Home Mom

I just realized I no longer have trouble referring to myself as a mom. At first, it was awkward, but I guess that's what happens after five months of diaper-changing and exclusive breastfeeding.

I digress.

I work full-time as an online essay tutor. I wasn't kidding when I work as a grammar Nazi; I make a living out of pointing out other people's grammar mistakes. Now, while waiting for essays to appear on my queue, I read other people's blogs. More often than not, these are other moms' blogs. Lately, I've been reading posts talking about separation anxiety and how hard it is to return to work after two months (more or less) of maternity leave. That's two months of being with your baby 24/7. These posts make me realize that I made the right decision when I resigned from my office last March to work at home full-time. These stories also me realize how lucky I am to be able to find a well-paying job that I could do at home.

Even though I employ a stay-in yaya (the Filipino version of a nanny), I am very hands-on with Y. I co-sleep* with Y so my day begins with us going downstairs to wake everyone up - that is, if he doesn't wake up late. After breakfast, I sit down to work on my laptop while I reluctantly hand over Y to his yaya.

I work (and surf the internet a bit) until Y cries. That's my signal to finish my work quickly so that I can get Y from the yaya and breastfeed him. Yes, 5 months later and I'm still at Y's beck and call. I can imagine myself 5 years later, still at his beck and call. The life of me as a doormat mom. Anyway, I digress again.

After breastfeeding Y, I reluctantly hand him over to yaya (again). The day goes on with 3 or 4 breastfeeding breaks and a lunch break for both of us (yaya and me). At 5pm (or whenever I'm done), I get Y and we play, cuddle, have a crying fest, and do whatever the little astronaut thinks of. After dinner, we settle down in my bed and sleep.*

Because I work at home, I can breastfeed Y directly. I can also take a break anytime I feel like playing with him. I never feel guilty for working full-time because he always sees me. For 5 months, I have never been away from Y for too long, and I'm really thankful we can have this great setup. :)

* I co-sleep with Y because I'm paranoid. I don't want to get out of bed just to see if he's breathing properly. Also, his crib is too big for the bedroom, so we just use it as a changing table.

August 29, 2012

On savings and finances

Last night, J and I discussed finances. I realized that even though I am earning well, my income is less than my expenses. You know that rule of living below your means? I clearly don't follow that, but I should. J reminded me of all the things I bought this month, and there was a lot.

M: Most of them were for Y and the only thing I bought for myself was a diaper bag.

J: And a laptop.

M: But I need that!

J: And tickets to ___.

M: But that's a gift to my family. (sigh)

Nevertheless, some of those expenses could have been avoided, like those cute Carter's rompers and Children's Place shoes. J told me that I really should cut down on my unnecessary spending. We need to start saving now, because what would Y need cute clothes for if there's nothing saved for his education?

It was a rather dismal financial report.

August 28, 2012

Secret dream

There is, again, no essay to review, so while waiting for an essay to appear in the queue, I'm browsing the web. I'm actually looking for suppliers of baby things. Why? Because I have this crazy dream of opening up my own baby store. I don't mean an online store; I mean an actual, physical shop that I can man.

The store will be set up like a nursery: one for boys and one for girls. A crib will be set in one corner with a chest containing toys. These toys the children can play with when they visit the shop. Closets will house baby clothes of all shapes and sizes, and drawers will contain diapering accessories. Shoes will be lined up in bottom shelves.

Blue romper
Pink layette for baby girl

Tiny Love Touch & Discover Baby Book

Mommies can also buy stuff for themselves, such as breastfeeding clothes and covers and beautiful diaper bags. Because the owner is a breastfeeding advocate, there is also a breastfeeding room with rental breast pumps.

As I said, there will be some toys that children can actually play with while their moms look for something to buy. A play corner will be set up, complete with puzzle mats, choo-choo trains, baby dolls, you know the works. For older toddlers, there will also be books piled on a little shelf. I don't think there would be television, though.

