October 31, 2013

Halloween Snapshots

Happy Hallow's Eve!

I'm still working now (who isn't?), but my mind is already preoccupied with Halloween thoughts. No, not scary thoughts. Fun thoughts! You see, next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. (I don't really care about Valentine's; how about you?) This year is special because the village is having Trick-or-Treat for the first time!

We're quite busy preparing for later, and here are some prep snapshots:

1. Costumes
Sorry, mom, I accidentally cropped your head off.
Like what I mentioned last time, Yuri was really afraid of the scary costumes. In the first place, I did not really plan to buy something scary or evil-looking (goes against my beliefs), but Yuri's fear cemented the decision. Therefore, the costume needed to be something cutesy. Thus, the pirate!

Thanks, yayu and iya! (Lolo and lola)

Witch's hat
Yes, my sister is not too old to join Trick or Treat. I'm not too old for it nga eh! My sister wanted to be a witch this year, but the old folks know she can't be too scary because of Yuri. Because of that, her costume is something cutesy din hehe. She was pissed that she cannot be a scary witch, but she relented when she saw the glittery leggings she could wear. Kids!

2. Trick
My sister and I decorated the front of our house after our folks left for work.
Cutesy (again) ghost garlands
And fake spiders

The funny thing was while we were decorating, a real spider fell on my hand. It was black and red, and I'm not sure if it bit me or not. I wanted to take a photo of it, pero nahulog na sya eh. 

3. Treats
All wrapped up
My mom discovered some chocolates with cute cutouts! 
The elephant for me, the pirate for Yuri
We also found some peppermint chocolate. On sale. Buy 1-Take 1 at Robinson's Cybergate 
Some more chocolates for me for Yuri

4. Halloween Sees
Pee Mak with papa Mario

5. Halloween Reads

Just a bit of trivia: I always, always, have holiday reads. If it's Christmas, I would go to Booksale and stock up on Christmas novels and stories. If it's Halloween, I would look for mysteries and scary novels. Now, I stocked more books on my Kindle app. Here's my current read:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gingerbread-Man-ebook/dp/B00EHI1MDK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1383183710&sr=1-1&keywords=gingerbread+man

How are you spending your Halloween, guys? I hope you're having a great time! I'm so excited to go pig out on chocolates later hahaha!

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October 29, 2013

Last Sunday + Halloween Plans

I'm having a lot of fun putting Yuri's "outfits" together now that he's a toddler! Well, compared to other Baby OOTDs, Yuri's are simple to fit his personality. But then, I always try to bring some kind of a subtle "punch" just to make it cute! Also, I love that now, hindi na ako limited to baby clothes. I'm so tired of letting Yuri wear onesies and rompers no!

Last Sunday, here's what Yuri wore:
Shirt: Carter's
Busha pants (Which I got for only P50! Can you believe it?)
Shoes: Children's Place
(Both shirt and shoes I bought from Charles Goodies.)

Sorry, I took the photo before na-plantsa yung shirt. But don't you find it cute? #loveyourown. Haha! But I like how this outfit is sooo comfy and light, perfect for the still-humid morning weather in Davao. But the colors are Autumn-ish, so it fits October well. Yay! Here are more photos of the little boy waiting for us to get dressed:

Bored Yuri

Impassioned Yuri

Engrossed-at-the-TV Yuri

Let me tell you a short story about these shoes. I actually bought this pair almost one year ago, when Yuri was only around 10 or 11 months. I didn't know the first thing about shoe sizes and buying baby shoes online, so I just picked a design I liked in a big size, knowing it will eventually fit Yuri.

I picked a size-7, which was, of course, too huge for Yuri's baby feet. So I kept it in the closet for a while. I almost forgot we had these shoes! Buti na lang pagkakita ko kasya na/ kasya pa kay Yuri. Whew! And I love how it looks on Yuri's feet!

The power of self-timer haha!

Yuri barely smiles in photos, did you notice? :D

Yuri kept running in church:

And in the mall:
Wearing his Crib Couture cap to complete the outfit.

I love the shoes. But the point of the photo above is that abot na nya ang patungan ng paa sa high-chair. Yay! Big boy na. Huhu! #bipolar

So what about our Halloween plans for this year?

We originally wanted to attend SM Lanang Premier's Trick or Treat on the 31st. We headed out last Sunday to look for costumes. However, Yuri got terribly afraid of the costumes. Take note na costumes pa lang yan ha. He was even scared of the pumpkin baskets. Oh noes!

And SM, in my experience, goes all-out pa naman on Halloween. Last year, on this day exactly, we were at Cebu for a mini-reunion. On Halloween Day, we visited SM Cebu. Here are what greeted us:

Super scary, not to mention their costumes smelled foul. Haha sorry, I just have to mention that. The point is, if Yuri got terrified of Toy Kingdom costumes, what would happen if he sees these salespeople walking around the mall? Gah, terrible!

