May 31, 2013

On OOTDs and Feeling Good About Yourself

If you have been following my blog, you would know how I love taking OOTD photos. I don't have fabulous clothes. I don't own high-end brands. I just love taking photos of myself because they boost my self-esteem.

Recently, I re-discovered Ms. Tina Tagle's new blog. It's funny because she really set aside another page of her blog just for her OOTDs to keep the "haters" away. As written in her disclaimer, "So people who come to my blog now have a choice. You can view the page or not. If you view it, it’s your choice. Enter at your own risk." Funny!

But I don't understand why some people would hate other people's OOTDs. What's wrong with taking photos of your clothes? What's wrong with feeling beautiful or, at least, presentable when dressed up? I don't understand.

Personally, I like it when people post photos of themselves. They do not even have to be that fashionable. I just like it. I like how looking good in these photos boosts their self-confidence. I like it when they don't care whether they are not of the popular body type. I love every OOTD post, seriously. For me, taking OOTDs is a personal level of self-empowerment. I don't see it as bragging but, yes, self-empowerment.

And I don't understand why some people would go lengths to "hate" on OOTDs and, to an extent, make a certain person feel bad about herself (or himself).

I am affected because it's been so long since I've felt good about myself. It's hard to feel good about yourself when you're bordering on 75 kilos or 165 pounds - which I was when I was pregnant. But now, I realized that it's not about the weight; it's about how other people make you feel about it. If you're 200 pounds and feel like a goddess, then no one's stopping you from feeling good about yourself!

I take OOTDs even though I am not conventionally beautiful. I am only 5'1" (I used to think I was 5'2", but my OB harshly told me na hindi hahaha! I love my OB!), and I weigh 52 kilos. I am not even mestiza or chinita. I'm just my regular morena self. I have the darkest knees that I know of. And even though I'm happy with my weight, I have thick bilbils (haha!) - blame it on motherhood.

I don't even know how to pose! Someone teach me how to pose please.

And sorry, I only have an LG phone (and my Samsung point-and-shoot camera) plus an unclean mirror. Must remind Honey about this ASAP.

But I'm still taking my OOTDs no matter what convention tells me because they do wonders for my self-esteem. I feel good about them, my boyfriend likes them, and no "hater" is going to tell me otherwise.

PS: Don't be a green-eyed monster. Envy and jealousy is such an ugly thing. Be inspired instead!

Duh, if I were only good at using makeup, I think I'd even post FOTDs (face of the day). If I were good at cooking, I'd post food of the day. If I were good at interior design, I would barrage you with photos of my home. Whatever! 

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May 28, 2013

May Shopping Finds

I woke up this morning and thought, Wow, May 28 na pala? Time flies so fast, doesn't it? In a week from now, most would be back to school already.

And lapit na birthday ko. Ehem ehem.

But anyway, that is not the point of this post.

To be honest, some less-than-good things have been happening to me: career, blog, personal life. The law of attraction is really true. When you focus on something good, good things will also come pouring. The danger is when something bad happens and then you focus on it, hala sunod-sunod na. I'm trying to distract myself from the bad things, so let's just leave them here.

Let's talk about the good things instead. I strongly believe in retail therapy (no, you don't have to break the bank for this!) and buying things (or just talking about them) actually lifts my spirits. I hope this also applies to you hehe. The month of May was a tagtipid month (see why here), but I was able to buy a few stuff for Y's needs:

Winnie the Pooh Baby Photo Album
First, a photo album, like finally!!! We all have separate baby photo albums, and I've been meaning to buy one for Y before he was even born. Imagine, that was over a year ago! But I kept, well, delaying because I expected other people to give us one. Hahaha! And natapos na lang ang baby shower, Baptism, Christmas, New Year, and the First Birthday, wala pa rin kaming album.

It was a good thing that I found Disney albums in National Bookstore - on sale! I wanted to buy a Cars album, but we felt it was too old for a 1-year old. So I just got this cutey patootie Winnie the Pooh album. Fit for a baby, right?

