March 20, 2013

Moonwalk Sunday

It's been ages since I've been out on a Sunday! Blame it on how my parents are often out of town these days (they'll be in Samal this Sunday!). You know how I look forward to Sundays! First, it's church time. Second, it's my self-imposed only dayoff of the week. Third, I just love family days! Fourth, I also love shopping malling. Good thing we were able to go out last Sunday!

This is a late post, I know.

But first, OOTD! :-)

The little boy lounges in the couch; he isn't wearing socks or shoes yet!

Tuxedo romper: Doomagic
(He actually wore this during his baptism.)
Trying to walk outside the house
Dress: SM Department Store
(I saw this exact same dress in for half the price! Not fair! :D)
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Parisian
After church, we went to Abreeza, which is just across the street. Why, you might ask? Well, they have a great grocery deal there. One pack of generic oats comes with one pack of Milo, for free! For both oats and Milo, you only get to pay around P50.

Segue: We are greedy Milo drinkers. We use up one pack after the other, so this buy one-take one deal is superb! Suffice to say, we hoarded. Teehee.

But before entering the mall, we "touristed" up when we saw these attractions outside:

A playground from Allegro's icecream. One cone of icecream allows you to use the slide for 5 minutes. We just took photos.
We also found this cute DAVAO display on the grounds. Of course, we had to take pictures.
I think they're just for the Araw ng Dabaw celebrations last week, but I hope they don't take it down! :-)
The elders and the baby stayed in the shade of course. That's Gonuts Donuts and Breadtalk behind.
After hoarding our oats and Milo packs, we went to SM Lanang Premier (duh). We were just walking along the aisles of the baby department store when a saleslady enticed us to buy this:

A Moonwalk harness!
We bought it immediately because when the saleslady tried Y in it, he walked and ran like mad. He liked it! Also, I love that I don't have to stoop down whenever I have to assist him walking. Plus it's so comfortable for Y because it's almost purely cloth. No hard contraptions except for the plastic snaps, which don't really come into contact with the bebe.

Y doesn't like to be seated in the stroller, and when we force him in, it usually results to tantrums and bad moods. But we let him walk whole day, via the Moonwalk harness, and he stayed happy! Happy baby = happy mommy. Whew!

Aside from the Moonwalk harness, we also have a couple of other great finds, which I will write about in the next days. :-)
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