December 9, 2013

Three Options for Yuri's Preschool (Super Advanced Schooling Plans)

Disclaimer: I first drafted this post when Yuri was around 15 months old so it was, indeed, "super advanced." Now that he's 20 months, the adjective needs to be reduced to just "advanced."

I know it's quite early to think about it, but right now, I'm already figuring out what kind of education Yuri should have. Everytime I bring it up, Job kinda brushes me off because, hello, Yuri is only 20 months old. He humors me, though, and engages in my "plans," though he insists Yuri shouldn't go to school until he's 4. Pero, hello, a lot of toddlers even younger than Yuri have been enrolled na in playschools!

Not that I plan to enroll Yuri in a playschool. Not that I don't want to.

Anyway, you can't blame me. I was born a planner and will continue to be. A very advanced planner at that. And I'm only talking about preschool. Or at least for now. So what are the options? Here they are:
The first option I had was to homeschool. I love the idea, and I know I'm capable of being a good teacher to Yuri. *lowers the bangko that I just lifted* But I know it's going to be great. Aside from reading books, we'll go painting, listening to (classical) music (if I manage), visit museums and the Science center. Job seems to go along with it (or maybe para di na humaba ang usapan?) and volunteered to be the sports instructor. Of course. However, the problem is that we're both working full-time. How will I ever manage to work and teach at the same time?
My next option would be Montessori. Why Montessori? I've done my research and believe it's one of the best systems (after parent-child learning, in my opinion) to stimulate toddlers' early education. Also, I would be able to have some me-time. Read: gym. In fact, I'm already eyeing a Montessori preschool near the area. The only downside of this would be the cost. Aside from the tuition and other obvious fees, we have to consider transportation (we don't have a car yet) and "extra fees" AKA Yuri's wardrobe.

The final option would be traditional school. Frankly, this is the option expected of us since we both come from traditional schools. However, after months and months of reading and research and basically having analysis paralysis, I have come to realize that it is not the only nor the best choice. Even I believe that children from progressive schools develop better values than their counterparts. On the other hand, if we do pursue this path, there are endless choices to consider. Hmmm.

Clearly, I'm angling toward the first two options. If I decide to homeschool Yuri for his preschool years, we might enroll him in Kumon. Not to pressure him to become a super-smart kid (although I did encounter super-smart kids when I worked in Kumon) but to give him the interaction he needs. More importantly, going to Kumon twice a week might give him the feeling of structure that physical schools have. I think this is a win-win situation, isn't it?

What are your preschool plans? Or what did you do when your kids were in preschool? For you, which is the best and doable option?

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