Price: From P350 down to P200!

Cheap Electric Fan Cover

Months ago, Y had his first accident with the electric fan. He wasn't walking yet then, and his yaya was carrying him. I guess the yaya wasn't looking when they went near the electric fan. Little Y got curious and placed his little fingers inside - and then BAM! It was a good thing he was just bruised, but an accident is an accident.

After that, I was always on the lookout for electric fan covers. However, I could not find one anywhere in Davao City. I did see some online sellers selling these for 50 apiece; this should have been fine, but there was still the large shipping fee to be considered. Not worth it!

Until I discovered my secret online shop that sells a lot of baby needs (and wants) for cheap! This electric fan cover only sells for P35! At may pagka-kikay ata gumawa nito. Talagang may butterfly sa gitna. :P

Cheap Door Stopper
Earlier this year, I bought a home safety kit to toddler-proof our home. The box remained hidden because Y wasn't fully walking pa. But now that Y is fast learning walking on his own, I need to use the safety tools ASAP! Unfortunately, the kit came with only one door stopper, and our house had lots of doors.

The good news is that my newly discovered online store (secret!) also sells cute door stoppers! I think they only cost P45. Cheap and cute - and teething magnet, too! (Before you judge me, I do not allow Y to munch on the stoppers, okay? Haha!)

Cheapest Waterproof Bibs

And last but not the least, I spent last month and early this month looking for good waterproof bibs. We have a lot of bibs at home, but all of them are cloth. Now that Y has learned to spit and blow raspberries, these bibs did not stand a chance. Nuh-uh! And after every mealtime, Y is always, always drenched.

We already bought a pack of bibs with waterproof lining a few months ago, but I don't think they are fit for eating outside. Hindi kasi cute. Haha! But all "cute" waterproof bibs in the market are too pricey. I mean, I'm not very willing to spend P300-P500 bucks just for a bib!

Alas, my secret store also had these in store for me. I'm beginning to think this store is my shopping angel in disguise. Well, I actually discovered it when I Googled for cheap, waterproof bibs. And look what I got? It actually reminds me of Skip Hop bibs, and it's also of great quality! Plus it just costs P100 flat!

(It's actually cuter in person. It's just crumpled because I took the photo after we came home from the mall; it got crumpled in my bag. The brand is Mom's Care, by the way.)

The biggest bonus is that my secret store has a flat-rate delivery fee of only P50 from Manila to anywhere. This is great news for people like me from the south! I plan to buy again soon.

If you want the link of the store, please send me an email. :-)

EDIT: A reader just informed me that they raised shipping charges already. It's now P50 in Metro Manila and P100 for provincial deliveries. Sad. But I will still order hehehe.

PS: Don't forget to join my ongoing giveaway:
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May 25, 2013

Yaya Woes: On College and Interview-Phobia

Hey, there! Sorry for the lack of real posts lately. I have been quite busy taking care of Y because the yaya just took a leave of absence for a couple of days. She's still here at home, but she had to go to school for her exams, interview, and enrollment, and she had to buy school supplies as well.

Oh, she's starting college tomorrow. She's now officially enrolled in Assumption College of Davao (where we all graduated elementary and high school). They have kasi Sunday school program for students who need to work in the weekdays. Isn't that nice?

Photo credit:

My parents didn't have this opportunity back then, and they, especially my mom, had to work in the morning and go to school in the evening (or vice versa).

That was why she (my mom) was so mad when Honey (the yaya) told her the other night she does not to go to school anymore.

It all began last Wednesday night. My mom just got home because she made appointments for Honey's exam and interview for the next day. See, my mom is a busy woman, but she made time for this. After knowing that she's going to be interviewed, she started acting fidgety. I dismissed it, thinking that she's nervous for the exams.

