April 30, 2013

Food Finds ala Cheap Thrill

Hey, hey, hey! It's the last day of April! Bukas May na. Time flies sooo fast. I'm so excited because konti na lang, June na!

Well, ako lang ata ang excited for June. Others are dreading it already kasi pasukan na. Oh well, I wouldn't have to think about school for 5 or 6 more years. Wee!

Anyway, to end the month with good vibes, let's talk about food. I love food. I love going grocery shopping to look for new foodstuff. It's my stress-reliever.

Now, please forgive me if I won't be offering restaurant reviews of any sort. Halos hindi ako lumabas this month eh. Also, whenever we go out, hindi naman kami nakakapili ng restaurants. Hanggang grocery lang talaga ako. Hahaha! So what I will show you are food finds I discovered while grocery shopping. Game?

First find: Creamy Delight Yogurt

Creamy Delight Yogurt

I love, love, love yogurt. And I don't pertain to frozen yogurt in those expensive places with all the toppings and the works. I eat those stuff, but I don't really like them. What I love are the cheaper kind you can buy in groceries. Cheap taste? I know, right? Haha!

Now, I first heard about Creamy Delight through **Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan's Twitter account, but that time, I couldn't find it in groceries. I'm so glad it finally came upon our Davao shores! Haha!

Verdict: A cup only costs P22 for the mixed berries flavor. The fruit salad variety (pictured above) costs only P16! I got both flavors. Plus! It's really creamy and a lot tastier than the leading brand! :D

Second find: Nips Jellies

Nips Jellies

I bought this on impulse when I went out for a quick grocery shopping last Thursday. I was curious. There were only two possibilities: Would this taste heavenly like jellybeans? Or would it taste really, really bad? 

To be honest, ako lang ang kumain nito. No one else would touch it. Bakit? I find this weird because I loved it! Bakit ganun? Ganun na ba talaga ka-cheap ang taste ko? *munches on more Nips*

Verdict: This costs P28 for a pack of three. This means a pack would have cost around P9. Not bad! Also, obviously, I like how it tastes. Try it para malaman nyo! Haha! :D

Second find: Selecta Oreo Rocky Road

What I wanted to try actually was the Mrs. Fields variety. I love chocolate chip cookies kasi, whichever brand. Imagine them with ice cream? Heaven! However, when we got to the mall, only the Oreos variety was available. Which worked well because my sister liked Oreos. Me not so much. :D

Verdict: I don't find this cheap at all. It's quite expensive at P150 for a pint, but not as expensive as a Magnum. As for the taste, well, the ice cream tastes like ice cream. The Oreos taste like Oreos.

Fourth and favorite find: Beryl's Gourmet Chocolate

Kitchen Pantry Baking Supplies Shop, Acacia, Davao City

Last Thursday, I went to my old office to deliver a couple of dresses to my friend, George. I heard about a new baking supplies shop within the area, and I was curious to visit it. Actually, no. I was curious to buy a certain kind of chocolate sold in the shop.

However, I was taken aback by the shop, Kitchen Pantry. It looked so cute! It belonged in Pinterest, not in Acacia Street. Sadly, it looked so out of place among the karaoke bars and billiard halls in the area. :-(

Anyway, this is what I came there for:

Beryl's Gourmet Chocolate

I have heard of Beryl's Gourmet way back late 2011, but I can't seem to find someone who sells it. Also, I'm wary of buying from online sellers because I didn't know how the food was stocked. I don't have qualms buying clothes and other items, but food? I think I'd rather buy from a physical store.

And aaaah, there were lots and lots of chocolate bars in Kitchen Pantry. There were actually two varieties - Milk and Dark - and even though I love dark chocolate, I just picked up milk chocolate for my sister and Y. According to George, though, the dark chocolate tastes divine!

Beryl's Gourmet Chocolate

Verdict: It tastes sooo yummy! It's reminiscent of champorado, which we love. It's so creamy but dense and full-packed. Also, it's 200 grams, so the bar itself is heavy. But take note, it just costs P65. That's for 200 grams of chocolate action!

