March 31, 2014

Yuri Turns 2: The Simplest Birthday Celebration

Warning: Photo overload ahead

I mentioned in a previous post that we chose not to have a birthday party this year. I realized that when the child is very young, especially if he is as deathly afraid of strangers as mine was (a year ago), then the party is not really for the child; it's for the parents.

Let the guilt-trip begin.

Just kidding. Of course, I know our intentions. We want to celebrate their birthdays with a blast! And we want to do the very best we can do to do it. And if your child is happy with people and parties, then by all means, go for it!

Yuri is no longer the timid baby he was last year, but this time, I want to make his birthday all about him. I wanted it to be completely stress-free and just happy. The result is the simplest birthday celebration ever.

There was no theme, no fuss. Well, the general theme of the day was everything Yuri likes and loves. Since it's his day, I wanted to make sure he ate, played with, did his favorite things. I'll stop here and let the photos do the talking.
The birthday boy in pambahay clothes.
Playing with his favorite toys: cars!
Ate his favorite breakfast food: yogurt with fresh fruits!
We also read some of his favorite books. This is The Quiet Book.
And I let him play his favorite video game but only for a limited time, don't worry. :-)
It's also one of the rare occasions we get to watch TV.
Just lying around, doing nothing. Careless like a child should be!
Running (and dancing) out on the street
The cake!

March 29, 2014

This Is What Happens When... let a boy who just turned 2 dress himself up.

Sando to beat the summer heat: Check!
Cloth diaper: Check!
(This was after his afternoon nap; we wear briefs in the morning.)


Necklace? Check!
Socks? Check!
Sneakers? Check!
Me: Saan punta mo?
Yuri: Beach!

Hehehe have a great weekend!

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March 28, 2014

The Secret to Yuri's Smoothie

Sorry, it's Friday today but I failed to prepare a Finance Friday post! I also failed to prepare a post of any kind mainly because I was exhausted last night. After preparing for Yuri's simplest birthday celebration last Wednesday and attending my sister's graduation yesterday evening, all I wanted was a good night's sleep.

However, I want to write a post today, so let me talk about the mundane. Smoothies!

Both Yuri and I love smoothies. Every time I go grocery-shopping, I always make it a point to pick up fruits and vegetables for our smoothies. Yes, I incorporate gulay in our smoothies now. Since Yuri is not very fond of munching veggies (shame on me), I just make him drink them instead!

And it works out well since Yuri loves his smoothies. However, the problem is that the straw of his sippy cup is quite narrow, and sometimes, after a while (especially when it is refrigerated, the smoothie turns from "smooth" to "lumpy." Because of that, it is even harder to drink the smoothie.

I tried adding more liquids to the smoothie recipe: water and/or natural fruit juice. However, the result is not quite the one I want to achieve. Yes, it is easier to drink, but the taste is, I don't know, too watery, and if I use juice, too acidic.

I looked at the fridge and almost slapped my forehead when I realized I could have used this all along!
We always have soymilk in our fridge, and Yuri always drinks a cup of it every morning, but somehow (I don't know!), I never even thought of adding it to our daily smoothies. Where have you been all my la-a-a-ife? Grrr, I don't know. In the fridge?

Honestly, it's no secret. There are so many recipes that called for milk; it's just that the soymilk I had was chocolate-flavored and didn't really go well with fruits and vegetables. Now, strawberry soymilk is perfect!

So this morning, I added a cup of soymilk to our smoothie (which had half a papaya, two medium bananas, and a chunk of squash the size of my fist), and the result was a smoothie that was very creamy, easy to drink, and had the right amount of sweetness! Everybody really liked it, and my sister, who is not fond of anything remotely healthy and anything not-sweet-enough even asked for a cup. Yay! So much win!

Of course, you can use any kind of milk, but I kind of like having a hint of strawberry in my smoothies.

The best way to drink a smoothie? Outdoors. Nothing like soaking in vitamins and minerals from a cup while soaking in Vitamin D and happiness hormones from the sun!