The next afternoon, she went to school for her appointments. She left at 1pm. At around 4pm, I discovered she was online on FB. I thought, "Baka tapos na exam and interviews." Finally, at 5pm, she got home. However, she said that she only took the exam but not the interview. "Bakit?!"
Honey: Bukas na lang daw sabi ni ma'am. 
Mama: Pano mangyayari yun eh ako mismo nag-setup ng appointment mo for interview? 
Honey: Hindi ko po alam. Yun po sinabi sa akin kanina.
I thought, Oh no! I have to miss work again tomorrow? I cannot afford to miss work anymore. But we couldn't do anything, so I did not say anything.

Later that night, she talked to my mom:
Honey: Ate, hindi na lang po muna ako mag-aaral.  
Mama: Ha? Last sem ka pa dapat enrolled diba? Tapos sabi mo, this year na lang. Ngayon ayaw mo na naman? Kailan ka pa mag-aaral nyan? 
Honey: Nahihiya na po kasi ako sa inyo. 
Mama: Ngayon ka pa nahiya? Nangitim na ako kakaasikaso ng papers mo? Pati NSO birth certificate mo ako nag-asikaso kasi iniwan mo sa inyo? Gumastos na rin ako? Tapos ngayon sasabihin mo ayaw mo na? Umayos ka ha!
Trust me, my mom is a good woman, but you won't like her when she's mad.

And you know why Honey suddenly decided she doesn't want to go to school anymore? Kasi takot sa interview.

Huwat???!!! Ka-stress, diba???

Hija, chismisan-level lang ang interview with the guidance counsellor. Takot ka na sa enrollment interview, pano ka mag-apply ng trabaho in the future? Hello???

Good thing natauhan naman sya. My mom really "knocked" her into place (figuratively lang ha, not literally, baka naman ma-chismis kami). I'm glad to say she's already done with two exams and an interview, complete na school supplies nya, and I think she's prepared for college na tomorrow. :-)

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May 22, 2013

Giveaway: Win Pretty Clothing from!

Hi again and welcome to my first ever giveaway! I never thought I would be doing a giveaway on this blog, but has generously sponsored one. Yay!

I'm a fan of online shopping, and proved to be a reliable source of updated and beautiful pieces of clothing. What I love about Oasap is that they offer 20% off for your first order. They also offer free shipping worldwide. Just how awesome is that?

Now, you can have your very own Oasap fashion piece! The winner can choose any of the items below:

All pretty, right? I am already eyeing three or four items. Guys, I'm sure your wives and girlfriends will appreciate if you join! Teehee!

EDIT: I realize it would be easier to use Rafflecopter for this. Why haven't I thought of this yesterday? Haha! Anyway, to join, just please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* To those who joined yesterday manually, don't worry because I will be picking a winner based on the comments. 

So don't forget to comment!

*Note: Winner will be picked via
*Disclaimer: The sponsor will only pick a winner when the number of participants reach 50.

It's really easy to win, and this giveaway will only run for ten days. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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May 21, 2013

Y Can Walk! (And Other Updates)

If you are following this blog, you might have already known that Y just turned one last March 26. However, unlike most of us, Y was not yet walking on his first birthday. But it's okay because Y took his time learning.

You might also have read here and here that Y still uses the walker. But my newfound friend Ate Lorilie of Charles Goodies (another mention!) told me that walkers with wheels pala are banned in Canada. Really?! So I asked her what I can do to encourage Y to walk. She told me that manual training is still best.

That afternoon, since I'd be working, I told Honey, Y's yaya, and C, my sister, to train Y to balance on his own feet. Agad-agad! And you know what? He was able to stand on his own immediately! I was right; Y knew how to stand up on his own. He just wasn't confident enough.

After being able to stand up on his own, he tentatively took a few steps. Waaaahhhh! We were totally gushing (like piglets hahaha!). After 1 year and 1 month, Y can finally walk on his own! 