They also have 1kg bars worth P200+. I want!!!


I woke up this morning and saw, in all its glory, a 1 kilogram chocolate bar on the table! Ermergehrd! It's so huuuge! And heavy, too!

My mom brandished it around and said, "Alam mo, maganda tong ibaon sa bag. Pang-self defense."

To give you an idea of how big it is, take a look at this photo:

Do you see how big it is compared to my mug? If you think this is a camera trick, take a look at the next photo:

Here's Y trying to hold the bar. Ang laki talaga! He also threw it to the floor. We were worried the floor tiles would crack! Hahaha!

Yum yum yum! Thank you, sponsor! :D
How about you? What recent food discoveries did you make?

**Trivia: Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan is my cousin, second-degree. :D

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April 29, 2013

It's not a competition.

Last Wednesday, we went back to the Barangay Center for our MMR shot. I'm glad to announce that that was finally our last center appointment! Graduate na talaga kami, at long last!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. I like having the option to avail of free medicine and immunizations in the barangay. I think I have already saved around 30k just by going to the barangay center.

However, there are a couple of things I dread whenever the date of our appointment nears. First, even though the appointment is free, it is too taxing time-wise and effort-wise. Imagine, you have to be there before the center opens at 8. And when you arrive at around 7:30, don't expect to be the first in line. In fact, last Thursday, we arrived at 7:30 and we were 23rd in line. Also, it is not (never was) a comfortable wait. The center is cramped, hot, and full of wailing babies - Y included. LoL.

The second and worse thing I hate about going to the center is having to socialize with a lot of other mothers. I'm not antisocial, but there's something about sitting with a smorgasbord of women with their babies. This is because I notice that the conversation will always, always steer toward how well and how advanced their babies are performing. And sometimes, it boils down to pure boasting.

I would hear a mom taunting another because the other's baby is not sitting yet. Her baby, she claims, began sitting when he was still a few months old, a lot earlier than the other baby. The others can clearly tell whose mothering style is better. Guess who feels bad?

Another mom would proclaim that her 8-month old is already walking, making the others stare at her at awe. How did she do it? What kind of mothering did she do? She now reigns supreme in the field of mothering. The mommy queen-bee.

My 13-month old still uses the walker. Does this make Y a poor baby? Of course not!
He's wearing his aunt's headband, by the way. Hahaha!
Now, because the center is cramped, mothers would generally see each others' babies weight and height. We're stuck at the 9 kilogram mark, while other 1-year olds would have already achieved 10 kilograms. I saw a mom with a bigger 1 year old look at my card, but I just smiled at her.

I chose not to get affected. Why would I? Y is very healthy. He eats a lot, breastfeeds a lot, plays a lot, and sleeps a lot. He laughs at my jokes and I'm his favorite person. What more could I ask for?

Here's my question: Are babies trophies? Are babies sort of benchmarks we need to work on to prove to others how well of a mother we are? Are our babies' milestones something to compete over?

I'm a mother, too, and I know how it feels when your child has achieved another milestone. But I don't think we need to flaunt our babies' achievements in order to feel superior over the next mom. We have no right to do this because in the first place, babies are different. They develop at different paces.

Your babies' achievements are something to be proud of, yes, but they are not something worth gloating about. If your child develops early, smile, be thankful, and pray to God.

On the other hand, we might see ourselves on the other side of the competition. We might admire (or envy) someone whose baby seems so easy to pacify. Or we might envy someone whose baby has already started walking or talking early. But you know what? There's no need to keep stressing over the fact that your friend's baby is developing faster. Your baby is unique and special as he is.

Just be happy and keep loving. Isn't this the way it is supposed to be?

One of the possible reasons why he isn't fat: we're still breastfeeding. :-)
We're all mothers (well, not all, but you know what I mean). We're supposed to understand what each other is going through. We're supposed to be there for each other, not against each other. For a change, why don't we stop boasting about our own babies' achievements? Why don't we focus on the fun part? The playing part? You know, the loving part? 