If I can only scan the drawing I have made of this dream store, I would do so. But I am too lazy to connect my laptop to a scanner, so we should content ourselves with different mental images.

I'm crossing my fingers, hoping I can have this store before I turn 30.

August 27, 2012

Happy birthday, Gorgeous George!

Years ago, I promised to also make her a birthday post when I made one for Teena, but I was never able to do that. But now, here it is.

We have known each other for six years now, but we "officially" are friends for five. 2007  was the year when we both applied as assistant teachers in Kumon. (Yes, George, I had to check my resume for that.) It was then when I found out that we share the same weakness - cash and luho.

I would always remember that Saturday when we weren't speaking to each other. I can't remember the reason, but when we both reported for work at Kumon, she was bringing a big bag. We didn't speak to each other for the entire day but when we were going home, she suddenly said that she's going home to my house. That's George for you!

With personal matters, she's always the type to keep quiet about her feelings. Contrary to me, it would take hard and long time to get her to speak. Sometimes, she wouldn't even answer you directly, but would choose a song from a playlist to answer the question. Frustrating! Remember that, George?

Of course, we've been drunk together many regrettable times. What kind of friends wouldn't be? And I remember, one night, at the boarding house, while we were sleeping, she suddenly sat down and ____. That's a secret hehe.

I can say that I already know her inside out. We've shared a room in a boarding house and have been bloc-mates for four years. After graduating, we even worked for the same company, I-Pepper Virtual Network. I already resigned months ago, but she's still there. And she was recently promoted to Senior Virtual Assistant. Woot!

She always said that she would never get married. But women often eat their words and guess what? She's the first to be married among our batch (fact check?). She's now happily married to the man she loves. Yihee! I know her new family is really lucky to have her. :-)

George and hubby (copied without permission, of course)
I can't believe that we now have new lives. But these new lives we will still share together. As all cheesy posts say, we've been through up-and-downs, but here we are now, older and wiser - I wish!

Happy 33rd 23rd birthday, Daryl George!

August 26, 2012

Y's wish list

After I gave birth, I was on an unofficial house arrest. During that time, I discovered the art of online shopping. Who knew shopping for babies could be SO MUCH FUN? I always find myself checking baby items on online shopping sites like Multiply and Zalora. Before I knew it, I became a doting mom to Y. I haven't even bought anything for myself yet! All my money goes to Y!

And because he turns 5 months old today, I'm posting a list of the things I wish I could afford Y would have.


Esensya Sailor Romper from Zalora (The astronaut can be a sailor, too!)

Name It Kids UVA NB Denim Pants from Zalora


Mothercare Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

Zara Baby Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

Guess® Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

And because he's given the go-signal by his pedia to start on solids (wee!):

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder from Zalora
Tommee Tippee Weaning Bowl from Zalora

Tommee Tippee Twin Set Spoon from Zalora

Finally, who could resist this?

Tetropack MUSTACHIFIER from Zalora

Unfortunately, Y doesn't do pacifiers. He makes a funny face and spits it out. But as the Mustachifier states, we'll keep calm and cool and just wait for the sponsors. *wink*

August 24, 2012


Lately, I've been finding myself always saying these:
What? P995 for a pair of pajamas? For a baby? Seriously?!

What? $75 for a theme? Seriously?! It's not even that good!

What? P250 just for the shipping fee? Are you kidding me?!
It's either I need to work harder or I need to get off the internet.

Yaya Woes: The Case of the Missing Slippers

I'm so thankful for having Honey, Y's yaya, in the house. She's fond of Y and she takes care of him well. I need her to stay because without her, I can't work at all. And frankly, I also need her to take care of Y because as much as I love Y, I think I need to preserve the remaining of my sanity by having a little me-time.

