September 30, 2013

Clinic Visit + Book Loot

Last Saturday morning, we went back to our favorite pedia (hehe) for our 6-in-1 shot. Our schedule was supposed to be on the 26th when Yuri turned 18 months, but I had to re-schedule because our yaya had a school event din last Saturday, so sinabay ko na para di ma-doble absences ko. Our ever nice pedia had no problem about it.

I know very little about pediatricians because this is the first time I have to visit one regularly - I don't recall seeing a particular doctor regularly when I was young, except for our family dentist. However, I do know that a good pediatrician would do this:

Our pedia, Doc Amy Morata-Lee, already knows Yuri so well - well, she was there since birth. Now, she knows that Yuri already reacts to being in the clinic negatively. It's like he knows what will happen inside. By extension, he has not been so fond of Doc. This time, though, Doc was prepared. She immediately set blocks on the floor for Yuri to play. No, these weren't to measure anything (Yuri never had the patience for stacking toys), but just to make Yuri hiyang to the clinic.

In the photos above, Doc is the woman crouching beside Yuri. Cool, no? After a few moments of playing, we held Yuri down on the bed for the shot. Of course, warla ensued. However, Doc immediately resumed to dancing and playing with Yuri so Yuri forgot about the pain right away. Doc also gave him biscuits. Food really is the way to a man's heart.

Before going home, Doc gave me these:

Our Ceelin supply for this month is already taken care of! Yay! I also asked Doc if she can recommend some appetite-boosters for Yuri, and she told me to try a sample of Heraclene.

She also gave me meal plans:

I don't think I can give you the entire photos, sorry!

She also gave Yuri some biscuits and snacks. She also wanted to give us some balloons from the clinic (bakit nga ba may balloons?), but we already had our hands full - it was only my mom and I with Yuri - so we had to return them. Huhu.

After our doctor's visit, we proceeded to the mall because I was to meet up with Charles Goodies' brother for my Crocs shoes. We stayed in the National Bookstore while waiting, where my mom and Yuri directly went to the board books section. Uh-oh.

But it was a good thing because I saw these!

Super duper cute board books with equally cute stories! Now, guess how much they are?

Only around P80 per book! It was like I was in Bookshop or Booksale. The only difference was that these books were spanking new! I wanted to buy more (there were lots of this), but I only had a few cash with me and I left my ATM at home, so I bought two first. I'll surely be back for more!

I was also able to get my Crocs shoes, which I wore in my Jollibee event in the afternoon:

As I mentioned, I was also set for a Jollibee that afternoon and Yuri should be coming with me. I asked Doc if it's okay to bring Yuri with me. Yuri is a big boy already, so a little shot wouldn't get through him. However, I needed to make sure, so I observed Yuri after we got home. This is what I saw:

Okay, I think we're fine here. Hehehe. We're ready to see Jollibee! Please stay tuned for my blog post about Jollibee's 35th birthday.

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September 26, 2013

Lessons from an 18-month Old

While waiting for his order...

We just achieved another milestone - Yuri turns 18 months today! Now, I can say that he's a legit toddler and he can already hang out with the older toddlers without fear of them toppling Yuri over.

Just kidding. I can't even let go of his hand when running for fear of him running into something or stepping on himself. Silly fears. I'll never let Yuri play with other kids. Just kidding again.

Yesterday, I broadcasted how Yuri can be such a brat sometimes. Now, I'm off to make bawi by praising his good deeds as an 18-month old.

1. Always say the magic words.

The magic words being "thank you" and "sorry." I have yet to intentionally teach Yuri about using "please," although I use it often to get through his conscious. Anyway, back to the magic words. I am mighty proud because Yuri already uses these phrases in the proper context. For example, if he forcibly takes my share of the cake , he says thank you. If he throws his (hard) toy car at my face, he says sorry.

Haha, I'm sorry you can't see my hand!

While laughing like a maniac.

2. Be loyal.

At 18 months, Yuri is very fond of cars. Actually, it started when he was 16 months old. Last month, we bought him a lot of cars; one of them was this tiny car that looked as if it's gonna break down any minute. Yuri had his eye on it on the very first day, ignoring the bigger cars and the battery-operated ones. He played with it everyday until it did break into smaller pieces.

The toy looks so kawawa. Gulong na lang sya oh.
But he still plays with it.

3. Pick up your mess.

Last Sunday, we were at the Off-Price Show. While waiting for my dad to finish fitting his Crocs (which he did not buy), Yuri and I explored the area. Suddenly, someone knocked a hanger off the rack and did not return it. Yuri ran toward it and I knew he was going to pick it. I thought he would play with the hanger. I didn't expect him to reach up to the rack to try to return it.

Somebody nominate Yuri for Bayaning Pilipino Awards please.

