June 25, 2015

May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic!

Have you ever thought you were ordinary?

"Imagine if we can be partners with the Lord Jesus in transforming lives and communities? Astig di ba? Still think you're ordinary? Think again."

This is the premise of Mighty Rasing's book, May Powers ka to be #SUPEREPIC. Based on the book, Mighty is part of the Philippine stay of Young People's Ministries, the goal youth ministry affect of the United Methodist Church.
May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic


The youth, energetic young people that they are, have the potential to change the world for the better. They have the skills, the grit, and the time and energy. However, it is not uncommon to see potentials untapped because of many reasons: lack of support, lack of ambition and determination, or the lack of awareness of this potential.

Mighty's book aims to change this and empower today's youth to follow Christ and become superheroes who can save the day - because they can! We can!

#SUPEREPIC talks about:

- Taking initiative and responsibility
- The importance of training
- Understanding limits
- Planning
- Teamwork
- The proper way to resolve conflicts
- And avoiding getting tempted by power, sex, and money

What makes #SUPEREPIC different?

- Using a comfortable mix of English and Filipino, the book is easy to digest.

- The book is within most young people's comfort zones because of its pop culture references. From superheroes like Superman and Batman to musicians like Ely Buendia. The words, super epic, themselves are from pop culture.

- Mighty wisely occasionally injects humour every now and then. For example, referring to Superman, he writes, "Kaya nyang bumuhat ng isang isla, lumipad papunta sa space, magsurvive sa isang nuclear blast, at syempre magpa-cute sa officemates nyang si Lois Lane pag may time." His words tickle the funny bone and, at the same time, the grey matter and the soul.

- Knowing today's youth's attention span, the writer wisely uses interesting anecdotes to keep young readers interested. An example is the interesting story of Jay Jaboneta, founder of Yellow Boats of Hope Foundation.

- I did not find any piece of advice that contradicts the Bible or attempts to present an inaccurate interpretation of it. On the contrary, from time to time, Bible verses are there to support the writer's words.

- Finally, reminiscent of Ed Lapiz's (author of Siksik, Liglig, Umaapaw) writing style, Mighty does not mince words when it comes to opening the youth's eyes to their (our) common flaws including impulsiveness, laziness, and the lack of self-control.

All in all, I truly liked reading the book. I didn't find a single flaw or, like what I have said, Biblical contradiction. Instead, the book is both light and fun to read and enlightening and inspiring. I am actually planning to keep this book and encourage my son to read it when he becomes a youth himself.

I don't doubt he would enjoy reading it and learn a lot from it. I did.

May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic is published by OMFLit and is available in all leading bookstores nationwide.

Know more about the book here. You can also read a sample chapter or register for freebies!

Disclosure: Mighty Rasing sent me this book for free in exchange for a review. However, it did not, in any way, influence my opinion. All of the thoughts and points expressed here are my own.

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June 19, 2015

What a Busy Week!

I can't believe it's already Friday.

On one hand, I am relieved that it's already Friday. On the other hand, I realise that I still have a lot to do over the weekend. For starters, I need to report to work tomorrow to cover up for my absence last Wednesday. Thank goodness I work from home and don't have to go out!

This week has been very busy for me. It was a mix of good busy and bad busy. Let me tell you about it.

Busy for Work

I have been given new responsibilities at work, which is a really great thing because it shows they trust me enough. I've also been made in charge of the Filipino content team. In fact, another Filipino has been added to the team this week. I interviewed her on Monday and she got hired immediately!

Busy for License Registration

But as busy as I am for work, I had to work the afternoon shift on Tuesday and be absent on Wednesday because I was taking care of my license registration. The hurdles - not to mention the steep fees! - really don't end with the board exam. But it's alright. We have no choice because we have to get our license!

What made the process fun and bearable was the fact that I came with a friend, Ate Elaine, who was also my classmate, and I also met my old friend, Sonny, who is also my brod from the counterpart fraternity. We're all brokers now, yay! I told them we should form a corporation or something. It's really all for my benefit because Ate Elaine is a CPA while Sonny will take the bar exams this November. Bwahahaha!

By the way, I'm finally a licensed real estate broker. I don't have the physical license yet, but I have a license number!

Busy because Yuri was sick

I've also been busy because of "bad" reasons. For one, Yuri came down with a fever last Wednesday, which did not subside until this morning. He's barely sick, but when he's sick, he's really weak and doesn't move much. He needed some rest and nourishment.

Today, Friday, he's feeling much better, although we keep going to the bathroom because he's having a mild diarrhoea. He says his tummy doesn't hurt though. I think it's because his food intake for the past days is mostly liquid. I won't worry until he says his stomach hurts.

And busy because my laptop is sick

And my trusty laptop is not doing well this week, too. Talk about bad timing! I don't know what happened to it. It was doing well on Tuesday night, but when I came home Wednesday evening, it was suddenly not turning on. It functions but veeeery slowly. In fact, yesterday morning, it took an hour and a half for it to start!