Let's forget about the competition (if there ever was one). I'm sure we would all be happier mommies when we choose to talk happy. And did you know that happier mothers equal happier babies?

Happy Mother's Day!

CaringBridge Mother's Day Blog Party!

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April 25, 2013

DIY Beauty: Honey Lemon Body Scrub

Here in the Philippines, we have four seasons: hot days, rainy days, hotter days, and rainier days. #corny

Hehehe. Please forgive my lame attempt at a joke. Now, we, Filipinas, know for sure that whatever season it is, we need to take care of our skin. Of course, our regimens should change according to the weather (e.g. more moisturizing is needed in the colder months).

But the basics stay the same: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. I, for one, often forget about the second step! This is mainly because I couldn't find a body scrub that I like. If you're like me, I'm sure you would find this guest post by Ms. Kendra Thornton interesting!

Ring In The Spring With A DIY Body Scrub

Spring is the time when I get out my gardening supplies and start rejuvenating my yard. I replenish the annuals and tend to the perennials, ensuring that their winter coats are off in preparation for full bloom. However, it is important that I do not forget about myself. The flowers are not the only thing that can blossom in the spring. After dealing with dry skin and the coldness of winter, it is time for some pampering. Why do we only find time to relax and refresh a few times throughout the year? I use spring as a reminder to take some time for myself.

One of my favorite ways to relax and restore my own body has always been at the spa. An added perk to my job in the travel sphere has been access to the beautiful spa facilities located around the globe. And after a few days of travel and nights on planes spent tossing and turning, I am in need of an invigorating refresher! One of my favorite visits was to Honolulu, Hawaii at the Halekulani Resort and Spa, ranked as one of Honolulu’s top hotels. Their signature body scrub left my skin renewed and revitalized allowing me to present my best self despite the toll travel can take on the body and mind.

Now at home in Chicago as a full-time mama, I often think of these spa days and how refreshed and re-energized they always left me - something I would love to achieve with three little ones at home. I wanted some me-time in my normal life ...

So in honor of my time at the Halekulani, I recreated this refreshing honey and lemon body scrub in the comfort of my own home! You do not need any fancy products to pamper yourself, just a few natural ingredients and some creativity.

Honey Lemon Body Scrub

You’ll need:

· 4 tablespoons of honey

· 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

· 2 tablespoons of olive oil

· 3 tablespoons of sea salt


Step 1: Combine the honey and olive oil mixing with a spoon or rubber spatula.

Step 2: Combine the lemon juice and sea salt in a separate bowl, ensuring that the salt and lemon juice are fully incorporated. The salt and lemon should begin to form a thicker consistency at which point you may add the oil and honey mixture.

Step 3: Blend well and gently apply the scrub to dampened skin. As you apply, begin to massage scrub around selected area; for those stubborn and dry patches, you may use slightly more pressure.

Step 4: Remove excess scrub with warm water. I allow my skin to dry and then apply my favorite moisturizer.

Whether you’re a full-time mom, a working lady, or anywhere in between, you have to make some time for yourself. This scrub lets you take care of yourself and your responsibilities at the same time. So ring in spring this year with some you time and a DIY honey lemon body scrub!

About the Writer: 

Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3.

I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have mixed my excitement for travel by bringing the taste of authentic cuisine and rejuvenating beauty remedies to my own home with some of my unique recipes and tips. Enjoy!

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Faith in an Afterlife - An Analogy

Disclaimer: This story is not mine but is circulated around Facebook. It is actually shared by The POD's page.

In a mother's womb were two babies.

One asked the other: "Do you believe in life after delivery?" The other replies, "why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.

"Nonsense," says the other. "There is no life after delivery. What would that life be?"

"I don't know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths."

The other says "This is absurd! Walking is impossible. And eat with our mouths? Ridiculous. The umbilical cord supplies nutrition. Life after delivery is to be excluded. The umbilical cord is too short."

"I think there is something and maybe it's different than it is here."

The other replies, "No one has ever come back from there. Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery it is nothing but darkness and anxiety and it takes us nowhere."

"Well, I don't know," says the other, "but certainly we will see mother and she will take care of us."

