February 28, 2013

News Flash!

After 11 months, Y finally has a tooth! Finally! *pumps fist into the air*

*throws confetti*

I saw it this morning after giving Y a bath. He was staring at something above him when I saw this tiny, tiny, tiny little tooth in his upper, front gums. There is also a little one about to sprout beside it.

(I'm looking for a gif of that scene in the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, where Becky Bloomwood's mom offers Alette Naylor a cake. That's my inspiration for saying tiny, tiny, tiny. But I can't find one, so here's the next best thing: a video.)

You see, I keep on checking his lower gums because usually, that's where the first tooth erupts, right? So I never checked the upper gums. Imagine my shock when I saw with my own eyes a little tooth sprouting from his upper gums. *claps* *wipes tears*

So, we are officially bidding goodbye to toothlessness. But before that, here's an anecdote about Y, the baby who used to have no teeth:

(On Valentine's Day)
Mama: Anong gift mo sa akin?
Papa: Hindi na uso yang gift-gift sa Valentine's.
Mama: Hay nako, you're so thoughtless!
Papa: Ano ako, si Yuri? Toothless?

Badum tss!

I have no photo of him kasi nakatulog na agad after bathing. Also, sabi ng elders wag ko daw picturan baka ma-usog. What? Okay, let's be obedient. But here's a photo of Y a couple of weeks ago with the phantom tooth:

After taking this photo a couple of weeks ago, I found it so cute that he looks as if he has a tooth already. Yun pala, meron na nga talaga!

February 26, 2013

Doctor's Appointment + Grocery

Y turns 11 months today! Time flies so fast, doesn't it? We celebrated it again by having another vaccination. Hahaha! So earlier today, Y, his yaya, and I went out of the house to go to our doctor's appointment. It's been more than a week since I went out of the house. Alleluiah!

Hahaha, I'm just kidding. Not kidding about the 1 week part, though. I very rarely step out of the house, I'm becoming too pale! Whew. I need to soak up some sun this summer. Hmmm, I wonder where I can go?

I digress.

Back to topic. So we went out earlier because we had an appointment with our pedia. We were scheduled to have Y's first flu shot. We were actually supposed to go last week, but it was our pedia's wedding. Kilig! So our appointment got moved today. Since I rarely go outside, please let me foist on you some photos of my "outfit." And since no one's here today to take my photos, please let me foist on you self-timed photos with horrible angles and cropped body parts. Hahaha!

I'm actually wearing a shirt-dress, which I tucked into my shorts. I'm not in the mood for a dress today; can you believe it?
I got this shirt when I was still pregnant. With my huge tummy, it fit very snugly back then! And can you believe it only cost P100? In the department store? And it came with a belt! (not this one, though)
Shirt: No brand, from Gaisano Mall department store
Belt: No brand, still from Gaisano Mall department store
Shorts: Old Navy
Bag: Parisian
Hi! I'm going out! Weeee! 
And, of course, here's Y:
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Shorts: KidStyle
Shoes: Luvable Friends
I planned to take a few photos of Doc's clinic, but we were the only patient when we got there. I had no time to take photos because we were immediately inside the office. But I did manage to sneak one photo of our pretty Doc:
This is our doctor, Dr. Amelia Morata- Lee. She's preparing Y's vaccine. I think she's wondering why I was holding my phone directly in front of her. :D
The appointment ended soon, but not before she and her assistant gave Y this:

A new baby book!
One month too early, doc! :D
 I love that it's actually an activity book for the baby. Here are the first couple of pages:

Did you know that a combination of red, black, and white catches a baby's attention best?
So girly! It fits mommy's blog. Hahaha!
Soon afterwards, we were on the way to Gaisano Mall for a quick grocery shopping. I was planning to deposit money for something, but it was already almost lunchtime and Y hasn't eaten yet. Gotta move quickly! I only planned to buy the essentials and Y's stuff, but this caught my eye:

Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snack
I was actually planning to get a pack of Gerber Puffs, but I couldn't see one earlier. You see, Y is still beginning to take interest in feeding himself. I want to maximize his interest by trying out new finger foods.

Before you react, I know there are a lot of potential finger foods in the fridge. I know they are healthier. I just want to try something new, okay? :-)

As I said, I didn't find a pack of Gerber Puffs, so I almost gave up. But this pink pack called to me. I got it and saw that it's organic and it does look delish. Why not? Except that it costs P220 for a teensy weensy pack. And it is sooo light, too!

