August 31, 2013

August Buys

I'm baaaaack!!!
*kru kru kru*

Hehehe. Okay lang walang nakamiss sa akin, but I miss blogging badly! Ngayon lang ako naka-open ng Blogger promise. Like what I've said before, down ang PLDT DSL connection namin since... Wednesday? It was completely down for two days. Then, bumalik sya kahapon, which was Friday. Unfortunately, the connection was still too slow that I could not open Blogger and a lot of blog sites.

What's up, PLDT?

But di bale, my Blogger dashboard is finally open! I can blog na! Yay! Let's begin with the good buys I have discovered this month of August. This has been sitting on my drafts for so long, but now I can finally blog about it. And, oh my goodness, September na bukas! #digress

Okay, so back to the finds I've had this month. You know that the grocery is my happy place, so I'm always thrilled to look for new items that catch my fancy. However, I'm not always in the grocery so I turn to the next greatest thing since sliced bread: online shopping. Here are my online shopping finds for the month:

Gyro "No-Spill" Bowl

We finally have one no-spill Gyro bowl! I've wanted this since I've watched a video demonstrating its awesomeness. However, I didn't know where to buy one. Good thing my secret store (email me if you want the link) had it at a low price! I didn't waste my time and ordered one for Yuri - who likes to mess around with his food, frankly.

And yes, mommies, it works! Of course, don't put naman sabaw inside the bowl. That will surely spill naman. I'll be writing a review of this bowl soon!

Price: Only P100! Steal!

Tiny Buds "Hygiene Set"

Disclaimer: There is no Tiny Buds "Hygiene Set." It's just a moniker I came up with, okay? Don't ask Tiny Buds for the Hygiene Set because there's none, hehe.

So anyway, a couple of times this month, Yuri had cough and cold. I was hesitant to continue using his regular baby powder, so I decided to buy rice powder from Tiny Buds. At the same time, I was also wanted to try the Tiny Buds chew brush (image below) because Yuri did not like his old, regular baby tooth brush. I did not see the chew brush in any department store in the city. It seems like only Lazada carries it, packaged with the Tooth Gel, which was fine with me.

I ordered all of these from Lazada, along with a powerbank. To get free shipping, I needed to add more to my order to reach P1000. So I threw in the Tiny Buds Baby Bath. 

Tooth Gel and Chew Brush - Around P165
Baby Bath - Around P150 or P160
Rice Powder - P99 each

Kid Keeper Safety Harness

And finally, another necessity of ours, a toddler harness. This is also from my secret store, also sold at a lot cheaper price than in department stores. Same brand ha, take note. Before, I used to criticize moms who would keep their toddlers on a "leash." Mga anak nila, mukhang aso. Hahahaha. However, when Yuri became a very active toddler himself, I keep on losing him in the mall. Nakakakaba. So I got the leash harness, and thankfully, Yuri's fine with it!

Price: Another steal at only P200!

PS: Don't pass on judgment to others because you might end up doing the same thing din!

What about you? What were your good finds for the last month?

Lapit na Christmas! Aaaah!

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August 29, 2013

Internet and Yaya Woes

God has tested me last week. I thought it was over, but this week, test ulit! My gehd!

Since yesterday pa wala kaming connection. Our provider is PLDT-DSL, by the way. Mom's going to their office today to ask bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin kaming internetz.

If you're like me who works from home and tries to maintain a blog, this is bad news talaga. And I haven't seen my Instagram feed in over  a day! #withdrawalsymptoms

Thank goodness we have a Smart Bro plugit stick. I made paload ulit yesterday when I remembered, oo nga pala, di nga pala makaconnect sa laptop ko!!! Buti na lang my mom was at home yesterday. I borrowed her laptop and plugged the Smart Bro stick in and got online. Only to find zero essays in queue. You see, these days, there are only essays in the website in the morning. Sa hapon wala na. Eh yesterday, I only remembered to use the Smart Bro in my mom's laptop in the afternoon. Oh well.