Yes, I know I need to use a better cup for Yuri. Ang yabang ko, naka-Snapware glass bottle ako, pero si Yuri naka-plastic lang. Erased pa ang designs! I'm working on it! Hehe

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March 26, 2014

Yuri is 2: 24 Random Things About You

Dear Yuri,

You're 2 today! To mark the first hour of your birthday, uh, you fell from the bed. It's okay because, well, I placed a cushion on that side of that bed. You woke up alarmed with large eyes, and I said, "Okay lang, baby." You closed your eyes again but not before you replied, "Okay nan."

To say I'm absolutely in love with you is an understatement. I completely adore you and I thank God every day for giving you to me, to us. I cradled you back into my arms again (we cosleep), and as you settled down to nurse, I smiled and then I thought of all the random things that you, in all of your two years, have or have not done.

Since you are 24 months today (2 years!), I decided to write down 24 random things about you. I hope you enjoy reading them when you're older!

1. You never drooled. Ever. I remember seeing little babies with bibs which seemed to be permanent parts of their outfits, but not you. You never wore a bib when you were little. Even when you started eating solids, the only time you had to wear bibs were during mealtimes.

2. You were never fussy when teething. In fact, I didn't even notice when your first tooth erupted. Recently, I only noticed that four of your molars were already present. You didn't even make a peep, not a sound. Well, to be honest, you could have been clingier during those times, but I was none the wiser.

3. You were a colicky baby. To this day, I never found out the reason. All I know is that during the first three months of your life, you would cry straight for three hours each night. I did everything I could do, but nothing could stop your crying. You suddenly stopped after three months.


4. You started sleeping through the night when you were four months old. It was as sudden as when you stopped being colicky. One night, you just slept through the night, of course, while nursing a few times. By then, I stopped being fearful of being alone with you.

5. Yes, I was afraid of being alone with you the entire night. I was only 23 years old, living the life of a single mother, with a colicky baby to boot. This is why we slept in the living room for 3 months.

6. For the first three months of your life, I slept on the couch while you slept on your stroller. The crib was too big for you then, and I was afraid you would feel insecure in it.

7. You are 24 months now (2 years old!), but you have never been to the beach yet.

8. You had to spend the first six days of your life in the hospital because, er, you went out of momma's tummy late (I had to get cut up), and by the time you were out, you already ate meconium, your first poop. So cool, right? I bet you couldn't wait to tell this to your playmates. But remember that it could have caused different complications, and through the grace of God, you came out very very healthy. (Birth story here)

9. Even if I breastfed you for 2 years (and counting), you had S26 as your first food. Nobody taught me how to breastfeed in the hospital (as neither of your lolas were there, and your lolo doesn't know the first thing about breastfeeding).

10. You spoke your first word when you were around 16 months old, and it was "car."

11. You went on your first airplane flight when you just turned 7 months old. We went to Cebu to visit some relatives. I was anxious, but you were very behaved during the flight. In fact, you only cried because you already wanted to nurse, and after nursing, you were fine.

12. Your first tooth erupted when you were 11 months old. It was late compared to other children, but that's okay. Your teeth erupted one by one during the next months anyway.

13. You used to be so wary of strangers, but now, you're warming up. Whenever another baby or kid visits the house, you go out of your way to make him or her feel welcome. You even consider your ninangs as friends now!

With Ninang Teena (or Nina Tina)

14. During your first months, momma wasn't so style-savvy yet, and there was a month when you wore hand-me-down girls' shoes. Don't worry; you still looked so adorable. Of course, you also had boy shoes hihi.

15. You never tore a single page from any book, unlike a certain sister I know who tore almost all of my Clueless books. I still preferred giving you cloth books when you were very little, though, because I was afraid of the chemicals in the ink. After your first birthday, though, we began reading many books!

16. You became obsessed with cars after your first birthday and until now. You even recognize specific neighbors' cars now.

17. You are a carb-monster: You're a fickle eater but your love for carbs remains consistent. Your favorite foods are pasta (w/o red sauce), pancit, bread, crackers, cake... In fact, when we were at Vikings, all you ate were ramen and mantao.

18. Speaking of carbs, your latest favorite food is the humble but glorious suman.

19. You took your first step at 13 months, which is later than some children, but again, it's perfectly okay! You were running a few months after anyway.