*saboy confetti*

All this happened on May 15, 2013 (so that I wouldn't forget). For documentation purposes, I grabbed the nearest camera and snapped a few shots:

Smile muna for the camera
Stand up!
And step! Yes! 
But there's also something else that happened. The day after Y finally being able to walk on his own, we also celebrated Y's big boy-hood by giving him his very first haircut! Filipino tradition dictates that a baby should have his first haircut when he turns 1. Pero nasasayangan ako sa buhok nya eh. I wanted it to grow a little longer. Like this long:

What have you done to my son?!
On March 16, Y had his first haircut. And yes, we gave him his first haircut ourselves. Bakit ba, tagtipid eh. Haha! Again, for documentation purposes, we managed to snap a few shots of the event:

See how happy he is with his new haircut?
Don't worry anak; tutubo rin yan. Bwahaha!
That's it, pancit! 
Have a good week everyone and I proclaim good vibes and blessings upon all of you. :D

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May 20, 2013

Bring The Music Mania To Your Kid's Childhood!

J and I have always been into music. Well, who isn't, right? And we all know how music brings a lot of benefits, from supposedly making our kids more intelligent to even lifting up our moods. This is why we also want Y to be a music-lover when he grows up.

We used to rely on old-school musical instruments (and yes, cassette tapes) to listen to music. I also remember how my mom used to buy me music books to help me learn about music. But these books can be quite boring, no

But never fear, mommy. What is great is that there are now cute and cool apps that will make music much more interesting to learn. I'm talking about this new app - Maddie and Matt's Music Mania. Please keep reading below for further information. :-)


Music is very integral to a kid's learning. Music allows kids to mentally and emotionally develop their artistic skills through the words and symphony that they use and hear. Kids use music sometimes to express themselves and allow other people to see through their abilities. Music can benefit kids in other ways that will definitely contribute to their growth. For one, music enhances a kid's listening and language skills because it forces them to concentrate. Even the different tempos when listening to a song help exercise the minds of kids.

This fact enables them to improve their auditory development and their skills. What's better is that music even boosts a child's self-esteem because they are free to do what they want and how they want to do it. It permits them to explore different melodies and find peers who share the same passion for singing and for playing musical instruments as them.

We often witness kids who have a fondness for listening to pop music early in their childhood, and it might be a really good thing. Kids these days listen to Taylor Swift or One Direction because they're relatable and because those melodies fit their fresh excitement. When kids look up to their idols, they want to imitate their idols' hobbies as much as possible. So if your kid listens to Taylor Swift countless of times in a single day and she suddenly wants a guitar, allow her to probe into this new, enjoyable hobby because it might work to her advantage. This might encourage your child to show her newfound talent at school and give you the pride that any parent will want from her kid. I think it is quite obvious that music can also serve as a sign that your kid is basking in a very sunny disposition.

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. (ADSI) knows how important music is to kids and to their growth. This is the reason why the latest addition to their growing Maddie and Matt series features the app nation's brightest kids in a bevy of educational and fun musical instruments. Maddie and Matt's Music Mania is the recent educational app from ADSI which aims to teach kids basic knowledge about different musical instruments. Not only kids can learn about an instrument's history and trivia, they can also try to play with the instrument and compose beautiful rhythms that will forever be gold in a world of a kid.

Music Mania is a free app that offers trials for a number of instruments. Kids can try playing the acoustic guitar, classical piano, and harmonica if they want to. Users can buy in-app purchases if they want to get their hands into other instruments such as bongos, electric guitar, and the violin. Kids will find a greater joy once they start learning about the classical and advanced musical instruments in the in-app purchases.

Allow your kids to be challenged in Music Mania's Quiz and let them guess the right answers for each question about music. When your kids are done with their guitar and piano lessons, they can share their Music Mania experience on Facebook and encourage other kids to try the app!

This educational app hopes to educate kids and inform them about the legends and icons who have been known to use specific musical instruments. This will inspire them to unleash their inner musician with the help of the musical wonders from Maddie and Matt!


Maddie and Matt's Music Mania -

AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. -

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Content and photos are from AppLabs Digital Studios, Inc.
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May 19, 2013

Random Things I'm Loving

Hi! It's Sunday and I'm working. Sad, right? I know! As much as I would like to rest today and spend the day worshipping and cuddling with Y, I cannot because I have to make up for missed work. :-(

Anyway, to lighten up my mood and to brighten my day, I decided to do make a list of the random things I'm in love with right now.