My mom left her laptop today so that I can work using it. I'm squeezing in some blog posts, too. Thanks, mama!

So this is my current setup for the day. Two laptops, one SmartBro stick. One Maan trying to cope. Chos.

What gives, PLDT? Why me? Hahaha. I'm wondering what drivers are needed in my laptop din so that I can use the SmartBro stick in it. Can anyone help me?

I really need these bunch of empanadas right now.

My mom made those yesterday. Really yummy! Come to think about it, the empanadas were the highlight of my day yesterday!

PS: To all well-meaning commenters, here's the update about my yaya's barang situation

Good news: Right after I told her to call her relatives to get their mother to the doctor, they apparently did go to the hospital to have her checked up.

Bad news: Apparently, the doctor's findings was that their mother has cancer. As to what kind of cancer I don't know. I didn't ask.

Worse news: I asked Honey what they planned to do. Here's what she said:

Ate, sabi ng doctor cancer daw. Pero ayaw maniwala nila auntie. Sabi ng lahat ng mananambal (albularyo) sa amin, barang daw talaga. Hindi daw totoo sabi ng doctor. Kaya hindi na namin ipapa-ospital. Pupunta daw sila dun sa isang mananambal sa (I forgot where). Gagaling daw sya dun. 

I didn't say anything na after that. I can't go on insisting they get medical help. It's their family, so the decision is up to them. I feel I've done enough. After all, I also don't want to seem nanghihimasok. All I could do is pray for the mother.

I guess I needed that empanada after all.

PS: The header's new again. The About Me widget, too. I got bored again so...

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August 27, 2013

The Conjuring + Frugal Grocery Finds

It's August 27 today! It's my dear friend George's birthday! Happy, happy birthday, Georgie! I know you're having fun today with JR and Andrei. I wasn't able to prepare a birthday blog, but here's the one I wrote last year. :-)

Anyway, last Sunday, to informally celebrate George's birthday, the two of us watched The Conjuring. It was scary but not really disturbing. The story is fascinating, but I didn't exactly lose sleep over it. Maybe having faith in Jesus Christ dilutes the effect of these horror movies? I'd like to think so! Nevertheless, I did enjoy screaming my lungs out in the movie house!

Also, watching a scary movie with my bestfriends never fails to lose its appeal. You see, it's our vice. We just find creepy and horror fascinating! I'm just disappointed that George and I didn't get to have photos. Andun lang kasi kami sa sinehan! I already arrived late and the movie has already started, so by the time I got to the mall, we immediately went inside na. I had a lot of errands pa afterward so I had to leave after the movie ended. George stayed to see what we missed. And, of course, the trailers. *giggle*

So what happened after I scurried outside Cinema 6? I failed to take an OOTD photo - huhu - because there was still a lot to do. After buying what I needed to buy at the gadget store (disclaimer: I didn't buy a gadget), the pharmacy, and the bookstore, I proceeded to the grocery.

The grocery is my happy place. Even if there were so many people in Gaisano Mall that day (not to mention the fact that I'm not familiar with the aisles anymore), I still enjoyed choosing some items for Yuri. Here are my picks for the week:

1. Dimes Fruit Juice

This is not exactly a new find because I discovered it two or three weeks ago. This month, Yuri's cold seemed to go on and off. I didn't like to overdose him with medicine, so we relied on natural fruits. However, fruits are seasonal and we can't always find good fruits in our place. Because of this, I resorted to looking for natural fruit juice in a box.

There were a lot of other juices in the aisle, but there was almost no orange juice - my original choice. There were some Tipco juices, but I doubted the expiration date. Also, the boxes look old. Why? I almost gave up when I found a lot of Dimes juice boxes. The name is new to me, but I decided to give it a try. I bought both orange and grape juice.

What do you know, it really tastes natural! The orange juice really tastes like orange fruit and not Tang-ish. You know what I mean? Hehe. This is because the juice is sugar-free. Yuri loves it! I especially like the grape flavor because it reminds me of wine. I'll be back to try the other flavors!