It's a good thing, though, that there's gonna be trick-or-treating in our village. That we'll surely attend! At least, kung matatakot si Yuri, eh di uwi! No pressure. We got his costume na yesterday, and my mom has already prepared a lot of treats. I'll blog about it soon!

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October 28, 2013

Jollibee's "Maaga and Pasko" Goes Global on its 19th Year

You know how it is with the Filipinos' spirit of giving and Christmas, right? One simply can't go with the other.

After the earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, as well as the other tragedies that had happened before it, I always find myself thinking of the children. It's true that children are the most resilient, but somehow, I feel that these innocents do not deserve that kind of unhappiness. Which brings me to how Christmas is nearing and how the affected families would be celebrating this year.

I thought of donating some of Yuri's old toys and some of my old books this year. If you're thinking the same way, there's good news for all of us. This year, which is Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko's 19th year, they are going global. Yes! Even OFWs and Filipinos based abroad can easily donate now. Oh wait, I'm sure you're familiar with Maaga ang Pasko, right? The commercials with Aga Muhlach in it? Yes, those commercials.

I was invited to its Davao City launch held last Saturday, October 26, at the Annex Building of SM City Davao. Of course, I wouldn't miss that event! Not to mention I've never been to the new building of SM before hehe. Now, let the photos do the talking:

Before the program started, the young Jolly Toy Scouts got busy creating their own Christmas cards.

The stage with the trinket-filled Christmas Tree on one side,

And the iconic Jollibee donation box in the other.

While waiting for the program to begin, Yuri found a friend sitting right behind us. Baby Empress, who is 7 months old. Super cute!

They let Yuri wear a Jolly Toy Scout scarf; he was an honorary member! In other words, saling pusa! :D

What are you doing, little boy?

When the event was about to start, friends from Jollibee began distributing Jollibee snacks to us. Yay!

Our seat was filled with Jollibee goodies. Yum!

And then, Jollibee and friends danced! A little boy beside me was squealing with joy. :D

The hosts of the program were Mike Aportadera and Joey Domingo. (Sorry for the blurred photo; there was a toddler on my lap - I must come with a warning always.)

October 26, 2013

Happy 19th Month, Yuri!

(I know his "sando" above is "butas-butas," but well, models wear anything.)

Good morning! I'm in a happier mood than usual today because the toddler has just turned 19 months old. Yes, today!

And in the span of 1 month, he has learned a SLEW of words already. Seriously, he devours words per day. I can't even keep up, so I list all his new words! Here's my current list:

Sirya (cereal)
Su (juice)
Papay (tinapay)
Sit (pancit)
Ten or tin (chicken)
Tain (kain)
Asi (ice cream)
Esi (raisin)
Eh (egg)
Payi (papaya)

Ti (bird)
Da (duck)
Yayon (lion)
Isa (lizard)
Pi (pig)
De (bear)

People/Body Parts
Bebi (baby - my favorite word!)
He (hair)
Ta (tongue)
Si (cheeks)

Bu (book)
Shon (lotion)
Api (airplane)
Fo (phone)
Fu (spoon)
Ekon (aircon)
Fa (electric fan)
Sa (sun)

Dey (Jake)
Papapayi (Sophie)
Totototo (Pocoyo)
Afa (High-5)
Mimo (Elmo)
- Yayi (Murray in Murray has a Little Lamb)
Tayo (Tayo)

Random Expressions
Sa (basa as in "wet")
- Yami (yummy)
- Sawap (sarap)
Baba (baba)
- Po (tao po)
- Pe (pray)
Tu (two)
- Api (happy)
- So (song)

Yuri know around 60+ words na. (Aside from this list, there are other two lists of his first words: here and here.) And he's able to use all of them in the proper context. Well, I'm not surprised because we are a chatty household!

It's really true how babies' brains are like sponges, no? Which means when you got a toddler, please watch your mouth!

I can't believe that my baby is now a little big boy. He's beginning to have a mind of his own! Incredible, isn't it? I think being able to witness another person's growth is one of the best things in being a mother.

Speaking of growth, last night, while Yuri slept, I pulled out a measuring tape. Yuri is now 82 cm long (he was 71 at 1 year old) with a 15 cm feet. Yay! Although his weight remains at 10 kg, somehow I'm not worried. As long as the boy's healthy!

Random fact: He hates getting his hands sticky. It's like sticky hands are the bane of his existence!

So that's one reason why he doesn't eat much. I think he's afraid of getting his hands sticky. But aside from being a picky eater, how will he ever gain weight if he can't stay still for a minute???

Yuri is one busy kid. Happy, happy 19th month, baby! Please slow down, mama can't keep up!

PS: We'll be attending another Jollibee event later. Woot!

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