4. Survival skills: Building a fort

Yuri has successfully built his first fort last night. We were peacefully playing after dinner, just quiet play, while waiting for bed time when he had this brilliant idea to grab the pillows from our heads one by one. He promptly placed one pillow on top of the other until he was able to build a wall. He climbed up on it, of course.

Keep still, Yuri, we're being Kodaked!
Vantage point
Later, he must have thought he was a battering ram and demolished his wall with his head. Survival skills, I tell ya.

5. Fake it until you make it.

I'm trying to incorporate reading books into his routine now. Most of the time, though, he points at the photos for a few minutes and gets distracted and plays with something else.

I'm done with reading!

Last afternoon, though, he was so behaved. He just lied next to me while I read a book. I stopped when I reached page 12 or 13 because I could not believe Yuri stayed still throughout the whole ordeal. I looked at him. He looked at me and promptly turned his back on me and turned the television on. I didn't even know how he did that (the TV thing), but clearly, me pausing to look at him marked the end of our reading session. Well played, Yuri. Well played.

6. Go for a woman with humor.

If you are not jeje like me, go ahead and skip this hehe. Okay. Yuri absolutely adores Ryzza Mae. He knows her songs, Chacha (one of his first words) and Look Up. He jumps with glee when her commercials get on. Why not? Ryzza Mae's interesting! And he doesn't care for Annaliza because she's boring.


He might have taken after his father because I'm also funny. On second thought, maybe not. Job likes me for my looks, not my personality. I kid, I kid.

How about you? What funny (but meaningful) lessons have you learned from the aleng and mamang maliits?

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September 25, 2013


We interrupt this program to give way to an ecstatic girl who just received good work-related news.

It all started when her friend, George, told her "congraaaaaaaaaaaaaats!" (verbatim) in Skype.

I genuinely didn't know what she was talking about because I haven't checked my work email yet. So obviously, I checked my email right away and here's what I saw:

Our team leader has just sent the top-producers and top-quality tutors of the month. Happily, I'm in both categories! Natawa nga ako sa top producer because the number of my reviews is halos kalahati lang ng mga nauna sa akin. Di bale, I'm not aiming naman for top producer. Instead, I always wanted to be a top-quality tutor because I strive to make my reviews good and helpful for the students. #bow

I just love it when I know I'm doing something right.

By the way, if you're wondering, my team leader is the Tetcha of the blog, Pensive Thoughts. :-)

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Terrible 18s?

It's barely 9am and I'm already exhausted. I actually wanted to take a day off from work today, and I could, but as usual, I chicken out. The funny thing is that when I was still working in the office, I did not think twice about taking leaves from work. Pero ngayon, it's different because if I don't work, I don't earn. Also, I'm not in the mood to tackle household chores.

So why am I so tired so early? Well, first of all, Yuri refused to be seated in his high chair. Then, he refused to eat breakfast. He barely eats! He doesn't even take one spoonful of food, and I don't breastfeed him before mealtimes so dapat gutom sya. But no! I even tried making a face out of his food:

Scary no? Hahaha. Yuri didn't get scared, though. Pero di pa rin sya affected. No appetite pa rin. Should I give him appetite-boosters?

Today, we had oatmeal, which he did not eat even one spoon of. Yesterday, I prepared a fruit salad out of bananas, watermelon, and honey. He took a few spoonfuls of it, and I was thankful:

His demeanor improved when we washed the dishes - actually, I washed the dishes with him on my left arm (that's one mean feat, I tell ya).

I thought the fussiness was over, when it was time to take a bath. Normally, bath-time is Yuri's pinakamaligayang sandali. He looks forward to his baths and won't get out of the bath tub without a fight. However, last weekend, we attempted to snip some of his hair while he was taking a bath. Sobrang galit.

Worse, na-trauma ata. For the next days hanggang ngayon, he would cry during bath time. At first, okay lang. He steps into the bath tub fine. Pero by the time I'm soaping his body na, warla na. Huhuhu pano ba to.

Good thing he drinks a lot of milk (aside from my breastmilk):

Yuri is normally an okay child. He has a mean temper, but he's normally in control of his feelings (chos). But now, he throws tantrums over the littlest of things. And he's only about to turn 18 months tomorrow! Please tell me. Are we fast-tracking into the terrible 2s? :-(

Hindi ko na alam anong gagawin!

Suddenly, taking a day off seems like a good idea.

On a completely different note, I bought Yuri honey last Sunday. He's been coughing on and off kasi and I don't want to give him medicine anymore. I know babies older than 1 year could already take honey, so I bought a bottle.

I gave him a teaspoon of honey before bedtime. Well, the good news is that nawala na agad ang kanyang ubo right from the first night Yuri drank it! Amazing! Goodbye, OTC cough syrup!