20. You are always mistaken for a girl. No matter where we go, someone almost always mistakes you for a girl. Even when you were looking like this:

21. You had a very wide vocabulary even before you turned 2. I always say that you might have been a late walker but your talking skills compensated for it - not that we need compensation!

22. You were potty-trained a couple of weeks before turning 2. Save for a few days of regression, everything else went smoothly. Yay!

23. You currently love dancing and singing. You would dance to any tune you hear on the radio (using your signature rolling hands dance step), and you would try to sing whenever you hear a song you like!
Don't stare at my tongue.

24. You are turning out to be a very sweet and affectionate little boy. A few months back, I prayed that you would show affection more because, well, you're a bit rough like a little boy should be. Now, you're fond of giving kisses, hugs, and you even occasionally tell us "I love you." I love you, too.

There is more of you and more to you than these 24 random things, baby, and you should know that these are but a few of the things that I hold dear to my heart. I'm pretty sure I will spend a big part of my life telling you more about the things that make you so special to me. Happy birthday and I hope you have fun this day (unlike last year hee hee).
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
I pray you grow up to be a man after God's own heart. God be with you!

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March 25, 2014

The First Quarter's Happy Packages

The first quarter of this year has been truly a blessed time for me. There are a lot of hard times - well, to be fair, they had not been that hard but they had been truly trying - but the amount of blessings I received simply outnumber them.

Aside from the spiritual, personal, and relational blessings I have received (and enjoyed), I also received some material blessings. I would be lying if I tell you I don't enjoy material things - and frankly, if I tell you that, I'm sure you won't believe me. Haha! Tama?

Anyway, I'm pretty thankful because I received things out of his abundance, but what I'm most thankful of is how God listened to what I personally need and gave me those things out of his generosity. This is only one of those moments when I'm grateful to have a God who knows me personally, just like a Father, just like a Friend.

Some of the packages I received were for review, such as this SmileBrilliant kit I've given away and the Tmart Kitchen Scale I reviewed yesterday. They made me pretty happy, but I'm pertaining to things I've been given virtually without nothing in return. Here they are:

I joined Ms. Kaye's book giveaway on her blog because you know how crazy I am about children's books. I was even more excited to join this particular giveaway because I've been looking for another kid's Bible for Yuri. This is not a kid's Bible, but I love how it discusses manners and attitudes from a Biblical perspective.

Lo and behold, days later, I received an email from Ms. Kaye that I won the giveaway! I was really so happy, and I was even happier when we received the book. This is such a great addition to our growing library. I can surely use this when I teach Yuri how to be like Jesus.

This reminds me: I should do a book giveaway on my blog, too!
Another giveaway I joined last month was MyMomFriday's Cycles Sensitive giveaway. I joined this giveaway because I've used Cycles when Yuri was a little baby and I was curious about this new line of products (I'm pretty sure they weren't here when Yuri was a baby).

But my primary reason was this: I was already running out of baby wash and insect repellent! My go-to insect repellent was GIGA, and I didn't have time to visit SM Lanang then, and by the time I did visit, I discovered their booth was gone! I was really counting on winning this giveaway to replenish our supplies haha.

Again, God is truly a personal God because He knows what we need. Because of that, He let me win this giveaway, too! Thank you!
My third happy package is my very own Snapware glass bottle from my dear friend, George! To be honest, I did ask for this specific bottle because I've been wanting my own glass bottle. My first choice was a mason jar, but I figured I would just be adding more kalat into my mother's already stuffed kitchen cabinets, so I needed a more portable tumbler. Thus, the Snapware bottle! I really love it and have been using it for all of my drinks: water, juices, smoothies. 

What about a Snapware giveaway? Hmm.
My final happy package I only received yesterday. It's a super belated Christmas gift (just like the Snapware hehe) from another super dear friend, Teena! Teena who lives far from Davao only gets to go home once or twice a year, so we really value the time we have together. Chos! Anyway, like the Snapware bottle, I also requested specifically for this planner and I loooove it so much!

It might have come delayed - it's almost April na - but it's worth the wait. Woot!

Thank you, also, mwre, for the chocolates! They're inside the pantry now for safekeeping. Mwahaha!

