About Moi

I am Maan Laxa, a forever-20 something mom. I have lived in Davao City for most of my life, but I still get lost occasionally.

I love to read, write, and bite my nails. I love to eat but I couldn't cook to save my life. When I'm not busy, I like to watch television and surf the internet aimlessly - just like most people do. But on most days, I would rather cuddle with my loves.

I am a proud Iska, a graduate of UP Mindanao. I have a degree in Communication Arts and a major in Media Arts. I have a sablay hanging on my wall to prove it. I still don't have my diploma, though, and I keep forgetting to claim it.

I used to work as a reporter for a local newspaper. After a few months of mastering the art of tanning under the sun to find news, I resigned and became a virtual assistant in an air-conditioned office. What a relief! After more than a year of giving my clients online support, I resigned to focus on my baby.

I am now a full-time work-at-home mom. I make a living out of doing what I do best - being a Grammar Nazi. But occasionally, I drop my ammunition to chronicle my life in this blog.

Most importantly, I am a woman who strives to follow Jesus and honor Him in everything I do. I am a sinner, and I make mistakes, and my salvation lies in Him.

Like what I implied above, I am a full-time WAHM who aims to balance life on her hands. I am mom to a little boy named Y. I named him after a Russian astronaut because I'm an astronut - which is weird because I don't like floating around and eating liquid food in sachets. His father, J, gave him his second name, G, for no special reason.

My other boy (or man, he insists) is J. We are the living proof that opposites attract. He couldn't care less for spelling and grammar, while I couldn't do sports if my life depended on it. But the important thing is that we're happy and we're both trying to live our lives for Christ.

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