May 1, 2014

April's Happy Packages

Oh, c'mon. It's May today? Seriously, how did that happen?

I haven't even gone to the beach yet! #WAHMproblems

Anyway, I write about my grocery finds every month, but for this month, I have nothing to write about. There are three reasons why.

First, I'm trying to minimize buying processed and packaged food, so most of the time, I only buy fresh produce. It doesn't seem to make sense to write a post full of fruits, veggies, and meat.

Second, since the mortgage we have to pay for our house will be increasing effective next month (which is today pala!), I need to minimize my expenses. Especially on food.

Third, I really didn't find a need to try something new because I'm contented with the current brands I've tried. So I didn't really have a new "discovery" to feature.

Buuut I did receive a number of packages this month! Some of them I bought while some of them I received. I think they're rather post-worthy because they are useful not only during the summer (so hot!) but also throughout the entire year. Here they are:

Ready for the beach!

1. Sunblock - Coppertone Water Babies and Belo SunExpert

Sunblock's a no-brainer. In a tropical country like ours, sunblock should be used year-round. Yuri used to use Midori natural sunblock with an SPF of 30, which is frankly enough, but since paubos na, I felt the need to buy one with a higher SPF since this year's summer is just - grabe - drought level. I know Coppertone's not natural or organic, but it's the most cost-efficient for me. And I used it as a child so...

Meanwhile, the Belo sunblock is from - drumroll - Sample Room! This means I only paid for its shipping. I haven't tried it yet but I soon will!

Another addition to our library. Yay!

2. Bible Story Set

Ah, another addition to our growing library. I love this set of books because it's the prize I won from joining MomsterTeacher's blog givewaway. I was blessed too much because God allowed me to win three contests! What I love about these is the way the stories of the Bible characters are written in a simple way - perfect for kids.

I'm excited to introduce Yuri to Jesus; actually, I already did!

GIGA Baby Balm, GIGA Massage Rub, and GIGA Insect Repellant

3. Gifts from GIGA Philippines

I wrote and raved about the GIGA products I've tried, and they really are some of the best natural products I've used. Despite trying several brands of insect repellent, GIGA remains to be my favorite. And even as a toddler, we still use GIGA baby balm for Yuri's insect bites and minor cuts. Yuri just loves using it on himself and I'm not even kidding.

They didn't have to, but GIGA was kind enough to send me a small gift containing - what else - my fave products! They also included something I haven't tried yet: the massage rub. I love it! Perfect timing, too, since I'm looking for a minty balm just in case Yuri catches a cold. Nice!

My camera in a poor lighting condition. Hehehe

4. Samsung WB150F

This is not a purchase but a return. My camera is finally back in my arms! Yay! Did you notice the improvement in photos? No? Uh, okay. #reviewsphotographyclasslessons

Anyway, this has been sent back to the shop for repair only to find out that nothing's wrong with it pala. I'm no camera geek so I can't explain what happened. Basta parang a part moved inside; it might be because of a certain toddler I know!

But I'm actually thinking of selling it and buying a more basic one because I realized I don't have any use for its fancy-shmancy features. Any takers? I'm torn, though, because I really like it!

My new mason jars and a Mo Willems book :-)

5. Mason Jars!!!

And finally, my most favorite package this month: my first mason jars! I've wanted to buy mason jars long before it became mainstream (I moonlight as a hippie - no, actually blame it on being online 8 hours a day every day). That was early last year. However, I never bought them because even though they were reasonably priced, I knew shipping fees for them were more costly than usual.

Then, last Saturday, during Yuri's naptime, as I aimlessly browsed through Instagram, I came across @kitchencountermnl's page, and I saw a summer bundle promo. Yoi get a jar, a colored lid of your choice, and a pack of paper straws for a really cheap price. Say whut?

I decided to take the plunge na since they're really affordable. Not to mention totally adorable! And even though I rarely make impulse purchases, this is one I don't regret. It was love at first sight. I kept gushing over my new jars and... I think I'll be buying more! I'm already thinking of what to buy next. Uh oh.

So these are my happy packages for the month of April. Not much but they're still a mix of fun, frugal, and adorable, right? Like the usual,don't hesitate to comment or send me an email if you have questions!

Oh and Happy Labor Day!

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