1. Thudguard Helmet

Last Wednesday, May 15, Y was finally able to stand and make a few steps on his own! That's after 13 months of trying, so, yipee! Oops, I forgot to make a separate blog post for this milestone. We were happy, of course, but Y also had his first accident. He tried to run and fell down the floor, resulting to a bump on his head. I really wanted to buy this:

Photo credit:
That's a Thudguard helmet. Brilliant, right? Only it costs P2,500. We cannot afford that for now. So this had a stamp of disapproval from the baby daddy.

2. Slide and playset

Not so long ago, I discovered the Familia Kiki blog and immediately fell in love with Maqui's writings. I also immediately fell in love with his son, Aki's slide and playset:

Photo credit:
After I saw Maqui's post about it, I immediately wanted to visit the local American surplus shop ASAP! The slide set can fit in my parents' house. Unfortunately, while this got J's seal of approval, I'm not so sure about the house we're paying for now. So I guess bike na lang. But still!

3. Random cute things like
a. Magnet board

I was reading Dainty Mom's blog (Ah! I must stop reading blogs!) when I discovered this:

b. Cork board

And this, too:

Photo credit:
Both boards would make pretty and functional additions to a home office, don't you think? Both are from Sitting Pretty Crafts Studio, by the way.

c. Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers I have wanted ever since. I saw some in Gaisano Mall last Sunday, but they were too expensive at P165 per piece. I know, right? However, I saw some cheaper hangers online:

Photo credit:
Aren't uniform wooden hangers a lot better than plastic ones? The seller who owns the photo above sells hangers for only P50/piece and P500/dozen. 

d. Ball Mason jars

I discovered Ball Mason jars from Paper Chic. Unfortunately, they are out of stock now. When will you restock? Pretty please?

Photo credit:
4. Rubber shoes for Y

Now that Y has finally made an attempt at walking, I finally have a legitimate reason to buy him "big boy shoes." Who doesn't want to give her little man his very first Nikes? I'm setting my eye on this one from a seller in Facebook:

Photo credit:
The pair above would be perfect because Y was born in the Year of the Dragon. It makes so much sense, doesn't it? Hahaha. However, I also like this handsome Oshkosh pair from Charles Goodies:

Photo credit:

5. Wooden furniture

When I'm not busy doing something, I find myself daydreaming about designing and decorating our future home. I would like to spruce it up with wooden furniture like these ones:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Wooden furniture cost much higher than ordinary furniture, but I guess I'm willing to save for it. Of course, knowing me and my love for all things el cheapo, I would probably just ask J's uncle, who owns a furniture shop, to make our wooden furniture. Bring it on!

How about you? What random things are you loving today? 
Have a special Sunday!
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May 17, 2013

That moment when...

... you forget what you are about to post because you are so caught up making an image for the sidebar.

That's what just happened to me now. I was supposed to write about updates on Y (guess what? teehee!) when I suddenly thought of creating a new bio on my sidebar. Now, I don't have time anymore to make a proper post. Oh well, let's save it for tomorrow! :D

On the other hand, what do you think of my new bio? #papansin

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May 16, 2013

Stories over the Weekend

Woah, where did the time go? I compiled all the stories that happened last weekend and saved it for a mid-week post, pero Thursday na pala. #fail

Well, it's not too late, is it? Actually, my weekend was pretty ordinary. It was uneventful, but I guess that's the beauty of it. When you take time to see things more deeply, you turn an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary one. That was deep.

Without further ado, these are the stories that happened over the weekend:

1. Honey the atat yaya

Last Friday, we went to another clinic visit. The night before that, Honey, Y's yaya, asked me whether we would go to the doctor the next day. I said yes. Later, she asked what time we would go. I told her I'm not sure.

