January 15, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Work-at-Home Mom: Toddler Edition

6:30 am: The sunlight is already streaming through the window, rousing me from a good night's sleep. I grab my phone to check the time and utter a morning prayer. Yuri is still blissfully sleeping beside me (we co-sleep).

6:35 pm: I read the Bible (on my phone) and my verse of the day.

6:45 am: After praying, I read articles in my Pocket app. I hold my pee while waiting for Yuri to wake up.

6:40 am: Job wakes up and sends me a message. He usually wakes up before me, but I woke up extra early today. We talk. A lot. Yuri also finds his way to my breasts for a pre-breakfast snack. (He nurses while asleep.)

7 am: Yuri finally tosses and turns, a signal that he's almost awake. I give him a few minutes to rub his eyes, stretch, and adjust. Then, we read a book. Currently, we're reading Pig's Egg.
Photo: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17284564-pig-s-egg
7:15 am: We go downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast today is bread, eggs, and sausages, but Yuri prefers to eat cereal. We eat together.

7:25 am: I'm done eating. (Somehow, ever since I became a mom, I've never had time for leisure eating.) I get up and wash my plate (and cup and spoon and fork). Yuri remains in the high-chair as he's still eating. I always sing a nursery rhyme for Yuri from the kitchen; my current song choice is 10 Green Bottles.

View from the kitchen. Don't worry; it's not as dark as it looks. It's just the effect of the backlight. :-)

7:40 am: Yuri is finally done eating! I remove his bib, take him out of the high-chair, and wash his hands and mouth at the sink. I pass him to his yaya (stay-in nanny) while I wash Yuri's utensils and clean his tray and chair.

7:45 am: I get Yuri from the yaya and ask her to heat some water for Yuri's bath. Yes,we don't have hot water in the bathroom. I prepare the bathroom and undress the excited little boy.

7:50 - 8 am: I give Yuri a bath. Yuri loves taking a bath so much that he doesn't want it to end. Luckily, today, he doesn't fight me when I saw bathtime's over.

8 - 8:15 am: I dress Yuri up in thin, comfortable clothes. We also cuddle a bit while breastfeeding.

8:15 am: I pass Yuri to his yaya. They go outside the house to play and look at insects. I sit down at my desk to work.

9:00am: They go back inside to play and wreak havoc.
8:30 - 11:45 am: Work, work, work

11:45 am: I prepare Yuri's and my lunch. Today's lunch is turkey burgers, which are bland, but Yuri loves them.

12 nn: Yuri and I eat together. Honey can eat whenever she wants to, but she prefers waiting for us to finish. I finish eating before Yuri and wash my plates while he eats. When he's done, his yaya takes him so that I can wash his plates and clean his chair.

12:30 - 1 pm: Cuddle time! Yuri and I will usually read a book but this time, we quietly watch Stuart Little. He nurses again and eventually falls asleep. I switch channels and watch Life of Pi.

1:15 pm: I give a sleeping Yuri back to his yaya. He stirs but falls asleep again.

1:30 - 4:45 pm: Work, work, work

3:30 pm: Yuri wakes up from his nap and resumes playing - and wreaking havoc.

4 pm: I give Yuri merienda. Today's merienda is a bowl of macaroni salad.

5 pm: I get Yuri from his yaya and he nurses a bit. Then, the sun has not set yet, we go outside to play. We watch cars, birds, and basically anything that move. I also get out a Christmas book (this was during Christmas vacation) and I read it to him. We are reading Karen Katz's Where is Baby's Christmas Present. Yuri loves saying the "No" part!
5:30 pm: I take golden-hour photos. But of course.

5:45 pm: It's already dark, so we go inside. I fetch a book (Rhinoceros Tap), and I play the CD while I read aloud. Yuri busies himself with his cars.

6:30 pm: Dinnertime! Our dinner today is shrimps with coconut milk, and Yuri eats with gusto. Yay! After he finishes eating, I brush his teeth.

7pm: Yuri inevitably poops on his high-chair. He's had the same routine for months now. I wash his plates first before cleaning him up in the bathroom.

7:05 pm: I finish washing Yuri's plates and I whisk him off to the bathroom. He loves getting wet in the bathroom! We finish cleaning up, and I wipe the parts of his body that didn't get washed in the bathroom with a washcloth. Then, I dress him in bedtime clothes.

7:30 pm: I hand Yuri to his grandparents while I clean his highchair and wash his soiled diaper.

8 pm: Bedtime! Yuri blows kisses to his grandparents and aunt and says good night (unayt!). We finally clim upstairs to our room.

8:05 pm: We read a bedtime story. This week, we read "Time For Bed." I love reading this book, which is a good thing because Yuri asks me to repeat or twice or thrice. We read it twice tonight.
Photo: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/835495.Time_for_Bed
8:20 pm: Yuri and I pray. Well, it's just me who says the words and Yuri listens while nursing. When I say "Amen," he stops nursing to also say "Eme."

8:30 pm: Yuri falls asleep and I talk to Job (it is our designated schedule). I also read and browse Instagram.

10 pm: I read the Bible and pray. Then, I go to sleep. Sweet, blissful sleep.

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