May 4, 2015

A Temporary Goodbye

Happy Monday, everyone!

How are you coping after yesterday's fight? Job got over it more quickly than I did when he was the sports fan while I'm just the occasional viewer. I didn't even watch Pacman's old fights. Oh well, you know that I'm never the kind of woman who gets over stuff quickly haha.

I learned a lot about it though. Sometimes, God's victory is different from what most people perceive as victory. The latter might bring worldly honor to us, but God's victory glorifies Him over everything. I believe Manny is victorious because even though he didn't win the title, he got what is more important: respect and love. And this will forever be a greater testimony than a shiny belt.

I believe this is the victory that God promised to Manny.

But how are you really? I would like to know because it would be a while since I will be able to talk to you again.

I already hinted at a hiatus last week, which began last Friday, May 1. Technically, I shouldn't be writing now since I'm on hiatus, but I realized I never said my appropriate albeit temporary goodbyes.
By now, you might have known that I'm also a girl who loves drama. Hahaha.

So yeah, since I really really need to focus on studying, I decided to give up blogging in the meanwhile. I shall be back before the end of the month, and hopefully, by then, I will have passed the board exam. Woot!

Pray for me! I need all the prayers. I haven't even touched some topics, and there's just so much coverage - from laws to mathematics to ecology and geography and sociology and current events. I'm acknowledging that I could never in a million years do this by myself and I only have a chance at acing the exam with God's guidance.

Oh, and about blogging, expect changes. Major changes. Changes as in I finally took the big leap and bought a new domain name yesterday. So if you're still around when I come back (hopefully you are!), let's meet at a spanking brand new blog. :)

I hope you'll miss me half as much as I would miss you and blogging. I mean, I would surely feel different over the next several weeks because I've been blogging for years, but we all know that this is for the best. And it's not forever! #walangforever haha

So for now, I'm saying goodbye. I'll see you before June begins, hopefully with a lot of good news and colorful new stories!

Until then, may God always bless you all. :)

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