July 5, 2014

Little Pieces of Happy: My Blog, Version 2.0!

Hello hello!

Some of you might have noticed the changes that occured to my blog this week. Some of you might not have. The second group are those who were busy devouring my words and couldn't be bothered to look at the blog design.

Right. As if. Hahaha!
May 2014

Anyway, the change was supposed to happen all at once. You know, the usual scenario of the developer tweaking the codes in her computer, keeping everything private. But my current codes didn't download well, so she needed to tweak the design live. That explains why you might have noticed weird changes every now and then.

But now, the design is officially done! And I'm really loving it. It's wider now because I wanted 3 columns, but the column for the actual blog post is still comfortable enough to view even for smaller screens. Or so I hope!

Please tell me if ever you're having difficulties viewing the website!
June 2014

And, if you noticed, the color scheme didn't change. I still wanted pink, blue, and a huge amount of white. That's because of two reasons. First, I still dig the color combination. Second, I want the new design to bear semblance to the old because I'm changing something major. I don't want you to think you've stumbled upon a totally different blog!

And why is that? I changed my blog title! I actually accidentally "announced" the new title a couple of weeks ago. I was just doodling on an empty canvass and tried to upload it on the site. I removed the old header and uploaded the new one before I remembered I didn't have a copy of the old header anymore. I didn't have a choice but to use the new header!

I'm totally rambling, aren't I?

So why "Little Pieces of Happy"?

I don't know. I've been planning to rebrand (too chicken to change domain names, though) and has come up of a list of names since then.

Then, I decided I want a happy title because even though I rant and "emote," the whole blog is still mostly positive and just light. I don't know where it came from but the phrase just popped into my head! And just like that, I had a new blog title which I'm extremely happy about.
July 2014!

And this design, I love it, too! It's the first time I've ever had someone else design the blog for me; I am now saying goodbye to DIY because they really know what they're doing - unlike me! Haha! If you're wondering who did the blog, it's MIRAI D3SIGN, an up and coming design firm in Manila. I love how both girls who handled my blog were very approachable and open to questions and clarifications. I'm glad they immediately understood what I wanted and beautifully translated my ideas into concrete design!

Super thanks, Mirai D3sign! If you want your blog redone, too, just send an email to teenamaribee@gmail.com. Also Like their Facebook page to see their designs! You may also follow them on Instagram: @miraid3sign.

PS: By the time everyone's used to the new title, maybe next year, I plan to have a new design again. That time, I will have a new color scheme. I'm sure I will ask Mirai D3sign again!

Full disclaimer: The girls over at Mirai D3sign did my blog design for free. However, they did not require me to write about them in return, much less write a positive review. What I wrote is my honest opinion.

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