Price: Around P65 for the orange juice and around P90 for the grape juice, both at 1 liter. :-)

2. Super Twins Denim Diaper 

We're loyal Huggies fans, but I do like trying other brands of diapers once in a while. Actually, I have a goal to try all the diaper brands in the supermarket. After all, Yuri won't be using diapers forever! 

A month ago (so this is also not a new find), a uniquely-colored diaper caught our attention. Denim? Cool! I initially thought that the diapers would be priced higher than usual diapers, but it was actually cheap. Even cooler! So I took home a pack of 30 diapers.

Aside from the funky design, the Super Babies diapers were also unexpectedly good! It never sags and stays dry even when Yuri wears it to sleep. It never leaks, too! It stays snugly fit even after hours of play (no, this is not an advertorial). In fact, the quality reminds me of Huggies diapers - promise! Because Huggies diapers are new now, I secretly think that this company might be buying the old Huggies diapers...

Price: Around P200 for a pack of 30 large diapers. :-)

This is how the design looks like. Sorry for the poor photo! We were "reading" during this time hehe.

3. Oishi Oaties Milk

This is the real new find of the week. I've seen some photos over Instagram of Oaties Milk, so I really wanted to try it! However, I keep forgetting about it - until I ventured over to the fresh milk aisle last Sunday. Yes! I immediately grabbed a box to try it at home.

Yuri, at 17 months now, is still exclusively breastfed. I want him to taste fresh milk so that he gets the idea that mama's milk is not the only milk in the world (does that make sense?). However, he simply refuses to drink any other milk except mine. So my expectations were law. Still, I poured some into Yuri's cup. At first, he refused it. I was about to give up when I thought to give him some again. To my surprise, he drank it! He lapped at it and drained the half-cup! Later at playtime, he drank another half-cup again! Amazing!

Guys, this really tastes good promise. Even my sister who is not a milk-drinker liked it so much!

Price: Around P65 for the 1-liter box. :-)


These are my finds for the week. What are yours? Care to share?

PS: I didn't realize it's almost the end of August already! I still have a lot of backlog! Did you know that I've been baking since Saturday? It's my first time to bake, so everything is really beginner-ready. Please keep posted for the recipes! Also, I haven't posted my August Finds yet, so stay tuned! :-)

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August 26, 2013

Yaya Woes: Barang

Image from
I'm stressing out now because I don't know how to handle Honey (Yuri's nanny - hey it rhymes!) anymore. She's been causing us a lot of petty problems already. However, I do know that we need her, and that even though she's far from perfect, we're lucky she's not like other yayas.

Just this afternoon, at 1pm, (before I even got to eat my lunch!), when I called her, she went out from her bedroom crying. I asked her bakit. She said wala lang. Now, you need to know that I still haven't eaten lunch already. I told her, Hindi ako tanga. What's wrong with you?!

She said she received a text message from her relatives in her hometown. (That's one of our complaints about her - she's always texting!!!). They told her daw that their mother was nabarang. For the non-Bisayas, it's similar to nakulam. I didn't know how to react because - ugh! - I don't like it when people believe in superstitions especially when it's a serious matter. Like health.

She said lumalaki daw tiyan ng nanay nila. Mamatay daw. I asked if they went to the doctor already. Sabi nila wala pa. That's when I lost my cool already (please take note that I was still in the process of preparing my lunch).

What?! So anong gagawin nyo? 

She didn't answer me. In short, walang ginawa. I was thinking, what are these people thinking? So I prodded, Do you believe in God? 

Oo ate.

So bakit ka naniniwala sa barang? 

My point is that they're acknowledging the power of the devil in their lives by being afraid of the so-called barang. They're not even acknowledging God or healing! My gehd! I told her, May general hospital naman sa inyo diba? She said yes. And you have PhilHealth? Meron daw. So what are you waiting for? Isugod nyo na sa ospital!

My gehd. Nakakastress. These people know that their mother's stomach is getting huge already and they're just sitting there, fearing the mambabarang. 