P220? Pak!

Pero kinuha at binayaran ko sya nang nakapikit ang mata.

Recommended by Dr. Sears kaya mahal. Sino ka ba, Dr. Sears?! Hahaha!
Super duper light! *pikit mata*
But they look good, don't they? Parang ang sarap kainin.
We haven't tried it yet as of writing this blog. I will write another blogpost soon to review it once we try it! Pero I highly doubt if I will buy it again. Hahahaha! :-)

February 25, 2013

Help Save Green Sea Turtles Through EnviroPop App

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the start of the week, and for the workers and employees among us, it means the start of a new work week. Happy are those who are students and work in schools kasi walang pasok ngayon. Haha! But still, begin your week with good vibes!

Better yet, begin your week with a new advocacy. I'm pretty sure most of you have access to smartphones. Some of you may even have iPhones (lucky!). If you have the latter or any Apple device, I have a proposition to make. Check this post out and start advocating for Mother Nature in a fun and easy way - by using the EnviroPop App!

Below is a guest post from AppLabs Digital Studios


The Green Sea Turtles, famously known as Pawikan to Filipinos, are one of the most endangered marine animals in the Philippines. Not only do people catch this specific Chelonian breed for exotic soups or stew, they also slaughter the poor creature so they can turn the turtle hide into a shoe, belt, and other accessories. The idea of killing helpless marine creature for the sake of people's own frivolous gratification is just depressing.

Pattie the Pawikan

The current state of our marine biodiversity is facing serious threat not only because of man's shallow desires, but also because of the chemicals brought by man to their habitat that is the sea. PET bottles and metals like mercury or cadmium pollute the ocean which the turtles obtain when they are passing through different straits. These factors harm the green sea turtles and make their class vulnerable.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) has several programs lined up which hopes to conserve the marine biodiversity and to stop endangered species from facing extinction. One of their innovative program comes in the form of an environmental application called EnviroPop. With the help from app development company AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., WWF-Philippines will be able to collect the funds that they need through app downloads and the imparted environmental awareness to users.


EnviroPop is a puzzle game which features several marine animals like Pattie the Pawikan, Bobby the Butanding, and Dolly the Dolphin. The gameplay is to remove the harmful marine pollutants by tapping and swiping it away from the screen altogether. Players are given one minute to eliminate as many hazards as possible and eventually save the sea creatures.

EnviroPop also has an “Enviropedia” feature which contains facts about the endangered sea creatures and the pollutants that threaten them. Through Enviropedia, people will be informed about WWF-Philippines priorities when it comes to marine conservation. EnviroPop costs $0.99 only, and for every download of the app, profits will find its way into WWF-Philippines' marine conservation program. The app allows users to be entertained and contribute to a good cause as well.

It's time that we finally address the problems occurring in our treasured marine ecosystem. Download EnviroPop and be a part of this charitable, environmental campaign while there's still time.

Download the app here:
Full version
Lite version

More screencaps:


Know more about the app through these links: EnviroPop App and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. Also visit WWF-Philippines for more information.

Download the app here:
Full version
Lite version

February 23, 2013

The family's going to Camiguin - without me!

Last Tuesday night, my parents arrived at home with this silly smiles on their faces. My mom took Y from me and said:
We're going on a vacation this weekend.
I lit up. Exciting! The last time we went out of town was when we went to Cebu last year. So I said:
Really? San tayo pupunta?
Imagine my disappoint when my mom replied:
No, hindi tayo. Kami lang ni papa at ni C (my sister). Okay lang yan kasi nakapunta ka na dun.  Baka di nyo kaya ni Y ang byahe.
I was puzzled. Saan? Not Surigao since my mom's been there already. That's when I exclaimed:
Camiguin is an island in Mindanao near CDO and just across Bohol. It's an island paradise. I have been there way back in 2009 as a field trip in Photography class. I want to reminisce so I checked out my and my classmates' old Multiply sites (no links please! :D) for some photos:
I think this was still in CDO; we were on the barge to Camiguin Island