"Mother??" You believe in mother? Where is she now?"

"She is all around us. It is in her that we live. Without her there would not be this world."

"I don't see her, so it's only logical that she doesn't exist."

To which the other replied, "sometimes when you're in silence you can hear her, you can perceive her." I believe there is a reality after delivery and we are here to prepare ourselves for that reality...

Isn't this story just absolutely beautiful? I love it. I had goosebumps reading it, good goosebumps, the kind of goosebumps you feel when you're praying. Whoever wrote this story is a genius on faith. :-)

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April 22, 2013

Business Blues

My only consolation is anonymity.

Some action is needed for my overflowing closet.
So I recently started an online shop over at Instagram where I planned to sell all my clothing and dresses which I don't use anymore. That was my first dabble at "entrepreneurship."

You see, since I gave birth, my body has undergone a lot of changes (#chos). Anyway, to put it simply, I bought a lot of clothes during my pregnancy days when I weighed 70+ kilos. Now, I'm almost 45 pounds lighter, so those clothes don't really fit me well anymore.

Of course, what I sold were not only my large clothes. Actually, majority of these clothes are dresses which are not fit for breastfeeding. I tried to still wear these from time to time, pero hindi talaga keri mag-breastfeed gamit ang damit na di nabubuksan. Hahaha.

So ayun na nga, I began selling na. Take note that I was selling good-quality clothes and dresses for only around 80-100. Halos pamigay na. But still, I didn't expect that many girls would scramble over to reserve some of the items. Frankly, I was overwhelmed.

Now, here's where the problems happened. Some girls were fast enough to get first dibs on reservation. Of course, I acknowledged their reservation and asked for their numbers for faster transaction. After a few messages were sent, ayun na, wala nang reply. I asked for confirmation and their availability for meetup, wala pa ring reply. After 24 hours, wala pa ring reply. Kru kru kru.

This time, another girl wanted to reserve, and she wanted to buy a lot ha. In fact, she reserved a total of 7 items. For me, that was a big deal, especially since she's very prompt in answering my text messages. Plus, she was also willing to meet up on the time and place I was available.

I told her that some of the clothes she wanted to reserve were currently reserved, but if I don't receive confirmation from the other reservers, then sa kanya na ang items. I contacted them one by one and waited for their reply. I got a reply from a schoolmate saying na it's okay for her na ibigay ko sa iba yung item nya. Now, I waited for the other reserver to reply, but wala pa rin ilang oras na. So like any other sane person would do, I gave the items to the sure buyer.

I had a smooth transaction with my buyer. She was already at the meeting place when I arrived, and I gave her a discount for not giving me a headache (LOL). After the transaction, I texted the reserver that the items were already sold.

Susmiyo. Sangkatutak na sermon ang inabot ko. Kesyo I should have asked for permission daw. Kesyo they replied naman daw. Kesyo what I did was unethical at hindi gawain ng ibang sellers. To my defense, I texted them a lot. Like what I mentioned, walang reply. And I was texting a lot of other people that day who replied immediately.

I was stressed the entire night last night. I couldn't help but share my dilemma with J. Here's what he told me:(translated, of course)

Wag kang mag-alala. Ginawa mo lang kung anong gagawin ng matinong businessman. Walang tatanggi sa sure buyer para lang hindi ma-offend yung una nagreserve lalo na kung hindi naman nagpaparamdam. Of course, customer is always right, pero hindi naman siguro tamang mag-expect na ang seller ang maghihintay sayo kung kailan mo gusto magreply. Sana sinabi man lang nya kung kailan nya kukunin yung item diba? Syempre naghahanapbuhay ka eh.

To me, what J said makes more sense than what my pala-sermon "customer" said. After all, J has a business. He would know how to run one. I don't think that "customer" has ever been in the shoes of a seller before. She should try being one.

How about you? Were you ever in my situation? What did you do or what could you have done? Please give me tips. :-)

PS: I deleted the account na. I wanted to start over para walang bad vibes sa negosyo. Pray for me ha?