They don't know that when they acknowledge the power of barang, they're acknowledging the power of the devil, when they should have known that calling Jesus Christ would thwart the devil. And God did give us the blessing and miracle of modern day treatments.

Your thoughts please?

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August 23, 2013

God is Testing Me

I am thankful that I have the option to stay at home and work while watching my bébé. I've written about being a work-at-home momma several times already, and I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity.

I'm working as an online essay instructor (points to sidebar ). I love being able to work in my own time and availability. I also love being able to help students halfway across the globe fix their papers and, hopefully, get higher grades. However, as with everything else in the world, my work has a downside. It's this:
It's the last leg of the Summer Semester and we're understandably receiving very few essays from students. You see, unlike people who work in offices, I don't have paid absences. When I don't work, I don't get paid. It's a straightforward system, actually. Frankly, I don't like lean months (who does?), but I get by.

However, this week is different. I really feel that God is testing my patience. Let's begin with Tuesday.

Tuesday - There were some essays in the queue, but I didn't get to work in the afternoon because Honey, Yuri's yaya, had to go to downtown to fix some requirements for school. I thought I would be able to resume work around 3 or 4PM, when she returned home at 2PM. Perfect! Or so I thought. She returned pala because she forgot her ID!!! Of all things to forget, ID pa talaga! Result: I wasn't able to work at all.

Wednesday - It was a holiday, but I wanted to work. Alas, there were no essays at all that day!

Thursday - There were several essays that day, so I worked double-time in the morning. Now, Honey did not get to finish her tasks last Tuesday, so she had to take another leave to go downtown. Sheesh. Again, I wasn't able to work whole afternoon. She finally returned at 7PM and told us na tapos na sya. Hay salamat!!!

Friday - And finally, today. There were several essays again - things are looking good! And Honey's got nowhere to go. Perfect! I can finally work in peace... until the power outtage. I kept calling Davao Light but the calls got me nowhere. Laging walang update. So unlike Davao Light. The electricity went out at around 9AM and only returned after lunch!

I was stressed because I had one essay na nakatengga. I had to submit it back to the website but we had no internet connection. I hurriedly got my SmartBro plugin and made pa-load. Pero di ako maka-connect sa laptop ko. We've only used this SmartBro stick kasi using my mother's laptop, so there must be an incorrect setting in mine.

After fretting for a while, I thought of inserting the 3G sim into my phone. Yay, it worked! Then, I emailed my good friend, George (who's my colleague, too), my username and password and the reviewed essay. After a few minutes, she said it's done already.

Wah, what could I ever do without you, George? *sends tight hugs and slobbery kisses*

Now, I'm back to work, and like the image above, wala na namang essay sa queue. Unahan na naman ito! Wish me luck! Aja!

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August 22, 2013

Life is Fleeting

A lot of things (that don't necessarily concern me) just happened. First, there were the bombings in Mindanao that came one after the other. Thankfully, Davao City was spared when we celebrated the Kadayawan Festival.

Then, there was the Cebu City accident. I have many relatives in Cebu, so this hit close to heart. However, what made me tear up were the number of babies lost in the sea and the mothers' stories on how they lost their children. That's it. These babies didn't even get to grow up and go to school. Fall in love and get swept off of their feet. Have children themselves. I can't stand it.

Just this week, there was the Typhoon Maring and habagat that resulted to 10-20 casualties (the numbers differ). When you view it from a detached perspective, it's only numbers. But when you get to think about it more deeply, that's 10-20 devastated families. Orphaned children.Widowed partners. Lost dreams.

Finally, just yesterday, I received a message from one of my first and dearest friends in UP, Hazel. She was actually one of my first roommates in the dormitory, so I know her mom. She told us that her mom got diagnosed with lung cancer. Stage 4. Already? I asked myself. None in their family even smokes. Just how unfair can life get?

I made plans to visit Hazel and her mom in the hospital, when she wrote a new status message. Her mom already passed away. That was mere hours from the time she left the first message. I thought there was still hope.

