January 16, 2014

The Library Project

I live in a house that is full of books, and I give credit to the homemaker: my mom. Last time, I shared with you some photos of our bookcases, but in case you missed it, here they are again:
Aside from the books in the bookshelves above, there are still many books in the kitchen (mostly recipe books) and more in my own bedroom (Christian books, my Bible, devotionals, Eraserheads paraphernalia - alin alin ang naiba - and magazines). Someday, when we finally settle into our own home (which might be sooner than I think, God-willing), I hope it will also be filled with a lot of books.

For now, my project is more localized. My 21-month old, Yuri, has already developed an interest in books. Predictably, this fueled my obsession in buying children's books, which led to the predicament: saan ko sila ilalagay? It's a good thing there was an unused bookshelf in the house, which is perfect for Yuri's height.

At first, every book had its own place.
However, the shelf quickly filled up last Christmas.
You might not see it, but the books were just crammed together. This is a problem because it doesn't attract the toddler; in other words, hindi nakaka-engganyo. 

The amount of books was quickly accumulating, and it has only been a month since I started buying books intentionally! Pano pa kaya in a few more months? Well, I asked for help from the ultimate domestic diva (my mom), and with her magic hands, Yuri's "library" turned into this:
Disclaimer lang, malakas ang backlight (as can be seen in the photo above), so I had to use flash. #defensive
The books are now separated and categorized! Don't worry; the inside of the cabinet is not filled with Yuri's books - yet.

Workbooks (which we use just for the photos)
A set of counting books from Ninang Kathy
Small story books, rhyme books, pop-up books, etc. Basically anything that fits the shelf heehee
The bigger hardbound and board books including My First Bible Treasury, My First Stories for Boys (from Ninang George), Guess How Much I Love You, Rhinoceros Tap, and Where the Wild Things Are
A set of alphabet books from Ninang Rona and Yuri's drawing board at the back

* Shelf and cabinet from local furniture stores
* Books from The Learning Basket, gifts, bookstores, and my own library 
* Elephant bookends from Rinadesign (which I won last year)

I'm so happy with how it turned out! Actually, there's nothing special here, but I like how easily Yuri can look for books despite the lack of a front-facing shelf. This is because the books are categorized. Also, the books are now easier to arrange. Finally, Yuri likes it when he has to walk back and forth to choose the books he'd like to read kuno!

Now, if there was only sufficient space, I would add a mat and a small toddler chair. However, the other side of this space is my office area, so that's not possible for now. Maybe in the future? Heehee. :D

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