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April 20, 2013

Sample Room Loot: Mustela and Cure Gel

The other day, another package arrived at home.

I was trying out the overexposed backlight effect here. I like it!
Wait, you don't? Okay. :-(
Mama: Kabisado ka na ng taga-LBC.
Me: Ay hindi, bago yung nagdeliver ngayon.

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is that my new Sample Room package finally arrived! Among all of my orders, this was the one I eagerly awaited because it contains two products I'm excited about: Mustela and Cure Gel. Happiness!

And yes, you read it right. They have Mustela in the products list na! It seems as if they heard my prayer over here. I was really praying for (free) baby products for my Y, and lo and behold, there's Mustela for me. I wasn't so lucky to get a sample when it was first available but lo and behold, nagrestock sila. It's meant to be!

Plus what made me feel even luckier was the fact that Mustela was restocked right on the day Sample Room also introduced their newest samples: Cure Gel. (Alleluiah!)

Enough talk, let's take a look at the "unboxing" photos na? :-)

Lame attempt of trying to get the samples stand up. Next!

Ah, much better. Presenting Mustela and Cure Gel samples!

The sample is a 50ml bottle of Mustela lotion. It also comes with a pamphlet detailing the product line of the brand. I didn't know they had products targeted to pregnant moms. Also, it's interesting to know they had a special line for babies' skin problems. I could have used one for Y's eczema (which is okay na!). If only I have the budget to buy all of them!

And this is Cure Gel, the product everyone is raving about in Japan. Did you know that in Japan, one bottle is sold every 12 seconds? Talk about amazing! Now, in the Philippines, Cure Gel is available in all Beauty Bar outlets. 

Cure Gel is amazing because it is 97% water (did I remember this right?) but it exfoliates the skin perfectly. Because it is mostly water, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin. What I'm amazed about is the fact that a dab of it removes 1mm of the skin! Ferfek!

These are the samples offered by the Sample Room team. You use one sachet per day, so you get to use all of them in five days. But wait, there's more. You don't need to exfoliate everyday, you know? Remember to only exfoliate twice or thrice a week to avoid irritating your skin.* 

In my case, since I'm at home everyday, I only plan to use Cure Gel at most twice a week. I'll be updating you about the progress! Iiiieeee exciting!

* Trivia: I used to write for a certain beauty company (initials are DS), so I know what I'm talking about. :D
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April 19, 2013

Thoughts on UP Grad

This is just a short post in honor of everyone who graduates from UP Mindanao today. My feed has been full of cream-wearing, barong-donning, sablay-slinging Iskos and Iskas who finally, finally, graduated from the university. As they say, mahirap pumasok sa UP, pero mas mahirap lumabas.

I personally know a number of students who "took their time" graduating. Hehehe. I'm lucky enough to have graduated on time (4 years), but that doesn't mean I'm better than them. In the end, it's not when you graduate but what you bring with you when you do. Alam mo na anong ibig sabihin nun; UP grad ka eh. :-)

I couldn't believe it's been three full years since I've worn that symbolic sablay. Ang sarap sa feeling na it's over. Wala nang thesis, wala nang assignments and exams, wala nang terror profs.

At the same time, I could not believe na ayun na, tapos na. Was that it? Parang may ganun. Yun na ba lahat ng pinaghirapan ko? Ng nanay at tatay ko? Did I learn enough? Do I know the right things? Pwede na ba akong isabak sa society?

I'm sure all graduates today also have the same things running on their minds. Haaaay. Anyway, this was me three years ago:

Please don't mind the unlady-like pose. Yan lang ang photo ko na hindi ako masyadong mataba. Hahahaha true, ang taba ko pala dati. Ang layo na ngayon no? Hahahaha chos.

Yun lang. Congratulations to all UP Mindanao graduates! UP, tunay, palaban, makabayan!

Humayo kayo at magpakarami. Chos!
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April 18, 2013

April Shopping Finds

Remember that time when I told you I allot something every month for my own "wants"? So that I avoid becoming a grouchy saver? You don't? Well, read my post here first. Para may background info ka. LOL.