I want to comfort her with the fact that her mom's at peace now in Heaven. That she's now with God. That she's now in a place where there is only happiness, no sorrow and tears. But I will never be able to do that. Because she just lost her mother. The one who gave birth to her, raised her for 20+ years, her confidante, her best friend.

No words can ever heal that wound, only God.

So I resorted into meditation, as I woke up 3am earlier. I wasn't able to go back to sleep until 5. Alas, life is fleeting. It is too short, and we make it even shorter with unnecessary concerns. We don't have to ask what these "unnecessary concerns" are; deep inside our hearts, we know them. And yet we continue devoting time to them, subtracting precious time that is meant for our families, loved ones, and God.

I am helpless because I'm only human, but I have my God to depend on. And so after praying and doing my devotional, I sent an early-morning text message to Job (whom I just had an argument with), and I tucked in Yuri more tightly and whispered the same words in my text message: I love you.

Photo source:

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August 20, 2013

Yuri-isms: New Antics and Words

I was supposed to write about this last week, but I lack photos. Over one week, awa ng Dyos, I was able to capture photos of Yuri's new antics using my erratic camera and the phones at home.


I remember writing about how I wasn't even a little bit worried about Yuri talking - or not talking - at almost 16 months. May nabasa pa ako sa MomCenter group on Facebook how one mother was worried about her 13-month old son not talking. Hello???

I don't know. Maybe I have gotten used na to Yuri's pace. Unlike other super babies, Yuri took his first steps when he was already a little older than 13 months (see proud mommy post here). So when we already got walking down to pat, the next milestone to wait for was talking.

Again, I wasn't worried at all. I know that Yuri's gonna start talking sooner or later and according to his own pace. He just turned 16 months last July 26 without uttering a single word. However, a week after that, he began spouting word after word.

It's like Pandora's box has been opened. Seriously! :-)

His first word ever is car (or its equivalent). What's up with guys and cars? Hehehe. Currently, these are his words:

taw - car
su - shoes
s'nda - sandals or slippers (Is this guy going to be obsessed with footwear when he grows up? Oh dear.)
saidu - spider
didi - "dede"
sa-in - "saging"
tiwi - Jollibee 
iti - Mickey (Mickey Mouse)
inda - "dinda," which is what my sister wants Yuri to call her
toto - Coco, my sister's nickname
owa - lola
owo - lolo
siyow - hello
no - no

That's as many as I can remember. Quite a lot na no? It was literally like this: one minute he can't talk, the next minute he's a chatterbox! So to those mommies who are anxiously awaiting their babies' next milestones? Don't worry. Their time will come sooner or later. Enjoy your baby instead of feeling pressured. Like what I said in an old post, it's not a competition.

In other words, wag atat! Chill lang! :P

By the way, you read it right. 16 months and more than 10 words later, wala pa ring "mama"! He refuses to say it, promise! When I tell Yuri, "Say mama," he laughs! Swear!!!


Aside from playing his toy cars, his favorite game is hide-and-seek. Well, not really hide-and-seek because he never seeks - he just hides! He hides here:

Watch me
He has this playmat that we fold up in one corner when not in use. So mukha syang portalet hahaha. Ayun, ginawang hiding place. Promise, he stays really quiet inside ha. Then he pounces on whoever walks by his hiding place! Boo!


Footwear ... fetish?

And finally, still aside from cars, Yuri has also developed an obsession with footwear lately. When he's at home (which he always is), he demands for a footwear. Dati kasi, I implemented the "barefoot" rule. I thought it's best for Yuri to walk barefoot at home so that his foot develops.

But now, hindi! He points to the glass case that encloses his everyday shoes. And he chooses pa what he wants to wear! And he gets angry pag hindi sya nasunod. Kaloka!