So I PC-refreshed it. The computer promised that the process won't harm the files, but after around an hour of refreshing, when it came back on, all of my blog photos were gone. I wasn't worried much because I could download them from the blog, but I hope it fixes the problem. It's still going a little slow now, but I'll monitor it.

EDIT: The photos are gone from my drive, but when I re-installed Picasa, all my photos are there!!! Every single one. Good guy Picasa is good!

How was your week?

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June 15, 2015

I Passed The Board Exam (!) and Other Stories

I'm back! I'm finally back!

I don't know if you missed me, but I surely missed my little community and, of course, blogging.

I know I said in my last post that I'm starting a new blog. It's true. In fact, I'm going to tell you more about it later. I have soooo many stories to tell you! But first, let me tell you that....


Yes I did! They said that this year's board exam is that toughest so far - I'm not sure but perhaps it really is - and even the seasoned attorneys and experienced real estate practitioners had trouble answering it.

It was hard but I thought it was manageable. Yeah you can call me mayabang now, but that's not what I mean. The truth is I think I only "lucked out" when I chose which topics to focus on. I put "luck" in quotation marks because what I mean is that God gave me the right discernment.

Finding time to study was hard - I mean, I'm a mum, I have a full-time job, and I have a part-time job - so I could not even open all the resources I have had despite not sleeping during some nights. But I felt God telling me to do away with the reviewers (I think I had 3) and to focus on the actual laws and computations instead.

So to maximise my time, I practiced computations and painstakingly read the Republic Acts, Execution Orders, Presidential Decrees, and the rest.

Guess what came out in the exams?

Mostly laws and computations.

When the day finally came that the PRC announced the passers, I already received messages from people telling me that I passed, and I knew I should give credit to God alone. Yes it was me who studied and memorised and stayed awake until dawn, but it was God who gave me the prompting and right discernment on what to study and, more importantly, the sheer strength, good health, and clear state of mind.

Thank you to everyone who helped me (my mum most especially!!!), those who congratulated me, and thank you Lord!

Funny anecdote:

(The morning when I found out I passed, I told only my Papa because Mama was not yet home from a 2-day conference)

Me: Pa pasado ako!!!
Papa (without missing a beat): Anong place?
Me: Err... 

*insert Asian over-achieving dad meme here*

2. I TURNED 25 

A few days after becoming a true broker (can't say "licensed" because I don't have my license yet!) was my birthday. I turned 25!

And I have so many things to thank for: a loving partner who remains faithful to God and to me despite our situation, a smart and bibo 3-year old who gets more unpredictable each day, a supportive family, a new job where I don't feel like I'm actually working, new friends, old friends, and, of course, passing what could possibly be the most important exam of my life.

But I really need to lose weight. So help me God.


However, it's not just fun and surprises. This month's one of my busiest months this year so far because, aside from having new responsibilities as a consequence of passing the exam, my old commitments are also catching up.

For instance, I have a book here sent to me by the author last April, and I need to review it. And I will. I commit to doing it this week.


Yeah, I have a new blog. It's on WordPress.org, hosted by CoffeeMags.com (thank you Pam for the recommendation, and one of the owners turns out to be my schoolmate from UP!).

So why am I still blogging here?

I have 2 reasons.

First, after several frustrating days of migrating my blog, I gave up the other night. I was able to migrate everything except my comments. After everything I did failed, I finally gave up and decided that instead of migrating, I'll take the road less traveled and begin a new blog from the ground up.

Piece of advice: Don't use Disqus or InteseDebate or any third-party commenting system for that matter and save yourself from a massive headache if ever you're considering migrating.

Anyway, it wouldn't seem like so much of a fresh start if I have a new blog but have almost 700 old blog posts. Also, I don't want to totally obliterate DavaoMommy.com from blogosphere. It was my home for more than 2 years after all. Google search will take care of it haha.

Second, I almost forgot I still have an obligation for Nuffnang. It would be complicated if I write the sponsored post in a different blog. I know I shouldn't post my new future home yet for the surprise factor, but I couldn't help it as my launching count down page is quite pretty. (And I'm hoping you sign up for updates - shh.) Here's where I'll be moving to in the near future.

I think every remote or home-based worker will agree with me if I say having a real home office is a dream come true. I just had my own last Wednesday.

Technically, it is my mum's home office. She is not only a real estate practitioner but also the village secretary and the Purok leader. So people come to our house day in and day out. Finally fed up with all the papers and files and people filling our house, my parents decided to have an office built.

The great thing is that I have my own space there so it's almost like having my own office. (And mama's not home most of the time anyway!)


If you're still reading at this point, thank you! Sorry for the long post, I just have so many stories to tell after more than a month of not blogging. In fact, I have more stories, which I'll save for another post. Also, I know all of the stories I chose are good ones, but I also have problems and struggles. I just choose to share the positive ones (most of the time anyway).

Enough about me. How about you? What's up? :)

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