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September 23, 2013

The Off-Price Show vs. Charles Goodies Online Store

I was waiting for Sunday the whole week last week because of the Off-Price Show. Well, time seems to run more quickly when you're a mom (SRSLY), and before I knew it, Sunday na.

First, OOTD! It's been a long time since I've done this. Hayaan nyo na ako, blogaversary ko naman eh.

Plains and Prints top, boyfriend jeans bought from ukay-ukay, Zara Sandals
Yuri is wearing a Crib Couture shirt (I forgot the brand of his shorts and shoes hehe)
Trivia: I bought those jeans back in 2007, when I was still in college and working a part-time job in Kumon. George (my workmate) and I passed an ukay-ukay stall on our way back to our boarding house. This pair of jeans only costs P75, I kid you not. And it has great-quality denim that it's still very wearable now. The only difference is that super skinny jeans sya sa akin noon, ngayon boyfriend-jeans na. #yabang

Someone was not in the mood hehe
I forced my sister to take an OOTD shot, and she made a face at me.
Herbench turtleneck, skater skirt, my CLN flats
Would you believe me if I told you this was my skirt?
And that I had it when I was 6 years old? My mom had good taste.

My Parisian satchel as diaper bag. It really needs to retire na.

Sister dear insisted to take a photo of her hat, I mean clip

Okay, let's proceed. My mom actually wanted to go last Saturday night, but I begged off saying that Yuri might get sleepy na in the mall. His bedtime kasi is 8pm. So we went yesterday, the last day of the Off-Price Show.

Registration area

Registration machine? Chos

The grand entrance

It was overwhelming to see racks and racks of branded clothes and shoes. It truly was a sea of merchandise.

Lotsa shoes, with our friend at the back (we meet him at SM almost every week hehe)

And more shoes

I wanted to buy these Stradivarius shorts, but I didn't need them eh. Chos.

Piles of clothes

There were racks of children's clothes

Sayang, there were not many clothes for Yuri's size

I was able to pick out a pretty pair of River Island jeans (only P550) and headed straight to the children's clothes. I wasn't able to buy a lot because there were few 18-mo sizes. I bought a pair of Kids Basics shirt and shorts at P250 and a polo shirt at P100.

With my picks and a hyper Yuri in tow, I braved the ladies' racks. Again, there were sooo many clothes. However, even though I was able to pick some cheap tops, I had to return them. Why? I didn't want to pay for something I don't really like just because it's on sale. Natuto na ako. Chos.

But to be honest, I hope no one hates me for saying this, the overhyped sale is what it is - overhyped and overrated. I was sorely disappointed with the selection of clothes. They looked not like they were from last season's but from the last 3 or so years' collections. Plus may strong bodega smell. Hashtag alamna.

There were also so many Crocs shoes, but I wasn't in the mood to try one because my sandals were hard to remove. My feet were also already killing me because Yuri kept running around the place. Of course, I had to keep my gameface on for the fambam because I did drag them there. Nag-preregister pa kami sa Facebook. Ano ba.

I think the others shared the same sentiments, though, because even though there were a lot of people milling through, I did not see anyone leaving the premises with a lot of shopping bags. Paisa2 lang like us.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of my loot. Like what I said, my feet were already killing me that morning. Then we did the grocery pa. I wanted to drop by Toy Kingdom, pero di na kaya. By the time we got home, my feet were literally swelling. Boohoo.

That's when it hit me. I can't go around wearing strappy sandals anymore. I need Crocs in my life and I need one fast.

Mama: Nge! Bat di ka pa namili kanina?
Me: Okay lang, tingnan ko nalang kung may Crocs pa si Ate Lorilie of Charles Goodies.

I immediately opened her page, and as luck would have it, she was having a bidding starting right on the time when I got online! And guess what's one of the items up for bidding? A pair of Crocs Carlie flats in my size! Talk about serendipity! I quickly message Ate Lorilie about my maximum bid hehe.

Photo from Charles Goodies

Well, guess who won? I got this for only P1200, I kid you not. These cost almost P3k in the Philippines.

Now, Yuri, mommy's ready to chase you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Charot.

PS: If you're looking for American brands for you, your husband/wife, and your kids, please head on to Charles Goodies.

PPS: No, I'm not paid to advertise. It's from the heart - chos! Seriously, all my transactions with Ate Lorilie are literally smooth and hassle-free. Ang daling kausap (wag lang abusuhin), and all of her items are store-bought and hand-picked in Canada. As in she shops for them. Wala akong mapintas sa quality. Plus affordable pa compared to other sellers.

PPPS: Sayang lang I can't buy from her more often because Yuri's size is not always available. Kung meron unahan pa talaga. Better luck next time. Tsaka sana may Crocs boatshoes; papa's looking for them. Chos lang ate haha. Hay, I choose this store over Off-Price Show anytime.

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