However, I noticed that she's too fond of using my slippers. She uses them all the time: when she buys shampoo at the sari-sari store, when she goes to the playground with Y, when she plays volleyball with my sister. All the freaking time. It didn't bother me as long as she takes good care of them. It's not because of the brand; it's because the slippers have sentimental value. Chos.

Anyway, last Saturday, she was going home to her province. We would drop her off at the bus terminal because we were also going to Abreeza. Before leaving the house, she told me that she had already cleaned the slippers because she planned to wear them home. To my shock, I said I plan to wear the slippers, too, even though I didn't actually plan on wearing them. Without question, she fetched her own shoes and off we went.

The next day, she returned home because she forgot to bring the bag that she was supposed to return to her friend. She hurriedly fetched the bag and off she went again. Later that afternoon, I went out to order water from the neighbor. (We don't have potable water.) I couldn't find my slippers. I went everywhere to look but they just weren't there.

I had to go out wearing pambahay and a pair of top-siders.

I texted Honey if she used my slippers. She said yes, she's wearing them, and apologized for not asking for my permission. I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say.

She's been back for three days now, returned the slippers (in good condition, thank God), but I still didn't mention a word about the incident. Because I don't know what to say. Seriously, what do you say to someone who "borrows" your things without permission?

August 22, 2012

The perks of being a mommy

I still don't have any essays to review, and Y is still not wondering where his mama is, so I killed time by reading my old blog posts. I came across this post back in November when I was still pregnant with Y. I don't know what I ate, but I actually blogged about the good things about being pregnant. Maybe I was feeling a bit down that time and needed to be perk up. It must have worked because I'm feeling good again.

Now that I am not pregnant anymore, life is definitely NOT easier. Back when I was just pregnant, all I had to mind was myself, physically. I could do anything I wanted, provided that it's not dangerous for baby. When I don't have to work, I can stay in bed all day and read all the books I can read. If I want to go out, I can go out. The funny thing is, I didn't ever want to go out when I was still pregnant. Walking with a basketball inside you isn't easy, you know.

Now that I am not pregnant anymore, I couldn't lock myself in my room whenever I wanted. I couldn't read books anymore. Now that I can wear good clothes again because I have a relatively flatter stomach, I want to go EVERYWHERE. But - alas! - I could not, because a little boy needs to be with me all the time because I'm his source of nourishment.

Don't get me wrong; I don't resent the fact that I breastfeed my baby, because it's the best for babies up to 2 years. *insert picture of a breastfeeding mother here*

But because I'm now a mother, these things all mean so little to me. Who cares if I could not read books? A new, exciting life story is unfolding right in front of my eyes. Why would I be jealous of those who watched all the latest movies? My little action star is providing entertainment for us every minute - for free! Who cares if I can't go out all the time? Staying in and being able to see Y all the time is the best luxury I can afford to have.

All I have to do is pause what I'm doing and look at Y, and I know it's worth it. :-)

I hate it when this happens

No essay to review!

I hate this because zero essays means no work! I have to keep watching the website, though, and wait for it to refresh. One essay may appear and all the tutors who are online at that time will scramble and fight for that one coveted essay.


Reviving the blog

Today, I decided to officially revive my blog.

Actually, the decision came yesterday, but the action was fulfilled today. It occurred to me that if I work on it, I can make this blog earn money and I can really use the extra income (especially now that I'm addicted to online shopping). Another reason why I decided to blog again is because ever since I worked from home, I couldn't talk to anyone. Everyone at home is out for most of the day. I couldn't talk to Y's yaya. I certainly couldn't talk to Y. J and I used to talk all the time before each of us became busy with work.

I couldn't bother anyone with my stories because everyone's so busy with their own lives. Which is good because I'm starting my own life, too. But now, all I can talk to is, basically, my laptop. If you know me, not being able to talk will make me insane. So to preserve what is remaining of my sanity, I decided to make this blog my best friend and confidante. *hug*

After years of blogging, I have never been able to maintain one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time, this blog would fulfill its purpose.
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