Alright then, let's proceed.

So the last time I bought something (for myself) was last month. I receive my salary every second of the month, so this means I have a new set of funds for my budget envelopes. Yay! As I mentioned, this includes a teensy part for my "wants."

I also plan to schedule my "shopping spree" mid-month so that it's already been a while since salary came, and there would be a measly two weeks before my next salary. Talk about living from paycheck to paycheck! Well, not really, since I only spend a little for myself. :-)

What are my finds for April? Tada!

For le bébé:

Of course, Y has to come first. :-)

Y is beginning to walk (still assisted) a lot now, and aside from that, he's also quickly outgrowing his shoes. The only shoes that could fit him comfortably are the high-tops he's always wearing in all my posts, and since it's summer, naisip ko baka masyadong mainit for his feet. Because of these reasons, I resolved to buy his first very own pair of slippers!

I planned to buy him something from Havaianas or Ipanema, but hindi keri. I find them too expensive for baby slippers. Good thing my suki seller from Canada replenished her stocks of Oshkosh slippers! 

I won't tell you how much this is (ask my seller!), but just to give you an idea, it costs less than half of its Havaianas and Ipanema counterparts. :-)

Toddler size na kami! Hurrah!

Test drive: Perfect fit! And super comfy. 

Another item that I thought of buying was a small box of formula milk. Oh mommies, before you react, I'm not planning to stop breastfeeding anytime soon. I just want to train Y to drink from his cup. What he does kasi now is breastfeed while eating. That's aside from drinking water. Oh diba, ginawa pang pantulak.

I had no idea kung gaano pala kamahal ang milk. :-|

So, was it successful? No! Y won't even get near the milk. Pano ba to? Breastfeed forever? Not bad, pero as what I said, I want him to practice drinking from a cup. Anyway...

For moi:

I believe it's very important to buy a little something for yourself every now and then. The concept is not to reward your hard work but to push you to work harder. You know what I mean? For example, you know that your salary is just enough for your needs. But you want a new pair of shoes. Should you "steal" from the other budget allocations? No. For me, what you should do is work a little harder to earn that little extra.

I try to spend as little as possible for my wants, so what I do is look for sales and online sellers. In these venues, I can buy the same item for a lower price, right? Lately, I noticed a number of online sellers following me on Instagram, and some article of clothing caught my eye. These are what I bought:

Another LBC package!

I like people with neat handwriting. :-)

And my seller is crafty, too! I love the packaging!

Parang Pasko. :D

Just three items. Di naman halata ang color scheme, no?

Branded and brand new for less. What else could you ask for?

I just noticed that almost everything I bought, including Y's slippers, are red. I guess red's the color of the month for me! How about you? What are your latest shopping finds? :-)
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April 16, 2013

Picture Collage Maker: Your New Go-To Photo App

It's summer, that time of the year when work and studies take a backseat and leisure goes shotgun. Well, for some of us. But even though we have to work, I'm sure we have taken a few weekends off already to go someplace else. Surely, we have created memories for the summer, didn't we? What's the better way to store these memories than photos?

Even better are collages, where we can showcase all our photos at once. I am, in fact, a fan of making collages for my blog posts because readers can see every photo without waiting forever for each one of them to load. So I am always on the lookout for new collage makers, when I discovered this one: Picture Collage Maker.

(Press Release)

Picture Collage Maker

PearlMountain Technology is pleased to release the update of Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 which comes with a long list of new features compared with previous versions.

PearlMountain Technology, a creative software company, announced the release of the Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8. Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 is the latest version of PearlMountain’s flagship app, Picture Collage Maker for Mac. The user-friendly and flexible app on Mac OS X creates personalized photo collages quickly and easily with various options for sharing via email and social media.

The Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 update provides over 140 deluxe templates and powerful editing functions to create personalized calendars, photo collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, posters, photo albums, and more. The combinations are limitless to how photos can be shared with others.

Additionally, Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 boasts an improved and more user-friendly GUI that enables a seamless creating process. Background and size settings are combined on a single panel to get an easier and instant preview. The newly added floating toolbar helps to edit properties of each object more conveniently.

