December 19, 2011

Christmas Perks

All my weekends this December are fully booked! That's quite a big deal for me since the most "night-life" I have gotten these past few months is eating dinner with the officemates. Poor me.

Anyway, this post is devoted to all the gifts I received in our company Christmas party last week:

Vanilla Fragrance Set
Thanks, Sarah

7-day Pillbox from Jay - I was asking for this! Those are my vitamins inside

Super duper cute baby bottle from boss Apolz. I was teary-eyed when I saw it. Thank you, thank you. :)
Pepper nametag/coaster from Ms. Kathy!

What I won in the raffle (it has my name on it)
Subwoofer and speakers!

      But I didn't have any use for it, so I made a deal with an officemate and we swapped our prizes. I am now the proud owner of:

Two apples?

Portable apple speakers!
And they light up, too! Cute!

I also won a prize from the parlor games! Here's what I got for winning Pinoy Henyo. Harharhar!

I swapped my subwoofer for a pair of portable speakers that light up. I'm such a sucker for cute things.
We had a gift exchange but I don't have any pictures of the gift I received from my mommy, Anna. She gave me two pillows,  one with Mickey Mouse and one with Minnie Mouse. Cute! I wasn't able to take pictures because my younger sister immediately took possession of them. Tsk2.

Last night, we also had our super friends Christmas get-together. I was with Jeje, Irish, George, and Teena. We had soooo much fun! And I'm soooo poor now! I'm going to make a post once Teena uploads the magic pictures. We also had a gift exchange. Here's what I got from George:

The paper bag. What's inside?

For me!

A book! It's called "Dumot," which means "grudge" in Visayan. Cool!

And a bookmark. It says: No one sees it coming on light and silent wings. No one can be certain of the gifts it brings. True love is a journey passed from soul to soul... No one understands it, and yet it makes us whole.

Merry Christmas!

PS: My younger sister, who's in 4th grade, got a bar of Toblerone as a gift from her bestfriend, Kyla. Jealous!

December 13, 2011

Because I can't help it

Yesterday, when I got in the front seat of the jeepney I hailed, I saw this sign:

"If something makes you happy, don't let it go."

I thought of him.

Before that, I was thinking of how much I miss him.

I was thinking of the possibilities that may happen, that he may forget me, that he may find another one.

Though I couldn't blame him if he does, the thought of it makes me sick and mad at myself.

I know I couldn't possibly live with that.

I know a lot of men much better than him, but I couldn't imagine being with anyone else other than him.

I know we have a lot of differences, but they never seemed to bother me. Or us.

It was at that moment yesterday when I knew that leaving him is a huge mistake, probably the biggest mistake I will ever do.

Serendipitously, he was also thinking of the same thing, not just yesterday, but since last week.

And so, as simple as that, we got back together.

And I've never been happier.

And I promised myself I'll never let him go again.

Maybe our chapter doesn't end here. Maybe our fairytale can become reality after all.

December 5, 2011

2011 Christmas Wishlist

It's so cold today!  Feel na feel na ang Christmas.  I wish we had the same weather last Saturday when we had our group practice for our Christmas party presentation. That's another story, but speaking of wishes, here's my little grownup Christmas list:

1. Kindle Fire

I want one. I NEED one. It retails for $199 on Amazon, but have to pay a little extra (P11,000) since we're living in the tropics. It can store up to 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books. You can have access to thousands of popular apps and games on the Amazon Appstore. Move over, iPad2!


2. Digital Camera

I don't have to have a DSLR; I just need to have a proper camera (and put my Samsung phone to picture-taking rest). Of course, I would be glad to have a pink Samsung PL120 Digital Camera Dual View for narcissistic purposes. It only costs around P5,000 on I hope my mom buys me one *crossed fingers.*

3. Extra Phone

My Sun cellular sim has been on my side table for the looongest time and I'm dying to use it already to save on loading expenses. My Samsung B3410 is Smart-locked and I'm reluctant to have it open-lined. Also, I'm not a fan of postpaid lines since I'm too lazy to pay monthly bills. The solution? A cheapo phone that does the job, like a red Nokia X1-01, which just costs a little below P2,000.

4. Air Conditioner

I'd like to think that my own air conditioning unit is not just a want, but a need, especially with a baby coming next summer. I can't let the bean sweat and be infested with rashes. No, my Promac electric fan just won't do. I have to get my own A/C and be prepared to pay the bill *shudders.* For my small room, I think a 1-HP air conditioner, such as this Samsung window-type, will do. It costs around P12,000 - 15,000 so I hope my mom lets me borrow some money. I'll pay it back, promise!

5. Flip flops

I usually don't wear flip flops anymore but I used to wear them A LOT back in college (we didn't have a dress code - sorry!). However, all of my Havaianas flip flops are now missing, and I think I'll be needing one this summer - especially during my 6-week maternity leave. Come on, it's just around P900 a pair; I think I'm going to buy one before the month ends. I hope I can find this one, though:

(That's all I could think of as of now. I can't wish for anything for the baby yet since its kasarian is still di-tiyak!)

December 2, 2011

Office Rant - The New Girl

Disclaimer: Not happy thoughts

Ugh. I hate the new girl.

I already decided I don't like her even before she started working in the office. Who would like a girl who writes with grammar like this?
"I already had the job that i wanted i worked there for 2 years,the problem was that my growth was really slow,i think passion is not the key to success,its the way people show their passion for work,because even if your passionate about your job,if the people in higher places does not sees it your gonna be stuck in the bottom with the career that you are passionate about…"

She wrote that as a comment on our company blog as part of her application. What the heck was that? That's not wrong grammar - that's not grammar at all.

To my surprise, she was accepted in my company. I can't do anything about it, but her grammar and work performance really reek. And that's not it. To add to her interesting character, she has an ATTITUDE. And I'm experiencing it first hand. UGH!

See, our wonderful office has decided to make some of us from different shifts share desks. That means one can have the desk during the day and another one can have it during the night. I'm working in the day shift and she's in the night shift (which would have been the perfect setup). However, as luck would have it, she's been transferred to MY desk. She's only been using it for a few days but she's acting as if she owns everything. She rearranged my stuff on my desk. SHE REARRANGED MY STUFF ON MY DESK!!! They're not yours! Why would you touch them??? Why would you even dare think of rearranging them?

And another thing. The pioneer team - which includes me - has mobile drawers. I guess the office ran out of budget since the next batches don't have mobile drawers of their own yet. But I have mine. Normally, I allow my other office mates to place their things inside my drawer. But this new girl, without even asking for my permission, stuffed her UGLY jacket and her UGLY pillow into my drawer. The drawer's now so full you can't even close it properly! Worse? I have to get my own PERSONAL things from MY drawer since they (she and my other office mate) already claimed all the storage space!

I'm so pissed. I used to lock my drawer (when I was still the only one using it), but stopped doing so since I thought nobody else opens it anyway but me. But now that's not the case. SO MANY SQUATTERS! I'm seriously contemplating to lock my drawer again.Why? Because it's mine! Doesn't the name on it mean anything at all???

I'm really so pissed. She replaced my own headphones with hers and didn't bother to place it back. The arrangement of the IP phone, the keyboard, and the mouse is messed up. I think she even used my hand wipes! She hid my mug to make way for her mirror. And she's not even pretty!

Girl, have you ever heard of the saying "Umasal lamang nang ayon sa ganda?" Put that to practice, girl!

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