PS: I have an utang letter to you pa. I want to write it already!

So these are my happy packages. They are not exactly my definition of happiness, but what makes them "happy packages" for me is the fact that they symbolize how God continues to provide me favors despite my unfaithfulness and imperfection. This is simply because of the Grace coming from a faithful and perfect God.

Thank you!
Philippians 1:3
I thank my God
in all my remembrance of you.

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March 24, 2014

Baby Steps to Domesticity

I don't know how to cook.

Sure, I know how to make basic adobo or prito-prito, and I can whip up the most basic desserts and snacks, and while the interest and willingness to learn are there, what held me back from really learning how to cook are two things:

1. Our stove/oven is not in its perfect state. One can only use it using matches, and I'm a bit pyrophobic.

2. The measurements scare me.

Okay, I'm sure you weren't expecting the second reason, but if you were a keen observer, you would notice that all "lazy recipes" I posted didn't have actual measurements! In fact, what I did was only copy the recipes from the blogs I referred to (credited, of course), but what I did in reality was only estimate the measurements.

It would have been fine if the recipe only called for teaspoons and tablespoons, but what happens to recipes with actual required grams of ingredients? Scary.

But because I want to be a kitchen goddess someday and I cannot yet buy a new oven, I know I need to be a measurement maven (and only estimate when I already know what I'm doing!).

So when emailed me and asked me to review one of their products, I immediately chose to write about the kitchen scale.

I know, out of all the things to review, kitchen scale pa talaga? Well, the thing is I really want one and I don't have use for the other options anyway. Also, out of the options, it was the one I feel I could really use in the long run. And it's a decision I don't regret because the actual scale looked really good.

Presenting, the Tmart Kitchen Scale:

March 21, 2014

Yuri's Second Birthday Wishlist!

It's Yuri's second birthday next Wednesday!

(Okay, you and I both know that this is my wishlist and not Yuri's. Let's just leave it at that.)

Wow. I have a 2-year old. I still could not believe it. Despite being thrust into motherhood unprepared, here we are, 2 years later, not just surviving but actually thriving!

Okay back to topic. Yuri's turning 2 in just less than a week. Unlike last year, when we held a small Mickey Mouse-themed party, this year, I have nothing planned. Seriously! I found out the hard way that Yuri wasn't into socialization especially if majority of the guests are adults. I still recall with guilt how he just stayed in one corner because he was anxious and afraid of all those people. I also recall how I was forced to let his yaya put him to sleep because I was still entertaining guests. I had a heavy heart the entire time because the night was supposed to be for him, but his mom wasn't even able to pay attention to him.

Other children might like big parties and company, but no, not my then 1-year old Yuri.

So this year, we'll stay at home and eat as a family. We'll also be eating out on the next day, which is my sister's graduation. Even if he's bigger now and already know how to socialize and make "friends," I wouldn't take a risk again. I want to make sure that he's really happy on his day and that I give my full attention to him.

But because we're not planning to do anything big this year, my focus turned toward - what else? - gifts!

I really, really like buying stuff for Yuri (what mother doesn't?), but lately, I've been more interested in buying food rather than things. But when I tried searching for gift ideas, my interest in toddler stuff got rekindled. Ayayay!

Job wanted to buy Yuri a bike, but I complained that the boy already has two rides, and that's too many for me. We decided to get the bike when he's older.

With the bike idea scrapped, we were at a loss for ideas. What could we give Yuri? Well, the following are the products of my "research." Haha!

1. Salt Water Sandals
I am borderline obsessed with the idea of little feet inside open leather sandals. Can you imagine? Aside from the fact that Yuri is about to outgrow his shoes, it's also already summer, and his kicks don't really fit in. Plus the sandals are just too gwapo for words.

I wanted to buy something affordable, but I could not find anything like these sandals in local malls. All they have are rubber/nylon/neopyrene sandals with velcro. Nope!
Should we buy Yuri Salt Water sandals? They're a bit pricey. Do we think we should take the plunge?

