September 8, 2014

My Expo Mom 2014 Experience

I admit that I always get a little jealous whenever I read about events for moms and babies held in Manila. I do not live in Manila so obviously, this is a problem for me. That's why when I found out last week that Expo Mom's going to be in Davao City for the weekend, I knew I wouldn't miss it.

Of course, ako tong si "pasama," si I dragged Yuri and my sister to Abreeza. Here's what Yuri and I wore - super kaduper casual!
 Mango sweater, Old Navy shorts, SM Department Store sneakers, Fossil bag
Crib Couture shirt, forgot the brand of the shorts, Elle kicks

Yes, I am aware I look fat and lousy in that photo, but I like Yuri's expression so...

Anyway, upon arriving at the mall, we first spent around 30 minutes in National Bookstore. Of course. After finally paying for our purchase, we went na to Expo Mom bazaar.

The bazaar was actually quite sparse because there were not very many sellers there. However, any mom would surely end up buying several items because the lack in number made up for the quality of items. No, this is not sponsored. I just really like how the stores cater to the needs of modern moms: from healthy food to organic products for the body to learning materials!

I think I saw something I wanted to buy in every booth. No, seriously. Many things caught my eye but I did not want to go beyond my allotted budget, so believe me when I say I must have circled the place 9 times to finalize what I really wanted to buy.

I decided that I wanted to buy only those that I needed and would have still bought even without the bazaar. Here they are:
I only bought what I absolutely needed (except for the Oreo Butter, I admit). It's such a pity, though, that I didn't find any baby sunblock. Yuri used up all his sunblock already, and for now, he's using his Coppertone Beach Babies na ang SPF is too high for the gloomy weather.

Tomorrow or on Wednesday, I will write about these finds in detail. Exciting! (Come on, act excited!)

Another thing I love about the expo is the mini-play area set up in the corner. It was by Tumbletots or Stockbridge International School, one of our options when I entertained the thought of sending Yuri to a preschool and not homeschooling. Of course, now, we are certain to homeschool.
Look at my sister pretend-sleeping

I just "deposited" Yuri and my sister there and everybody-happy! I was able to freely explore each booth and look at products without a heavy-slash-malikot toddler tagging along, Yuri was able to release his energy by playing, and my sister found a nook to be cozy with her new book.
They were actually so comfortable - too comfortable - that when I was finally done shopping, they wouldn't budge. But then, hunger got the better of us (it was lunchtime), so we had to leave. I know there would be a program in the afternoon, but I didn't want to stay because I'm hungry and afternoon's Yuri's nap time.

Looking back, my only complaint would be the lack of stores/booths. Next time, I hope more small businesses would participate!

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