On the day of the appointment, in the morning, Honey asked again what time we would go. I told her we would probably go to the doctor after lunch.

Later, the weather became gloomy. I became reluctant to go out and was planning to resched because it was threatening to rain. We decided to just wait it out and see whether the sun would come out by lunch time.

Over lunch:
Me: Mukhang uulan nga. Resched ko na lang appointment with Doc.

(After 10 minutes)
Honey: Ate, maliwanag na. May araw na.
Me: Okay, pero baka ulan sa downtown.

(After another 10 minutes)
Honey: Ate mainit na.
Me: Oo nga, pero baka umuulan sa downtown.

Honey: Ate sabi ni ___ mainit daw sa downtown.

Ooookay, may plano ka bang gawin at pinapalayas mo na kami?!

2. Honey the earlybird

Still about Honey haha. Last weekend, she went home to the province kasi fiesta daw sa kanila.

Mama: What time ka uuwi mamaya?
Honey: Depende po kay ate (me).
Me: Pwede kang umuwi mga 4 kasi maaga akong matatapos sa work.
Honey: Okay po, mas maganda po yan kasi po kung late na ako umuuwi, kailangan ko pang sumakay ng tricycle. Sayang pera.

At this point, my mom and I exchanged glances. Bakit, requirement bang umuwi ka every month? Haha joke. Then, may pahabol pa si Honey:

Honey: At tsaka kung late na akong umuwi, nawawala po ako.

Nawawala ka papuntang bahay nyo? Okay ah!

3. Good vibes in Jollibee

Ngayon, good vibes naman tayo. Last Sunday, which was Mother's Day, we ate lunch at the usual place: Jollibee. We went to Gaisano Mall that time and was pleased to see that the supervisors (I assume) were all over the place, assisting customers. They even helped us locate a table with cushioned chairs.

Parang restaurant ang level ng customer service.

What made us even happier was this:

Isa pang chicken joy!
We just ordered one-piece chicken for each of us, but they gave us extra chicken. Happy Mother's Day! :D

4. Lolo loving

While we were eating, I also noticed that Y pala is fond of lolo figures. If you don't know, aside from me. Y's favorite person in the house is my own father, his lolo. Then, on his birthday, he kept clinging to our grandfatherly neighbor, whom he just met that night.

Take note that Y is deathly afraid of strangers.

Now, let's go back to Jollibee. While I was feeding Y, I noticed he kept glancing at the next table and smiling. I looked to see another lolo figure, with glasses on and reading a newspaper. He looked like a professor and a kind grandfather at the same time. He was also playing with Y. :-)

No photo of the Lolo; I was too shy. :P

5. Y's donations

After eating, we trooped to National Bookstore. Actually, they were just waiting for me while I withdrew money from the ATM. However, when I went inside, I saw the cutest photo albums on sale. Perfect because at the age of 13 months, wala talaga kaming photo album! As in nada!

But let's not talk about the album here. Upon paying for it sa counter, I spotted these notebook packs for P25. I found out na donations pala sya. I got a couple and wrote Y's name as the donor. :-)

National Bookstore's Project Aral

Yun lang poe! (I did not vote for Poe, by the way, but well..)
I hope this post brought you good vibes for today! :-)
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May 14, 2013

Up Dharma Down in Davao!

Davao City is becoming more and more exciting by the hour! When I was young, Davao as a sleepy, old town. Now, new and exciting establishments keep on sprouting. I swear, I must have slept through my pregnancy and early motherhood - I can't keep up already!

Speaking of exciting places to see, another has recently opened. Tienda del Mercado, located at Acacia St., Juna Subdivision (which is near Ateneo de Davao High School), is apparently the biggest food bazaar in the city. Cool, huh?

I've heard of Tienda del Mercado a month ago, and while I got a few invites already, I'm still not able to go there mainly because 1) it is far from where I live and 2) I have a clingy baby. I'm missing out on so much, no? :-(

Now, here's another reason why I (and you, too!) should pay it a visit. On May 25, UP DHARMA DOWN will be having a concert there along with Sleepwalk Circus (a band from Manila) and Davao's own SkyMarines. Tickets are sold at only P350 with one free beer.