2. Toy Airplane
This is what Job wants to give Yuri (aside from the bike). I thought he just wants to level-up from toy cars, but he reminded me that when Yuri was only a few months old, I told him on impulse how it would be nice if Yuri becomes a pilot. Thank you for remembering that! Yes, it would be really nice! I can also imagine Yuri zooming around with his "epeyn."

3. Indoor Basketball Hoop
Not the most creative gift idea, I admit, but aside from cars, Yuri is becoming very interested in balls. Who knows? I might have a little Lebron in my hands.

4. Aqua-Doodle Playmat
Since Yuri is already turning 2, and since summer is approaching (which means a lighter workload for me), I knew it's time to give the boy serious homeschooling. I mean, we teach him all the time, but pretty soon, I need to be intentional about it.

Thus the desire for an Aqua-Doodle mat. Yuri's been showing interest in writing and drawing; unfortunately, he prefers markers over his magnetic board. And you know markers are never good news. I like how this mat only uses water. No accidents and stains!

Notable omissions:

1. Play-Doh set (I'm not sure about this since I'm planning to make our own!)

2. Books (Dami pa kaming di pa nababasa! Books are always on my list, though.)

3. Toddler Armchair - yung may cushion (I have yet to find an affordable but high-quality chair.)

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March 20, 2014

Potty Training Yuri: The Regression

The first day was a fluke.

(By the way, I'm back to regular programming! Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post, and even if I don't personally know you, even if it feels isolating to be a WAHM, I feel I've made a lot of friends in the online world. God be with you!)

So last week, I talked about Yuri pooping and peeing in the potty for the first time. For some reason, I had the gut feeling that Yuri wasn't really actually potty-knowledgeable yet and that it was just a fluke.

Call it mom's intuition, but I was correct.
That afternoon, he wouldn't go near the potty. He was holding his pee in (intuition) and would only go when I hold him over the bathroom sink.
Me: Yuri, potty ka?
Yuri: No. Ayaw.
Me: Saan ka ihi and pupu?
Yuri: Table. Chair. Sahig. Rocks. Dahon. Toys.
Lagot tayo dito.

March 19, 2014

Gratitude, Happiness, and Diamonds

I felt like crap yesterday.

And to be honest, I still feel a bit like it today.

In hindsight, when I broke the bathroom's lavatory faucet early in the morning, I should have known more "un-pretty" things would happen. But that would be very superstitious of me, and that wouldn't please God, so let's just chalk it up as the first "un" event.

I wasn't able to do all of my tasks because certain issues were pulling me down.

First, I lent a friend of mine a sizable amount of money more than a month ago. I know, I just don't know how to say no. And I'm confident she'd pay me back until she was hospitalized. She tried paying me half the amount she owed, but her office-mate, whom she asked to deposit for her (since she's in the hospital) took the money away. I'm feeling so bad for her, but at the same time, well, I need the money because Yuri's birthday is coming.

Next, I had a bit of trouble transacting with the human resource personnel of my employer. Uh, no, she just made it clear that I'm not employed under them as stated in the contract. That's not the point since I knew that from the beginning. All I needed was a piece of paper signifying that I'm "working" with them for a bank loan. - INSERT LONG STORY HERE-- Anyway, she didn't need to imply that she doesn't have to procure papers for me because I'm only a "service provider" (all tutors are) because I already know that. That's why I'm very apologetic and not demanding at all. All I needed was some compassion and a clear explanation, but I didn't get them. I know it's not her intention to do so but she made me feel un-valuable to the company.

(Disclaimer: I do enjoy working for this company. This is just an isolated case and I believe it's caused by stress from both parties.)

March 17, 2014

Our Sunday in Photos (Plus SmileBrilliant Giveaway Winner!)

Yesterday, Sunday, was Araw ng Dabaw. We don't usually join the city's festivities mainly because there are a lot of people on the streets and it would be too hot. However, we usually go to malls because, well, the sales are there!