These are some photos of what he wears - depending on his mood:

Our worn Champion sandals. I no longer let Yuri wear these because lampas na paa nya! :D
Our Oshkosh slippers bought from Charles Goodies shop :-)
(Sorry, this was taken at night using my phone)
Sometimes, chubby legs sneak under my table to get my slippers
More often than not, he prefers wearing his new shoes :D
But his most favorite remains to be lolo's slippers hehe
Yuri is just a baby, I know. But when I write about these things, I see how fast he's growing up. Oh Yuri, you're becoming less of a baby and more of a little boy. *sniffs*

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August 19, 2013

My Kadayawan Sunday

Kadayawan's over, but I guess it's never too late to say "Happy Kadayawan," right? After all, Kadayawan means happiness. So it's, like, "Happy Happiness"? (Ano daw?)

My friends from outside Davao asked me how I spent Kadayawan weekend. Well, sad to say, I spent Friday working and keeping Yuri's feeding utensils that we don't use anymore. I spent Saturday working (my sister did get to have a VIP pass for the Coke Ambassadors show, featuring Julia Montes, Kathyrn Bernardo, Enchong Dee, and someone names Joseph Marco).

That left me with Sunday. I don't want to attend artista shows because it's so crowded and loud. Yuri hates both. We went to the what-seemed-to-be the quietest mall in the city: SM Lanang Premier. As usual. :D

So what did I do last Sunday? Let the photos do the telling.


Upon entering the mall, we immediately saw lines of shiny, vintage cars! At first, there were only a few people around. When we were taking photos na, biglang dumami ang tao!

Caught in the act. Good thing my mom supports my blogging - even if she doesn't know my blog! :D


My favorite car! Apparently, it's everyone else's favorite car, too, so I never had a proper photo of it. :D

August 16, 2013

Zooming in on Zoofari

Two Sundays ago (here's why this post is late), I got invited to an event in Zoofari Kids' Adventure. We've been passing through this playhouse for years now, but we've never been inside yet. Pretty strange because my parents knew the owners. They're, in fact, our neighbors!

To clarify that, though, the owners are not the ones who invited me. Thanks, Ms. Tin Jaravella of the Sales and Marketing Department of Zoofari. Anyway, we almost didn't come na because Yuri had a bad case of cough and cold. But my sister insisted, and Yuri was better in the afternoon, so we went na. Buti na lang malapit lang sa bahay. It was only 10 minutes away.

Zoofari Kids' Adventure (This was taken right before we went home, so medyo madilim na.)

Actually, the event was at 4PM. But because nga we were not sure if we'll still go or not, we decided na at 4. Nakarating naman kami sa venue ng 5PM, awa ng Dyos.

They were discussing Zoofari's amenities. Patapos na yung talk pagdating namin. Sorry!
The other bloggers
Barely 15 minutes in the room, we were whisked away to take a tour of Zoofari. No problemo!

I think this was the karaoke room? Correct me if I'm wrong please.
On the other side of the glass is the playroom.
Ball pool!

Tunnels? Cool!

There were some souvenirs, too.

There was a coffeeshop upstairs.

Ano ngang tawag sa game na to?

I want to try the food here.
I don't know why my sister posed this way...
We went back upstairs to our function room to, what else, eat!

What are you pointing at, Yuri?

You know bloggers are in the room when...
Yum-fest for the kids and kids-at-heart

Fat fries and saucy spaghetti

I seriously loved these hotdog buns. Ang sarap ng bread!

The walls were painted like a nursery classroom. Enjoy na enjoy si Yuri!
I had to place his nametag on his back para hindi tanggalin hehe
Reunited with his friend from the Jollibee event!
Siblings. Chos.

Um. Hi?

One last blurry photo before leaving

Oh, and the mommy bloggers!

The event was good, and the food was good. Although I seriously did not know anyone. Aside from me, all the bloggers who attended the event were from Davao Bloggers, which I'm not a member of. Good thing my sister was with me. My mom also needed to come because my camera was with her. Also, she thought the owners would be there, too. Wala pala hehehe.

Nevertheless, we went home tired but happy. Thanks, Zoofari! Thanks also to the lootbag and the free pass. :-)

*Sorry for the quality of some photos. They were taken using our phones.
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