To cap off this post, here's a personal invitation from my college roommate, Lara:
Come join us for a unique concert experience. Dine comfortably as bands serenade you and the people closest to you. For inquiries you may contact me at 09326026523 or you may visit Tienda del Mercado from Fridays- Sundays (open at 4pm onwards).
See you there! :-)

To know more about Tienda del Mercado, you can visit their Facebook page and their website.
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Another Doctor's Appointment

I don't want to write anything election-related for now. Nakakadismaya kasi. So let's talk about Y hehe. Last Friday, Y was scheduled for another vaccine appointment with our beloved docky, Doc Amy. This time, Y had a Hepa-A shot.

The night before the appointment:

J: One year old na si Yuri. Bakit every month pa rin ang bakuna?
Me: Hindi ko rin alam, dy. Ang konti lang ng bakuna natin noon no? Parang isa lang akin. Anti-rabies lang. Joke!
J: Isa lang din akin. Pam-purga lang. Hahahaha!

Okay, so much for the joke. Hahaha. Naaliw lang ako. Super mahal kasi ng bakuna, kaya pajoke-joke na lang kami. So ayun. (May another anecdote pa ako actually starring Honey, Y's yaya, but let's save that for another post). Before I digress further, let's talk about the day of the appointment.

Here's what we wore:
Top: Plains and Prints
Jeans: Forever 21
Pambahay Slippers: Fake Crocs (sorry naman)

On Y:
Shirt: Crib Couture
Shorts: KidStyle (my favorite)
Slippers: Oshkosh from this post
Closer photo: Big smiles!
I love my sister's headband! This costs only P25 in Uyanguren. :-)
Y was a happy camper on our way to the clinic. He just kept mumbling to himself, pointing to the cars and buildings, and playing with my bag. When we entered the clinic, he greeted Doc Amy's secretary with a wave and a smile. However, when Doc Amy went out, nag-morph na si Y into this:

I had to crop my face off this photo because I was laughing hard. Hahaha!
Does this mean kilala na ni Y si Doc? At 13 months, may fear na pala ang babies sa doctors and clinics. I did not know that! I need to brief Y ASAP! Doctors are friends, baby!

I wasn't able to take more photos inside the clinic because Y was like a madman. He kept crying and shouting even when they were just taking his vital stats. Segue: Y was 9.5 kilos when he was 10 months young. Now, guess what? He's 8.9 kilos! Anyare?! Hmmm..

When we arrived home, Y sought refuge in his walker and his new friend, Babbit:
Y can't walk on his own yet. Well, actually, I believe he can, but he's not feeling confident yet. It's okay, baby. In your own time. :-)
A mere fifteen minutes after we arrived home, heavy rain poured down. After another fifteen minutes, there was power interruption. No electricity means no internet! No internet means no work! Eeep!

Gloomy afternoon
On the other hand, I can't remember when we left Doc Amy's clinic without bringing home something. I remember she gave us bottles of Dr. Edwards water when Y was just a few months old. Plus vitamins, cards, books, kung anu-ano. Now, she keeps on giving us educational toys, like what I wrote here and here. We love them all!

Now, Doc Amy still didn't disappoint and sent us home bringing these:

Sorry for the dark, grainy photo. This was taken using my phone during a rainy afternoon. Plus brownout. San ka pa?

Our clinic loot contains two boxes of Nutrilin vitamins (to increase Y's appetite), his third Enfakid activity book (with CD and worksheets!), and two Butter Coconut biscuits. :D
I think this is already our third Enfakid Activity Book. Never mind that I don't buy their milk; I love the books! 

And this workbook is serendipitous (took me 15 second to spell that). You see, I was really supposed to buy Y a musical CD or DVD. I planned to visit Mantex after the appointment for pirated DVDs hehehe. Now, I don't have to! Doc already gave us one! Thank you!!!
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