I was especially anxious to go to SM Lanang yesterday because I know there would be a Davao Gourmet Collective. I really, really, really wanted to buy Davao-made chocolates, whichever company would be exhibiting there.
Here's my little boy with his "baha" pants. I think the outfit is very summer-y; the only thing missing is a pair of open sandals! That's my sister sporting the peace sign.
Me and my widow's peak

Upon arriving at SM Lanang, I made a beeline to the atrium and looked for the Davao Gourmet Collective. Lo and behold, there was none. I thought it was held in another location in the mall so I asked the ladies over at the information booth.
Me: Miss, may Davao Gourmet Collective today?
Miss: Ha?
Me: Davao Gourmet Collective? Saan?
Miss (turns to the other miss): Collective daw?
Other miss shrugs
Miss: Wala man ma'am
Imagine my despair (yes, despair talaga!) when I heard that. All week long, I've been waiting for Sunday to arrive just so I can buy chocolates. Tapos wala daw? I'm sure there was a collective because I follow SM on Instagram. How could this be?! Chos!

Anyway, we were really hungry because we didn't have lunch yet. It was already 3:30 in the afternoon. Due to hunger, we decided to just go to Giligan's to eat comfort food. No time to pick new restaurants! I also knew I wanted to eat sisig because I was stressed about the DGC. Hehehe.
Garlic Chicken
Pork Sisig

Everything we ordered was yummy, and that was not just because we were very hungry. The gambas was especially delicious, while the sisig was crunchy and very chicharon-like. Sinfully delicious. Even the little boy was enjoying himself:

March 14, 2014

Finance Friday: Tithing FAQs

I made a mistake.

I made a very recent (this week-ish) mistake in tithing, and this honest mistake led me to write a follow-up post about it. 

Another thing that led me to write this post about tithing were the questions I received from last week's post, and, hey, that's a great thing!

So last Friday, I talked about the reasons why we should want to tithe. Take note that I continue to highlight “want” in my statements. The message I want to relay is this: tithing should be more than a mere obligation. It should root from a deep desire to serve God. Thus, we should want to do it.

I just want to clarify that, before anything else, tithing should be done willingly and not begrudgingly. Perhaps the Filipino phrase, "bukal sa loob," describes it best.

What was that mistake I made? I want to talk about it later in my post, so if you're patient enough, please read through this entire thing first hehe. I promise I'll make it worth your time.

You see, tithing is not like ordinary saving where you take a portion of your income and take it somewhere else. It is something that you need to mull over and pray over. I am, in no means, an expert on tithing but I want to help you (and my sole reason is to bring you to God). To do that, let me share with you the questions I received about tithing.

1. Can I tithe to charity organizations and not the church?

Please, please, please, if you have deeper Biblical knowledge about this, correct me if I'm wrong! What I know is that in the Bible, tithes are meant to be the means of livelihood of the church-workers before anything else. What I understood is that even though tithes are also given to charity, they are, before anything else, meant to feed the church-workers and their families. This means the priority is not charity though it is included.

However, I understand that many are still not rooted to a church. Frankly, I am not yet rooted to a particular church (but let me clarify that this is because of circumstance and NOT by choice). My tithes don't have a regular recipient but I do give to a certain charitable institution sometimes. Now, let me clarify that this institution is run by a Christian church, which means my tithes do benefit the church-workers, too.

In a nutshell: I think that yes, you may give to charity, but to fulfill the Biblical purpose of tithing, it should be one run by a Christian church.

What if God is prompting you to give to an individual? Let's talk about that later.

2. Can tithes be less than 10% of my income?

I am not the best person to answer this because I can be legalistic. However, I want to try. If we base it on the Old Testament, I guess the answer is no. This is because in many verses about tithes, God specifies 10% and not just any portion of the income.
Leviticus 27:32
And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord.
But God is a gracious God and, while He is also just, I feel He would favor Grace over legalism. If you're not used to tithing, I guess you can begin with a smaller portion of your income. Keep in mind that the keyword is "begin." You should eventually be used to tithing until you can give the Biblical 10% - and even more! Don't make stealing from God a habit!

Also, if you commit to give a certain amount to God, remember that this is a regular commitment and not a one-time thing. Again, don't make it a habit to steal from God because the only one who will reap the disadvantages is - wait for it - you!

In a nutshell: 10% is the Biblical standard, but I guess (I'm not sure!) you can begin with a smaller amount. However, you should aim to give what the Lord requires and give whatever you commit to give regularly.

3. What if there's nothing left from my salary to tithe?

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