One of the islands in Camiguin

Old Church Ruins (Photo by JM Angeles)
I forgot where this was... (Photo by JM Angeles)
"Climbing" White Island, also known as Vanishing Island (Photo by JM Angeles)
Tinatago ang taba?
Lounging by White Island (Photo by JM Angeles)
I therefore conclude wala talaga akong hiya nung college... (Photo by JM Angeles)
Katibawasan Falls (Photo by George Enriquez-Bungao)
A view of Mt. Hibok-hibok (Photo by JM Angeles)
Can you spot me? I'm in pink. :P
Group photo in Mantigue Island (Photo by JM Angeles)
Token sunset photo
Nene, and even wearing my high school shirt from Assumption
One of the few times I got a macro shot perfectly.
Iconic Sunken Cemetery
Looking at these photos, I'd like to think I've aged gracefully. Hahaha!

Well, to be fair, my parents have been wanting to go to Camiguin since forever, but we never found time. Also, my sister and I are known to be bad travelers - we can't tolerate hours in moving vehicles. When I went to Surigao the other year with J, I was really, really pale. But my parents' officemates planned a roadtrip to Camiguin and they only lacked 2 more people. So on impulse, my parents said yes!

So now, I'm feeling alone and a bit jealous. Just an eensy weensy bit. After all, it will just be Y and me at home. Promise, ang lungkot ng ambience ng bahay. And my supposed lunch date earlier didn't push through. Hay. Oh well.

PS: JM, if you happen to be reading this, I got some photos from your account ha? (Duh!) Daghan man gud ka photos, like around 500. Haha!

February 21, 2013

Never too Late to Start the Year Right With Sulit.com.ph

It's almost the end of February (gee, it's easy to forget that February only has 28 days!), but guess what? You can still begin your year right with making the right purchases to suit your needs. 

If you have been following my blog, you may see that recently, I started a goal to lessen my unnecessary expenses and make way for more investments. However, that doesn't mean I will live as a stingy miser. No, no, no!

On the contrary, I will still spend my money, but only for the stuff I really need. For example, last night, I had a conversation with my mom. I told her to keep my camera because I'm planning to buy a new one. But here's what my mom said:
Don't you have a new home to take care of?
I thought, Well, a cheap camera won't go in the way of the mortgage. But that's when it hit me:
How can we transfer into our new home without any furniture or appliances?
We won't be transferring until another 2 years, but time flies fast. I needed to start looking for appliances, ASAP, not to mention the money to buy them. Good thing it's so easy to look for things nowadays. You can just look for merchants on websites; you don't even have to step outside the house!

That's a double plus for me, who is a work-from-home mom. It's another thing that we have a lot of Philippine-based websites for merchants, and one of these top websites is Sulit.com.ph. I started scouting for home appliances and furniture right away! Here are my top 10 Sulit must-haves:

10. Picture Frames

I plan to fill our walls with our photos in a stylish way. That calls for stylish picture frames such as these super-cute collage frames:

9. Bookshelves

I love, love, love reading books (can I emphasize it more?), so it's a given that I'll be bringing a lot of books with me when we move. I don't plan to stack them on the floor, so I need a good bookshelf, like this display shelf:

8. Lamps

We also need lights for the new house, don't we? Of course, we will install light bulbs (fluorescent for eco-friendliness), I would also love to have lampshades to prettify the house. Here's a quirky-looking lamp that would spruce up any space:

7. Camera

I didn't forget the camera. I know I will be buying one, but not before I buy the things I really need. However, it's nice to look for cute cameras that will suit my un-photographer needs. Haha! I'd like to buy this Samsung WB100 camera:

6. Queen-sized bed

Alright, now we're talking. Now, I'll present to you the top 6 things on my list, AKA the things we really need. What about a queen-sized bed for starters? Here's a gorgeous wooden bed with drawers:

5. Work Desk / Study Table

If everything goes according to plan, God-willing, I will still be working from home years from now. Also, I plan to homeschool Y when he grows up. That's why a couple of desks is a vital addition to our home. For mommy, this practical Narra table will do:

4. Television

Go ahead and tell me television is unnecessary. I thrive on media and entertainment; I even graduated with a major in Media Arts! So my house will have a TV. What about this LED TV from Samsung?