The management of custom sizes is greatly improved in version 1.8.8. In addition to choosing predefined sizes, users can customize collage sizes with “Manage Custom Sizes” feature. New customized sizes are saved automatically for future use.

On top of the above new features, Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 has features to better export and print images. The new “auto adjust orientation” feature automatically adjusts the photo collage to a PDF sized file. Version 1.8.8 also allows for transparent background for PNG exporting. For printing, version 1.8.8 offers a “fit to page” option to instantly fit the collage to a specified paper size.

To expand options and creativity, Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 has added a large number of fascinating and unique templates to choose from. Version 1.8.8 also supports new languages of German, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese in addition to English and Simplified Chinese found in previous versions. These language additions extend the availability of Picture Collage Maker for Mac to a variety of new users.

The abundance of new features and additions to Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 has not lessened the software’s ease of use. Creators and users of all types will find things to love with this collage app as the New Year moves forward.


Pricing and Availability

Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). A single-user license costs 19.90 USD. Further information of the product and the free Lite version can be found at the product page.

Product page: http://www.pearlmountainsoft.com/picture-collage-maker-mac/
Mac App Store page: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-collage-maker/id495631432?mt=12

PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd is a dedicated graphics software developing company founded in 2006. Over the past 7 years, it has released products enjoying great popularity among worldwide users like Picture Collage Maker, CollageIt and PearlMountain Image Converter etc. Its products have already been well received all through North America, Europe and Asia software markets for their ease of use, reliability and superior performance. Further information about the company and its products is available at http://www.pearlmountainsoft.com/.

David Lin
PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd
Email: info@pearlmountainsoft.com

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
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April 15, 2013

Clinic Visit

Last Thursday meant another clinic visit for us. It's the day our doc would give us the second dose of Y's flu vaccine. Our appointment was scheduled at 11am, but I had to go earlier at around 10:30 because I had to go to the mall for some transactions. OOTD muna! #pagbigyan

My dark knees won't stop me from wearing shorts. Bwahahaha! Ang init kashe.
Cardigan: GAP
Jeweled tank top: H&M
Shorts: Old Navy
Bag: Fossil
(No shoes? Hahaha)

Mama: Ang init-init naka-blazer ka!
Me: Sorry wala na akong damit. Ibebenta ko na lahat.

I had a couple of transactions in the mall. One was a meetup (I bought something for Y again! Di ko na napigilan), and another was a bank transaction (errr, I bought something for myself). But I swear, these are the only "wants" purchase I'll be making this month. Anyway, after that, I got these:

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Crunch!
My mom and dad were out of town again this weekend (in the time of writing actually), and they're taking my sister along. Seriously, it's the third time they're out of town this summer. First, they were in Camiguin and second, they were in Samal. Now, they're in Surigao.

How does this explain the happy food above? Wala lang. Haha. Actually, the ones above were bought two weeks ago. I just renewed my supply. I'm not even sorry!

An hour later...

An hour later, I was on the way to the clinic to meet up with my parents, who were bringing Y. Y was clearly not in the mood and was even teary-eyed. You see, I left the house with Y still sleeping. Ang himbing pala ng tulog nya. It was already 11 but he was still asleep. So no choice ang lola, she had to wake him up.

Kaya yun, galit na galit sa clinic. Our doc tried to kiss him, pero nagalit lalo. That was before he had the injection. Imagine his reaction after being injected. Warla.

To make up (and since Y also just had his birthday), our doc gave him a lot of stuff, which the little boy immediately played with upon going home. Here they are:

Textured flash cards! Perfect! But there are four of these dapat. Where's the other one?
Here! The little boy got it pala. :D

Texture for touchy-feely babies

A brain puzzle, too!
The puzzle inside the envelope
Last, a musical card!
The little boy plays while eating lunch - which explains the bib.
Yay for clinic loot! Next month ulit, Doc! Hahaha!

Let's read na, baby!

We have another schedule this month sa center, and another doctor's appointment next month. I just hope Y wouldn't be as cranky as this time!
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