3. Dining Table

This is very important because I believe in family conversations during dinnertime. That's when everyone gets to share what happened in his/her day. I believe that's in a Lucky Me commercial, but yes, it's right. That's why I choose to invest in a good dining table, such as this modern-looking dining set:

2. Living Room Set

As I mentioned above, I thrive in entertainment. I also thrive in conversations. Well, we can't be eating in the dining room all the time, so most of these conversations would certainly take place in the living room. I can already picture out all the talking we will do in this theater-worthy set:

1. Refrigerator

And finally, my utmost priority: the fridge. Please don't laugh at me. More than entertainment and conversations, I love food. Because of this, I need to get a good fridge. I'm such as a sucker for refrigerators. In fact, that's usually the first thing I see when I visit a home! When someone visits me, I think this sleek and stylish Samsung refrigerator would really look nice:

Gosh, I'm getting excited to buy all these stuff! What about you? What do you need to buy? Or as Sulit puts it, anong hanap mo?

PS: Five lucky readers/ commenters can also have the chance to win P10,000 worth of Sulit.com.ph gift certificates each! That's a lot! Here's how to win:

- Make a comment below and make your own list of ten things with just the name of the item and the link of the ad from Sulit.com.ph (i.e. LED TV – http://sulit.com.ph/1234567).

- Provide all the following information: full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, and, of course, the list of the ten items with the links.

- Help me win the contest! :D

This is my official entry to Nuffnang's and Sulit.com.ph's contest, which has been extended to March 5. View this for the official mechanics.
Please also visit Sulit's TWITTER account and FACEBOOK page. :-)

February 20, 2013

Bedroom Cleanup

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post.

The other Sunday (this is also late post), we stayed home because my younger sister was sick. Sundays are usually the only time I go outside the house, so that was a bummer. But then, I also planned on staying home that time because I seriously needed to work on my room, ASAP! I mean, take a look at this:
Isn't it just depressing? I needed to do something with it right away!

Even the laundry basket needs detoxifying.
Full laundry basket
And some of the clothes did not even make their way to the basket! Tsk! Perhaps, you can spot some familiar clothing pieces from here and here. :-)

Overflowing shelf!
I placed a shelf at the foot of Y's crib when I made the sidecar arrangement. It's Y's shelf and I place there the toys and other stuff that he's not able to use yet. Those things are practically falling. No kidding!

I needed some music to get me moving.
That's my little laptop there, right on our unmade bed (and crib).

I always pride myself on my handyman skills. When I noticed that I had a lot of bags all over the room, I decided to just keep them inside my closet. I looked for a short bar and then some hooks with clips. Then, I made a special nook for those bags I use regularly:
My bucket bag from Fossil, my everyday diaper bag from SM Parisian, and a big diaper bag from Baby Couture
I know it's not pretty, but that's because it's temporary. And I worked on it myself. Believe me when I say I'm a handyman. I have proof:
A red screwdriver and a bag of hooks and screws of all sorts
Yes, I seriously keep those in my room. I guess I really love screwing - no pun intended.

After an hour, my efforts finally paid. Here's my a-bit-better-looking room:
Neater - in my opinion!

I moved Y's two shelves against the window. The smaller one no longer supports the crib, but we've been doing fine for two weeks now. I think the room looks neater, though more crowded.
Y's shelves full of Y's stuff

When I moved the crib into my room months ago, I had to place my desk outside in the hallway to create space. But I wasn't comfortable because I had a lot of personal belongings inside it. So even though my room is already too crowded with all the furniture in it, I just had to move it back.
My gigantic desk, care of my friend, Teena. The laundry was yet to be taken care of.

And despite moving the table inside my already-cramped room, I was also compelled to place a small sidetable beside my bed to house the things I usually use. Oh well...
Under it is a box that houses J's gifts

Since the smaller shelf is no longer at the foot of the crib, I had to place something that will act as barriers to keep Y from falling from the bed (just in case he ventures to the foot of the bed). Here's my temporary solution:
I'm sorry, this is the best I could come up with.
I extended the crib's bumpers, tied them to my bed post, and well, looped a couple of my belts around the rails. So far, Y has never wandered toward the foot of the bed yet, so I'm not worried.

And here's the boy himself:
I did all the work and you're the one to fall asleep? How dare you! #kidding

And I finally took some rest, too. :-)
Oops. Should've taken it in landscape format. Haha!
It was a good day.

PS: Grainy photos courtesy of my mobile phone
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